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The One Thing Gordon Ramsay Will NEVER Eat

Monday  05:16,   03 april 2017

Gordon Ramsay knows his way around a kitchen — at restaurants and at home. And while he's infamous for his temper on TV shows like Masterchef and Kitchen Nightmares, in person he's just as delightful as we always suspected. Which means he... >>>

Pinterest Has Unveiled the Most Popular Wedding Cake for 2017

Saturday  05:05,   01 april 2017

Getting married? Then this might just be your "I do" go-to.It's 2017 and weddings this year are all about minimalism, with rustic touches that... >>>

Parents Called Out For Sending Children To School With Cold McDonald's And Smarties For Lunch

Thursday  23:41,   30 march 2017

A headteacher has shamed parents who are sending their children to school with “worrying” packed lunches, including a day-old McDonald’s Happy Meal. Jon Carthy, who works at the Byron Primary School in Gillingham, Kent, issued the warning to parents >>>

This is the surprising, crucial food the Queen never eats

Thursday  04:26,   30 march 2017

We couldn't survive without itRoyal chef Darren McGrady, who has cooked for the monarch for 15 years, revealed that the Queen doesn't eat starchy foods unless for a state dinner. Instead, her daily diet centres around the very specific dish of... >>>

The Mexico Tourism Board Made a Cloud That Rains Tequila

Wednesday  21:10,   29 march 2017

When it rains, it pours, and at one art gallery in Berlin, Germany, it was raining tequila. The tequila cloud was made using ultrasonic humidifiers to turn tequila into mist, which was condensed and turned into raindrops that guests could... >>>

KitKat changes recipe for the first time in decades - but Nestle reckon you WON'T be able to tell the difference

Wednesday  21:08,   29 march 2017

The chocolate bar, which has a 'small sugar reduction', will contain more milk and cocoa than ever beforeThe tweak to the ingredients comes as the confectionery giant cuts sugar to meet new UK Government... >>>

McDonald's uses a secret McChicken sauce with a cult following you didn't know existed

Wednesday  06:37,   29 march 2017

You might have assumed that McChickens around the world are topped with simple mayonnaise -- but you'd be wrong.You might have assumed that McChickens around the world are topped with simple mayonnaise -- but you'd be... >>>

Freegan food: Would you dumpster dive for your weekly meals?

Wednesday  05:07,   29 march 2017

Reusing and recycling has become a national pastime, but how many people would go as far as eating food dumped in a bin? Reusing and recycling has become a national pastime, but how many people would go as far as eating food dumped in a... >>>

Porridge toppings, ranked

Tuesday  05:36,   28 march 2017

Porridge is great, for many reasons. Toppings are where porridge comes alive. Here are my favourites,... >>>

This mum’s lunchbox fail is nothing short of hilarious

Thursday  20:51,   23 march 2017

This is what happened when a mum told her 5 year old daughter to pack a “frozen juice pouch” for school…“EPIC lunchbox fail when you tell your five year old Preppie to put a frozen juice pouch in her lunchbox and you forget the other pouches in your >>>

12 science-backed answers to your biggest questions about cheese

Wednesday  03:01,   22 march 2017

Cheese is jam-packed with science. Everything from how it's made to the trial-and-error process of creating new kinds of cheese can be attributed to reactions between microbes, sugars, fats, and proteins. We asked with Michael Tunick, a research >>>

Hold Up, This London Restaurant Has Officially Banned Avocado

Tuesday  03:55,   21 march 2017

If one food item sums up breakfast and brunch in 2017, it's surely the avocado. In Amsterdam, there's a whole restaurant devoted to the beautifully green and creamy fruit. However, a new London restaurant called Firedog reckons we've... >>>

You've Been Cooking Mashed Potato All Wrong

Tuesday  03:36,   21 march 2017

When it comes to mashed potato, most people opt to boil their potatoes, drain them, add a little milk and butter, and start mashing. But, according to Food Network chef Tyler Florence, those who abide by that rule have been doing it all... >>>

Will 'Game of Thrones' wine make a splash?

Monday  03:36,   20 march 2017

The first official "Game of Thrones" wines are now on sale and with them the chance for fans to uncork their inner Lannister. Made by Vintage Wine Estates with help from Bob Cabral (named 2011 Winemaker of the Year by Wine Enthusiast), fans... >>>

Prepare to be totally obsessed with Mermaid Toast

Sunday  18:42,   19 march 2017

Breakfast... >>>