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What chefs cook during winter

Tuesday  04:55,   20 august 2019

We asked some of the country’s top chefs for their go-to cold-weather dishes. The result? Big, hearty braises, nourishing soups, rich meat sauces, and roasts to set and forget. All simple, all delicious, all perfect for winter. Emma McCaskill |... >>>

McDonald's just launched its first new type of restaurant since the drive-thru — here's what it's like to eat there

Monday  06:15,   19 august 2019

McDonald's recently launched its first "McDonald's to Go" restaurant in London - a restaurant that has no seating areas and only serves takeout. It's the first new format for a McDonald's restaurant since the... >>>

What 7 of the most confusing terms you see at a bar actually mean, according to a bartender

Tuesday  05:12,   13 august 2019

I've seen many customers panic when they don't recognise the ingredients of some specialty cocktails. Knowing a couple of the most commonly used bar terms can boost your cocktail game and make ordering your next drink a breeze. Fernet Fernet is a... >>>

Revealed: The foods you should NEVER store in the fridge - and the best place to keep each item

Tuesday  01:48,   13 august 2019

Australian consumer organisation Choice has revealed which foods don't fare well in the fridge. Its experts say some not only lose their flavour but also lose freshness... >>>

What is lab meat, exactly?

Saturday  05:21,   10 august 2019

Lab-grown meat is fast leaving the realm of science fiction and becoming reality. But as the technology evolves, will our tastes keep up? You've got to hand it to Winston Churchill. Not only did he (almost) single-handedly win World War II, he also... >>>

This is the most expensive burger in the world

Friday  12:18,   09 august 2019

How much would you pay for a burger? Five dollars? Ten dollars? Maybe 20, if it’s from one of the best restaurants in America or... >>>

11 Things You Should Never Make In A Slow Cooker

Thursday  08:12,   08 august 2019

Sometimes nothing hits the spot like a nice warm meal. While some meals are perfect to make in a slow cooker, you should stick to making certain meals in an oven or stove top. Here are 11 things you should never make in a slow cooker. #1 Pasta... >>>

Furious KFC customer shares pics of her raw chicken meal and claims fast food giant 'ignored her complaint'

Thursday  00:05,   08 august 2019

An angry KFC customer who says she was served raw chicken by the fast food giant has posted pictures of her meal after her complaint was ignored for almost a week. The woman said she purchased chicken from KFC's outlet in the Townsville suburb of... >>>

How To Transform A Leftover Cheese Plate Into A Tasty Meal

Monday  02:35,   05 august 2019

How To Transform A Leftover Cheese Plate Into A Tasty... >>>

The #1 Best Snack to Eat Before Bedtime

Sunday  22:26,   04 august 2019

Most Americans don’t get enough sleep. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 1 in 3 adults are sleep deprived. Healthy sleep duration is pinpointed at seven hours each night—some people need more, while others operate... >>>

Controversial list of the ingredients that 'don't belong on pizza'

Friday  06:50,   02 august 2019

A controversial list of the 'worst' pizza toppings has surfaced online but not everyone agrees that ingredients like barbecue sauce, chicken and egg should be included. The breakdown of items comes just days after a Sydney pizza restaurant went... >>>

Gin masters release the 'most important Australian whisky' of the year

Thursday  03:35,   01 august 2019

Sydney's Archie Rose distillery will release its first core whisky this week, the culmination of years of... >>>

Is The Movement To Eat Less Meat Actually Making A Difference?

Thursday  01:55,   01 august 2019

Would it surprise you to learn that 95% of the people who bought a plant-based burger this past year were meat eaters? The National Restaurant Association’s 2019 What’s Hot report shows that a lot of omnivores are choosing alternative proteins they... >>>

Can You Eat Expired Chocolate?

Sunday  13:40,   28 july 2019

Everybody loves chocolate, but no matter how much you love it, is it really alright to eat expired... >>>

How to make a Milo Martini and a Malted Bourbon Milo Milkshake

Sunday  05:55,   28 july 2019

These are the latest drinks to take Australia by storm, just imagine a big alcoholic Milo Milkshake and you'll understand why. The recipe for a Milo Martini (AKA Malted Alexander) and the recipe for a Malted Bourbon Milo Milkshake are scarily... >>>