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Up Your Baking Game By Embossing Your Pastries

Sunday  05:51,   06 august 2017

Have you ever stared at an empanada, willing it to tell you what delicious filling it contained within its pastry walls? Have you ever stared at an empanada, willing it to tell you what delicious filling it contained within its pastry walls? If [...]

The Secret To Perfect Homemade McMuffins: Steaming Your Egg

Monday  03:15,   31 july 2017

McDonald's may be offering all day breakfast now, but it's still cheaper to make your own Egg McMuffins at home. If you want your sandwich to look, feel, and taste like their version, however, it all comes down to how you cook the egg. The...[...]

Ivanka Trump served up weird treats at Arabella’s birthday

Friday  19:34,   28 july 2017

Ivanka Trump served up peculiar treats at daughter Arabella’s 6th birthday - skewered hot dogs and marshmallows! A Filipino tradition at kids' partiesIvanka’s daughter, Arabella Kushner, turned 6 earlier this...[...]

Here's How Much Fruit You Need Every Day

Friday  19:33,   28 july 2017

Since your primary-school days, you learned how important it was to eat your fruits and vegetables . . . but do you know how much is really enough? According to the US Department of Agriculture, the average 19- to 30-year-old woman requires two cups [...]

Mom allegedly uses breast milk in bake-sale brownies, disgusts the entire internet

Friday  19:33,   28 july 2017

Sometimes, when we run out of ingredients, we get creative with our cooking. Like, out of sugar? Add honey. Or just add more butter. Always add more butter. But on the Facebook page Sanctimommy, one parent is getting a lot of heat for deciding...[...]

A mud cake from Woolworths saved this woman's wedding day

Tuesday  04:50,   18 july 2017

Australian woman's wedding day saved by 3 $6 Woolworths mud cakes and some Betty Crocker icing.Proving just how versatile they can be, a Woolies mud cake saved Jade Neil'swedding day after hers didn't turn...[...]

How to make a hard-boiled egg without a stove

Friday  02:36,   14 july 2017

It doesn't involve boiling the egg at all, actuallyThe latest hard-boiled egg hack comes from Drew Barrymore, and it doesn't feature a hob - or even boiling water....[...]

Sydneysiders go nuts for Nutella doughnut ice cream

Wednesday  05:21,   12 july 2017

For all you die-hard Sydney Nutella addicts out there. It’s time to rejoice as two of the best desserts have joined forces in Sydney to make the “Nutella doughnut ice-cream”! It’s time to rejoice as two of the best desserts have joined forces...[...]

Comment: Why You Should Never Buy Unsalted Butter

Wednesday  00:50,   05 july 2017

A little bit of salt in a recipe can go such a long way.Ya know how when you have grilled chicken, steak, and corn on the cob and sometimes it feels like it just needs something? A finishing touch that will make it feel extra special? That is salted [...]

Krispy Kreme Unveils The Most Outrageous Donut Ever Made

Monday  02:45,   03 july 2017

Must. Order....[...]

Meet the “PieFee”, a coffee served in a pie crust invented by a New Zealand bakehouse

Friday  07:00,   30 june 2017

In 2017, the world has indulged in a long line of ridiculous food trends, from the avolatte to the $5 Nutella on a spoon. This innovative concept has come from New Zealand cafe the Tasteful Bakehouse, with creator and business owner Chamnan Ly...[...]

Here’s why the British are totally facepalming about Trader Joe’s new “puff dog” product

Thursday  05:35,   29 june 2017

Brits took to Twitter recently to express their outrage over Trader Joe’s new “Puff Dog,” product – which, to them, looks suspiciously…On their website, Trader Joe’s writes, “This marriage of beefy and buttery is pretty genius,” with no mention of...[...]

A rural Bunnings has become a TripAdvisor sensation for its A+ sausage sangas

Wednesday  04:56,   28 june 2017

Ah, Bunnings. Home of the Australia Dream (DIY renos) and one of the greatest foods on Earth (the snag). Last month, we reported on the impending apocalypse set off by the Mentone Bunnings holding a vegan sausage sizzle. Well, folks, you can safely...[...]

You Should Never, Ever Throw Away Strawberry Tops

Tuesday  08:57,   27 june 2017

They're surprisingly useful.Up until now we've always been taught to think that every fruit has a part that you shouldn't eat: watermelon seeds, apple cores, orange peels, banana skins, grape stems, strawberry leaves - the list goes on and on....[...]

I Ate Chocolate For A Month For Better Skin — & Here's What Happened

Tuesday  04:40,   27 june 2017

Imagine hearing it was possible to eat chocolate every day and actually have better skin because of it. Fat chance you'd ever buy into that delusion, right? For most of my life, I've been told that the things I love most — happy hours that turn into [...]