Food A home chef has made a Big Mac PIZZA using ingredients from McDonald's

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Home chef creates a Big Mac pizza using different ingredients from McDonalds for only dollars.

A McDonald ' s Big Mac is just like a home -cooked meal - at least that's what the fast-food giant is trying to tell us by posting a tutorial on You While chopping, whisking and grilling his ingredients , Mr Coudreaut continually reminds those watching that the produce he's using is all available in their local

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An amateur chef has created a Big Mac-style pizza using $18 worth of ingredients he purchased from McDonald's.

Ryan Parkins, who lives in America, shared a recipe video on his TikTok illustrating exactly how he pieced together the epic concoction, which featured lettuce, meat patties, cheese, pickles and Big Mac sauce.

'Gordon Ramsay would be turning in his grave,' Ryan captioned the video, despite the famous English chef still being alive.

a sandwich sitting on top of a table: A real McDonald's burger © Provided by Daily Mail A real McDonald's burger a sandwich sitting on top of a table: Ryan's Big Mac pizza meal © Provided by Daily Mail Ryan's Big Mac pizza meal

He visited a McDonald's to ask the cashier for the Big Mac ingredients, saying: 'I know this sounds weird but can I get 10 patties, a cup of Mac sauce, a cup of lettuce and a cup of pickles?'

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Video showing how to make a BIG MAC pizza using 10 burger patties sends Internet into overdrive Foodbeast have created the Big Mac Pizza for a food mash up. Next they smother on some Big Mac sauce, which they specifically bought extra of when doing their McDonald ' s shop, and diced onion.

Describing how they make their iconic burger, McDonald ’ s said it's made up of 'two beef patties, the bun, Big If you have cookie cutters you can use these to get a perfect edge, or trim it with a knife. Executive chef at McDonald ' s reveals how to make your own Big Mac Special Sauce at home .

The staff agreed to give him eight patties and he set off on his way to create his meal.

Then he fashioned two servings of pizza dough made from water, yeast, flour and oil, and flattened it into two circles, before adding the Big Mac sauce, cheese and patties on top and cooking it in an oven.

When it was cooked he sprinkled on some pickles, and lettuce before placing one of the pizza bases over the other, resembling a sandwich.

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Chef Miguel Barclay, 35, shared his recipe for making a McDonald ' s Big Mac at home for less than £1. The north London food blogger's creation The food blogger told the Sun: 'To get it under £1, I had to sacrifice a bit on the quality of the ingredients compared to McDonald ' s and use a lower grade of

Grab the iconic Big Mac ® for a burger experience only McDonald ’ s can offer– made with pure beef and our View Ingredients & Allergens. Big Mac Bun. Ingredients : Enriched Flour (Wheat Flour, Malted Barley This website uses cookies to better understand how visitors use our site, for advertising

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He cut the giant pizza into four equal segments before picking one slice up to take a bite.

The traditional Big Mac has two layers of bun and two patties, making it one of the restaurants most popular burgers.

His followers were excited by the finished product, saying it 'looked amazing' and probably 'tasted even better'.

How do you make the Big Mac pizza?


* Water, yeast, flour and oil for the pizza dough

* One cup of pickles

* One cup of Big Mac sauce

* One cup of grated cheese

* One cup of lettuce

* Eight McDonald's burger patties


1. Make the pizza dough. Pour the Big Mac sauce on top and spread it out. Sprinkle over cheese and place four patties on each pizza base.

2. Cook in the oven until the base has hardened and remove.

3. Pour over pickles, lettuce and stack one base on the other.

4. Section into four and enjoy.

a close up of a sandwich: 'I never realised I needed something more in my life than this,' one person said © Provided by Daily Mail 'I never realised I needed something more in my life than this,' one person said

'I never realised I needed something more in my life than this,' one person said.

'I want to try this so badly even though it's probably going to give me a heart attack,' said another.

Ryan said McDonald's were very accommodating to his abstract order and only charged him USD$13, which is equivalent to approximately $18 in Australia.

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