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RKI reports: Streptococci and pneumococci on the advance

Friday  16:50,   23 december 2022

Flu, RSV, Corona: According to Robert Koch Institute, around nine million people in Germany have an acute respiratory disease. And in addition to viral infections, bacterial pathogens are now rampant. © Nikish Hiraman/ Getty Images After two years... >>>

"To prevent them from finishing at the slaughterhouse", the Lalleu breeder sells his organic laying hens

Friday  16:40,   23 december 2022

© Ouest-France on December 28, 2022 and January 6, 2023, the breeder sells 400 hens. They are "beautiful and nice" and to avoid them a fatal destiny in a slaughterhouse, Pierre Cosnet, breeder of organic laying hens, offers two large sales, on... >>>

delicate capaun roast on honey vegetables

Friday  11:40,   23 december 2022

at Christmas time, Christmas goose is a very popular dish. But not everyone dares to bake. Our expert says: Dare! This is where recipe and instructions for roast goose come. © Matthias Würfl Anja Auer With the Martinsgans Matthias Würfl Many people >>>

"Six or seven appointments per day": the garages taken over to bypass the SNCF

Friday  09:20,   23 december 2022

© Noa Moussa/Europe 1 strike by SNCF controllers starts this Friday and will be extended throughout the weekend of Christmas. If some French people fell back on TER and intercités, others have chosen to use their personal car to reach their family. >>>

5 herbal teas to be concocted after the holidays

Friday  04:10,   23 december 2022

© ISTOCK/Getty Images 5 Tisanas to concoct after the holidays with lemon, ginger, coriander ... Some herbal tea recipes facilitate digestion. Discover which ones. YOUR BROWSER DOES NOT Support this video of the coriander for a detox tea foie gras , >>>

Something Really Cool Happens When You Use Banana Peel as an Ingredient

Thursday  22:52,   22 december 2022

Every time you peel a banana and dispose of the skin, you're throwing away a tasty, nutritious snack. A recent study has shown if banana peels are blanched, dried, and ground into a flour, they can be turned into baked goods that taste just as... >>>

Top 10 Best Potato Sea Recipes

Thursday  11:30,   22 december 2022

Christstollen, even without butter, curd cheese and milk, is nice and juicy of the traditional Christ tunnel also tastes nice and juicy in the vegan variant. Just try the recipe once. Note to our readers: This article contains affiliate links. That >>>

How to make the perfect pavlova, according to chemistry experts

Thursday  10:51,   22 december 2022

Despite its simplicity, there’s a surprising amount of chemistry involved in making a pavlova. Knowing what’s happening in each step is a sure-fire way to make yours a success.So exactly what does it take to make the perfect pavlova? Let us break it >>>

Wissing again in the spring in the spring

Thursday  09:10,   22 december 2022

Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) questions the nuclear phase -out in mid -April. "The electricity requirement will increase rapidly with the rise in electromobility," he told the newspapers of the Funke media group (Thursday... >>>

What is the meaning of pacifism when violence escalates?

Wednesday  19:50,   21 december 2022

© Michael Schick "The peace movement was shaken in its often very clear positions." The archive picture was created in Offenbach. Photo. Michael Schick. What is the meaning of pacifism when violence escalates? It is important that peace messages... >>>

recipe: Spaghetti with sausage balls

Wednesday  19:40,   21 december 2022

After a hard day, a delicious plate of noodles is just the thing. Our new favorite combination: Spaghetti with hearty bratwurst balls © isock This noodle dish with sausage balls tastes big and small istock spaghetti carbonara, spaghetti amatriciana >>>

Christmas recipe 2022: This is how delicious butter cookies in the NU

Wednesday  14:01,   21 december 2022

© Unsplash by Jennifer Burk In the Grazia Christmas bakery there are some delicacies! The contemplative holidays are just around the corner and you are still looking for a quick and super delicious recipe that everyone loves? Then you are exactly... >>>

Energy crisis: Can you save electricity using the microwave?

Wednesday  08:10,   21 december 2022

In view of the drastic increase in energy price, some will now consider three times which household appliances they want to use. However, the microwave should not be abolished because it could help with saving energy. © provided by Finanzen.net... >>>

Chapel Down fizz 'cheaper than champagne and just as good'

Wednesday  07:00,   21 december 2022

When Britons pop bottles of bubbly this Christmas, Andrew Carter believes there is a higher chance than ever that their fizz will be home-grown. The English wine industry, the chief executive of Chapel Down says, has reached its tipping point. After >>>

How to keep the potatoes?

Wednesday  04:30,   21 december 2022

© Getty Images How to keep the potatoes? How to keep the potatoes cool? There is no need to wash the potatoes once they have been purchased. Indeed, this vegetable little appreciates moisture. So he needs to have been underwater before being... >>>