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30 amazing vegetarian recipes

Friday  16:31,   07 october 2022

With more people than ever adopting the lifestyle change, there are enormous numbers of suitable recipes that you can make. And, if you don't feel ready to fully commit, why not cut down on meat, and try some vegetarian options anyway? It's... >>>

The pros and cons of a pescatarian diet

Friday  16:31,   07 october 2022

While the rise of vegetarianism and veganism shows no sign of slowing, some health-conscious eaters are choosing to ditch the meat but keep the fish. Even some staunch vegetarians are opting to add fish and seafood to a plant-based diet, declaring... >>>

Biden hopes to feed 9 million hungry kids by 2032

Friday  16:31,   07 october 2022

Biden hopes to feed 9 million hungry kids by... >>>

11 breathtaking underwater hotels around the world

Friday  13:42,   07 october 2022

Your new dream vacation spot is six metres below sea level. The post 11 breathtaking underwater hotels around the world appeared first on Reader's Digest... >>>

How to get ahead of Thanksgiving prep

Friday  13:42,   07 october 2022

Thanksgiving ought to be a time of togetherness and celebration, but it's easy for the holiday to become more stressful than joyful, especially for the dinner host. The endless lists of tasks and ingredients can seem daunting, even before you... >>>

What are the seasonal fruits and vegetables in October?

Friday  13:20,   07 october 2022

© supplied by Cover Media Hélène Sy blew her candles and no question for her actor's husband to miss an opportunity to say to the world how much he loves her! posting on Instagram a touching photo of him taking her in his arms, Omar Sy praised "the >>>

Archie Rose Gets Fancy for Molasses Rum 2019

Friday  10:20,   07 october 2022

Rum lovers, prepare your tastebuds for a sensory delight. Sydney Distillery, Archie Rose is launching its latest spirit, known as the Fancy Molasses Rum 2019 – the tenth edition in its esteemed ‘Trials & Exceptions’ series. The distillery’s newest... >>>

Knowledge: How many proteins has a banana?

Friday  09:50,   07 october 2022

A banana contains 1.1 g proteins to 100 g . Extrapolated to an average banana, with a weight of approx. 150 g, this comes to 1.65 g proteins . © Imago Images / Panthermedia The banana is popular, but how many proteins are in it? proteins and other... >>>

14 bathroom etiquette rules people break all the time – but shouldn’t

Friday  07:10,   07 october 2022

Presumably, you've been using the potty for many, many years now. Isn't it time to finally get it right? The post 14 bathroom etiquette rules people break all the time – but shouldn’t appeared first on Reader's Digest... >>>

Why Aussies are using TINNED potatoes to get crispy baked potatoes

Friday  05:21,   07 october 2022

The dish costs under $2 and has spread to Australia after taking the UK by storm earlier this month.The roast potatoes cost less than $2 to make and are fast becoming a go-to in Australia after becoming popular in the UK earlier this... >>>

Feel-Good Friday: October 7 – OktoberFEAST

Friday  05:21,   07 october 2022

It’s meant to bucket down all weekend where we are, but that won’t dampen our spirits. As far as we’re concerned, there’s still plenty to be excited about as we look towards the warmer (and hopefully dryer) months. Whether it’s food and beer... >>>

Collective heating: The government encourages an already compulsory individualization

Thursday  20:50,   06 october 2022

© Robert Kneschke/Robert Kneschke - Stock.adobe.com within 2 years, France’s energy consumption must drop by 10%. This is the goal that Government has set for itself which presented its energy sobriety plan this Thursday . To do this, the... >>>

Hearty autumn recipe: Juicy rice meat from the oven

Thursday  19:50,   06 october 2022

Our juicy rice meat from the oven is a real soul roaster on cool days. It succeeds in a noise on just one sheet of just one tray and also saves washing up. Click here for the hearty recipe © ISTOCKPHOTO recipe for delicious oven rice meat... >>>

the chalk cliffs in mind: Building at the Königsstuhl in Plan

Thursday  19:40,   06 october 2022

The work for the dismantling of the old viewing platform at Kreidefelsen Königsstuhl on Rügen are progressing. The wooden plankings of the path have already been dismantled, an old concrete foundation was dismantled on Thursday and the safety... >>>

Cold or Corona: This symptom makes the difference

Thursday  13:40,   06 october 2022

do I have a cold or corona? Coughing, runny nose and the like can occur in both infections, but a symptom is currently increasingly indicating Covid-19 HIT © istockphoto cold or corona: This symptom makes the difference is sinking, the number of... >>>