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Inside the biggest malls in the world

Monday  23:02,   26 september 2022

Many shopping malls around the world go beyond their primary function and offer more than just stores. Shoppers can now enjoy movie theatres, skating rinks, roller-coasters, and even zoos in addition to the hundreds—sometimes thousands—of shops.... >>>

couscous of primary vegetables

Monday  23:00,   26 september 2022

carrots, new turnips, beans, onions, zucchini ... with its primary vegetables, this couscous married wonderfully balance and gluttony. A perfect recipe to make your children appreciate vegetables! 1. Wash all vegetables, then peel them (except... >>>

Luffagurke: How does the fruit become a sponge?

Monday  19:30,   26 september 2022

Luffagurks taste raw or fried, but can also be processed into sponges. The sponge pumpkin grows best under glass, but you can also cultivate it in the field. The most important thing is that the location is right. © provided by my beautiful garden... >>>

The 5 most spicy dishes in the world

Monday  19:20,   26 september 2022

© Starface Jacques Legros contacted by Jean-Pierre Pernaut's mother after his news, he reveals the moving reason in his book behind the screen: 40 years in the heart of Media, Jacques Legros transparently evokes his complicated relationship with... >>>

The 5 perfect risottos for fall

Monday  16:31,   26 september 2022

Risotto is a versatile first course that is perfect all year round depending on what we have available in the different... >>>

Mouthwatering dumplings from around the world

Monday  15:01,   26 september 2022

Everyone loves dumplings, because who in their right mind could hate a warm, doughy pocket of flavorful veggies, gooey cheese, and aromatic meat? Plus, there's a dumpling for practically every culture and palate. You can have them steamed,... >>>

Top chef shares BEST cooking tips - including an UNUSUAL seafood combo

Monday  11:41,   26 september 2022

A top Australian chef has revealed his best seafood cooking tips to turn even the simplest of dishes into fantastic feasts. Josh Niland, from Sydney, is the owner and head chef at the Saint Peter restaurant in Paddington. He shared several of his... >>>

Man of Many’s Binge List: A Feast Fit for a Royal

Monday  10:41,   26 september 2022

Say what you will about British hospitality, but they certainly know how to do a send-off. Following the tragic passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, thousands of mourners have descended on the town square to pay their respects and share... >>>

Netflix' Themed Pub Is Bringing Your Fave TV Shows To Life

Monday  08:21,   26 september 2022

Netflix are launching a new themed pub experience for 5 days only. Taking over The Clyde in Carlton, The Who's Watch Inn will include a line up of activities from Netflix Pub Trivia and more, all with a free drink on arrival.The pub of your... >>>

Stadtwerke and Federal Government negotiate the parachute

Monday  06:33,   26 september 2022

. "In discussions with the Federal Government, we are necessary to protect municipal utilities from the risks that we see and which are already acute, said Ingbert Liebing, managing director of the Association of Local Company (VKU), the German... >>>

Shock as Qantas is named as one of the best airlines in the WORLD

Monday  05:02,   26 september 2022

Qantas has been named as one of the world's best airlines despite battling delays, cancellations, worker shortages and repeated calls for CEO Alan Joyce to step down.The airline was announced the world's fifth-best airline in the World Airline... >>>

Cost of living is the biggest risk to suicide rates, a survey found. Here's what individuals can do about it

Monday  01:41,   26 september 2022

MEAN & NICE GIRL! Challenge To Create Toys Decorating Cake Ideas & Fancy Recipes by 123GO!... >>>

Cost of living is the biggest risk to suicide rates, a survey found. Here's what individuals can do about it

Monday  01:41,   26 september 2022

GENIUS FOOD HACKS THAT WORK MAGIC! Cooking Tips and Best Kitchen Hacks by 123 GO!... >>>

These 4 haircuts need the least care

Sunday  15:00,   25 september 2022

in everyday life, it often has to be quick. That is why we love these four haircuts that are styled and look beautiful © Getty Images These four hairstyles are wonderfully uncomplicated getty You are annoyed by your current hairstyle because it... >>>

Fall date ideas you'll definitely want to try

Sunday  12:51,   25 september 2022

Fall is upon us, bringing with it the beautiful colors and scents that are so typical of this time of year. Fall allows for a variety of seasonal activities to be done as a couple. The weather is great for many outdoor activities, but there are also >>>