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Cold or Corona: This symptom makes the difference

Thursday  13:40,   06 october 2022

do I have a cold or corona? Coughing, runny nose and the like can occur in both infections, but a symptom is currently increasingly indicating Covid-19 HIT © istockphoto cold or corona: This symptom makes the difference is sinking, the number of... >>>

Where Australia ranks among the world's most expensive countries

Thursday  08:21,   06 october 2022

See the countries with the highest cost of... >>>

Uber Eats Wants to Deliver Beers Directly to Your Concert or Footy Seat

Thursday  06:41,   06 october 2022

If Uber Eats has its way, you may never miss a minute of the action again. The ridesharing platform turned logistics juggernaut has outlined plans to introduce a new ‘in-seat’ delivery component for stadiums, sporting venues and concert halls,... >>>

Make breakfast with these 20 mouth-watering slow-cooker recipes

Thursday  00:01,   06 october 2022

We’ll admit it: a bowl of cereal or a granola bar is our default breakfast when time is short or laziness levels are high and sometimes the default becomes the... >>>

This is the best time to run the dishwasher

Thursday  00:00,   06 october 2022

in the morning or in the evening? If you decide for the right time to switch on the dishwasher, you can save a lot of electricity and money © ISTOCKPHOTO Saving electricity with the right time you can still imagine a life without a dishwasher? We... >>>

The best cakes to make in the fall

Wednesday  17:41,   05 october 2022

Our October pies to make with seasonal fruit. From apple pie to pear and chocolate cake, enjoy the best part of... >>>

The best cakes to make in autumn

Wednesday  17:20,   05 october 2022

© Pool/Getty Images A shot look try to captivate the cameras. Former film producer Harvey Weinstein appeared this Tuesday, October 4, before the Los Angeles court. The sexual attacker is incarcerated at the Californian correctional center Twin... >>>

Autumn recipe: Pumpkin tarts with mascarpone cream and rum

Wednesday  16:50,   05 october 2022

© Olja Efendiev / Eyeem / Gettyimages Pumpkin recipes: This is how the pumpkin tarts autumn time is pumpkin time. For food blogger Manfred Zimmer, an autumn recipe should not be missing now: pumpkin tarts with mascarpone cream and rum. "What kind... >>>

21 foods that surprisingly taste better frozen

Wednesday  14:13,   05 october 2022

Not only are these options tasty and refreshing, but they might even become your favorite way to eat these fruits, snacks, and... >>>

cinnamon buns - step by step

Wednesday  11:10,   05 october 2022

The environmental protection organization Greenpeace has 20 different apple juices - both from conventional and from biological production - examined in the laboratory for pesticides. The result: 90 percent of the conventionally produced apple... >>>

12 Wedding Guest Dresses Perfect For A Summer Ceremony

Wednesday  08:42,   05 october 2022

Dressing for a summer wedding can be a headache. So, to help you out, here are our top 15 summer wedding guest dresses for every dress... >>>

Reality TV star shares the 'secret' low calorie supermarket noodles

Wednesday  08:42,   05 october 2022

An Australian reality TV star and gymgoer has shared the low-calorie supermarket noodles he swears by to keep full without blowing his macros for the day.Mikey Pembroke, who appeared on MAFS season seven alongside Hayley Vernon, took to Instagram on >>>

How to meal prep in 30 minutes: Nutritionist reveals how she prepares

Wednesday  05:41,   05 october 2022

An Australian based weight loss nutritionist has shared her 30 minute meal prep recipes for busy, professional women.Angela Borges, an Australian nutritionist, often shares her simple meal preparation recipes for busy and professional women and her... >>>

The SNCF is testing a new technology allowing to save energy

Tuesday  23:50,   04 october 2022

© Pixabay The SNCF tests a new technology allowing to save energy in Ariège, the SNCF tests a technological innovation which allows you to cut the Power supply when no train circulates. Explanations. Faced with the rise in gas and electricity... >>>

Holiday spending reflects upturn in China's consumer market

Tuesday  23:21,   04 october 2022

People visit Jiaxiu Pavilion in Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou Province, Oct. 1, 2022.(Xinhua/Tao Liang) BEIJING, Oct. 4 (Xinhua) -- During the National Day holiday in China, both online and offline shopping have gained momentum... >>>