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Heston Blumenthal has made a dessert using Vegemite

Wednesday  05:21,   25 january 2017

While most Australians start the day with Vegemite, British chef Heston Blumenthal has found a way make it the last thing people eat in the evening at his Melbourne restaurant. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at Crown Towers will feature Vegemite ice...[...]

This Is Why M&Ms Are The Official Candy Of The White House

Wednesday  02:50,   25 january 2017

When I was six-years-old, we took a family vacation to Washington, D.C. and went on a tour of the White House. When I was six-years-old, we took a family vacation to Washington, D.C. and went on a tour of the White House. I remember very little [...]

The Earliest Version of Ronald McDonald Was TERRIFYING

Tuesday  05:55,   24 january 2017

By now, you can probably draw a picture of McDonald’s mascot Ronald McDonald from memory, even though his TV appearances are few and far between: the red hair, the yellow sleeveless jumpsuit, the red and white striped arms and legs. GAHHH! What [...]

That Sushi May Contain A Tract-Invading Parasitic Tapeworm

Friday  04:56,   20 january 2017

In health updates that absolutely no one wants to hear, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention are warning that a tapeworm that was previously believed to only exist in fish from Asia has been found in Alaskan Salmon. According to the...[...]

I tried the sushi burrito, the 'mutant food' San Franciscans are obsessed with -- take a look

Tuesday  03:21,   17 january 2017

"Mutant foods" from the cronut to the ramen burger come and go, disappearing from social media as quickly as they blow up. But San Francisco's passion for the sushi burrito refuses to die. When we first laid eyes on the mythical sushirrito on...[...]

This Golden Pizza Is Literally Covered In Gold & Costs $2,000

Monday  03:51,   16 january 2017

Pizza has long been regarded as the food of the people because it's cheap and delicious.Think about it, in New York City, you can pick up a slice for less than $3. Of course, New York may also be the only place in the world that has taken this...[...]

How to Make the Big Kahuna Burger From Pulp Fiction at Home

Sunday  23:21,   15 january 2017

This is one tasty...[...]

Cadbury have an incredible new Creme Egg flavour, but there's a catch

Tuesday  03:20,   10 january 2017

Why is life so...[...]

The filling between KitKat wafers is something absolutely amazing

Monday  17:06,   09 january 2017

Have you ever seen the film Inception?We all know what these little sensational fingers are made of, don't we? Chocolate and wafer – a simple, winning formula. But hold...[...]

I Tried A Bunch Of Weird Snacks From A Korean 7-Eleven

Friday  03:50,   06 january 2017

On a recent trip to Seoul for IEM Gyeonggi, I had the pleasure of sampling a bounty of South Korean 7-Eleven snacks -- from the delicious, to the strange, to the stuff Customs wouldn't let into the country. Here are my thoughts!Here are my...[...]

Here's what Princess Diana ate every day

Tuesday  03:35,   03 january 2017

Her favorite food might surprise you. ​​​Darren McGrady, a Buckingham Palace cook who spent 11 years whipping up the Queen's favourite mousse (she's a total chocoholic, you know), and went on to work for Di after she split from Prince Charles,...[...]

This everyday kitchen item will make your veg last longer in the fridge - and costs pennies

Tuesday  02:50,   03 january 2017

Millions of tonnes of food goes off and gets thrown away every year - this little trick may helpThe biggest meal of the year may be over and done with, but there's every chance your fridge may still be groaning with unused food items and all those...[...]

This New M&M's Flavor Is Going To Be The Best One Yet

Wednesday  05:50,   28 december 2016

Christmas just came early for candy lovers: M&M's has a new flavor. HelloGigglesreports that the chocolate candy company is branching out from its roots with a white cheesecake flavor that we can't wait to get our hands on. As seen...[...]

How to make your food photogenic

Wednesday  05:50,   28 december 2016

We all have that friend who, when you take up your cutlery at a restaurant, seizes your wrist before you can begin. "Not yet," they protest. "I have to take a picture."We all have that friend who, when you take up your cutlery at a restaurant,...[...]

Why Do We Eat Popcorn At The Movies?

Tuesday  10:50,   27 december 2016

A cinema wouldn’t be complete without the overwhelming aroma of popcorn. I can’t remember a time when this cholesterol-spiking buttery goodness hasn’t been an imperative element of my moviegoing...[...]