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Home cook reveals her genius hack for chopping an onion in SECONDS - and her 'game-changing' trick to stop you from crying while dicing them

Thursday  06:25,   02 april 2020

An Australian home cook has revealed her simple method for dicing an onion within seconds - and the simple trick that promises to stop you from crying every time you chop the vegetable.Jaycee Baso, from Sydney, shared a step-by-step video tutorial... >>>

'It's restaurant quality': Dad creates a delicious pasta dish using three simple ingredients from Aldi

Wednesday  06:28,   01 april 2020

An Australian dad has been praised online after making a delicious pasta dish using just three simple ingredients from Aldi.The home cook mixed a packet of Aldi's frozen broccoli bake, spaghetti and chicken... >>>

Hanoi chef spreads joy with 'Coronaburger'

Monday  01:52,   30 march 2020

You've got to eat it, to beat it: That's the philosophy of one Hanoi chef who is attempting to boost morale in the Vietnamese capital by selling green, coronavirus-themed burgers. Laughing in the face of the global pandemic, Chef Hoang Tung... >>>

This Is How Long You Can Store Chicken in the Freezer

Sunday  10:10,   29 march 2020

So exactly how long does chicken last in the freezer? We consulted two chefs to find out! Hint: It's certainly not forever if that's what you're thinkingSo how long will all the chicken you bought actually last before it goes... >>>

Thaw Frozen Meat With A Little Vinegar

Friday  01:45,   27 march 2020

My freezer is an inefficient piece of garbage, and any steak, chop, or chicken thigh I freeze ends up enrobed with a layer of frost. The meat is technically edible, but it does not taste that good. This is why I’ve had a single frosty pork chop... >>>

Make Your Own No-Proof 'Spirit' With Flat Tonic Water

Friday  01:15,   27 march 2020

When I first heard I would be spending all this time at home, I envisioned nightly cocktail hours in the bath, lots of reading, and a sparkling clean apartment. But in what scientists are calling “predictable,” none of that has really come to pass.... >>>

Low-calorie sweeteners won't hurt your diet, new study finds

Thursday  06:20,   26 march 2020

Low-calorie sweeteners won't hurt your diet, new study finds Low-calorie sweeteners have long been controversial for those trying to eat healthy and lose weight because, much like with eggs or coffee, studies have seen conflicting results. But... >>>

How To Make Your Own Chilli Oil

Thursday  05:21,   26 march 2020

Everyone loves a punchy, flavourful, shelf-stable pantry staple, but let’s be honest—we can’t survive on anchovies and tomato paste alone. Most of the bulk ingredients that we’ll rely on in the weeks and months of quarantining ahead need a lot of... >>>

11 Beer Cocktails That Are Surprisingly Delicious

Wednesday  22:26,   25 march 2020

Mmm, beer and... >>>

Home cook shares how to make fettuccine with TWO ingredients amid the coronavirus pasta shortages - and reveals her secret to the perfect sauce

Wednesday  04:20,   25 march 2020

A talented cook has revealed hod you can make your own fettuccine from home - as pasta continues to be stripped from the supermarket shelves during the coronavirus pandemic. Posting on Facebook, the Australian woman shared her simple two-ingredient... >>>

What fast food outlets are open in Australia right now

Wednesday  03:41,   25 march 2020

Australian governments across the nation have placed restrictions on restaurants, limiting them to takeaway and home delivery. Here's what the fast food outlets are doing so you can still get your greasy fix. How to eat McDonald's during the... >>>

Revealed: The six food items everyone needs on hand during the coronavirus outbreak - and why you should ALWAYS have peanut butter in your pantry

Tuesday  06:05,   24 march 2020

A brilliant Facebook page showcasing the food tips every household should know during the coronavirus outbreak has taken the internet by storm.The founder of Apocalyptic Cooking Sarah Beth, from the US, aims to show that you can 'stretch your... >>>

Capitalism’s Favorite Drug

Tuesday  02:50,   24 march 2020

Four hundred years ago, Coffea arabica, a tropical shrub bearing glossy green leaves and bright-red berries, was virtually unknown outside of the Arab world and the corner of Ethiopia where it had been discovered in the ninth century—by a goatherd... >>>

Supermarket canned soups are ranked from best to worst - with Heinz potato & leek dubbed the best and Campbell's celery labelled 'cat vomit'

Tuesday  02:10,   24 march 2020

Father Bruno Bouchet, from Sydney, who sparked controversy over his rankings of chocolate bars and ice creams has shared his new 'definitive' list of supermarket canned soups. Bruno Bouchet, from Sydney, has ranked 12 store-bought tins from... >>>

What Is Sour Beer And How Is It Made?

Sunday  23:20,   22 march 2020

There's a new type of craft beer in town and it's sure to make you wrinkle your face. It's sour beer and it's taking over craft breweries near you, with beer aficionados and beginner drinkers alike enjoying a fresh take on that malty >>>