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Boy discovers hidden image in Toblerone logo that shocks chocolate fans

Tuesday  23:41,   22 november 2022

'Wow. Hidden in full view for 60+ years to me.'From an airport duty free souvenir to a staple stocking filler, the prism-shaped treat is a favourite for... >>>

Here are the cities where it is the most interesting to go to work in France

Tuesday  21:20,   22 november 2022

according to the "employment and housing barometer: the classification of cities where to settle", Orleans, Mulhouse and Rouen are the three most attractive metropolises. Do you plan to change your life and go to settle in another city? The 4th... >>>

Brussels sprouts with mountain cheese and homemade roasted onions: This dish is incredibly tasty

Tuesday  16:20,   22 november 2022

Brussels sprouts is a hearty vegetable. The small florets bring an intense taste themselves, accordingly the ingredients that are combined with the delicious winter vegetables must be chosen. In addition to the spice of nutmeg, garlic and intensive >>>

This became from the dream women of the 80s

Tuesday  16:00,   22 november 2022

on November 23, new moon and the start of the shooting season fall to a date. A combination that has a particularly intensive effect on three zodiac signs. © M-Gucci/iStock Neumond November Neumond on November 23, 2022 On November 23, not only the... >>>

minced meat: You have to note that

Tuesday  15:00,   22 november 2022

Freeze © iStock raw minced meat is a sensitive food. To make it durable, you can freeze it. We'll tell you here. © ISTOCKUM HACK meat to make it durable for longer, you have to consider a few things when freezing. freeze to be able to be consumed... >>>

21 Best Steakhouses in Melbourne for Your Next Big Feed

Tuesday  09:41,   22 november 2022

Melbourne is a city littered with great food around every corner, but when it comes to wood-fired and hearty, only the best steakhouses will do. From South Yarra to the suburbs and everywhere in between, the sound of sizzling fat over charcoal is... >>>

The Story of ‘White Coke’, the Top Secret Cola Commissioned by a Soviet Marshal After WWII

Tuesday  08:20,   22 november 2022

Over the weekend I learned about White Coke. Not the powder, the drink: a clear version of Coca-Cola that retains the flavour. One that was commissioned by a Soviet marshal. This is one of those fun fact topics that comes up every now and again... >>>

Festive dessert: pavlova grazing board with cranberry coulis and summer fruits

Monday  19:40,   21 november 2022

Put a festive twist on your next grazing board, with The Weekly's Food Director Fran Abdallaoui.These light, mini pavlovas are decorated with fresh fruit and cranberry coulis to add a festive note to the table this Christmas. And everyone can... >>>

Weather. After the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Corsica in turn in turn in orange vigilance

Monday  19:10,   21 november 2022

© Pascal Pochard-Casabianca/AFP of the waves in Ajaccio, in Corsica. (Illustration photo) Météo France placed, at the end of the afternoon, this Monday, November 21, 2022, the two Corsican departments in orange alert for violent wind and... >>>

Ramelow criticizes the left and Wagenknecht

Monday  14:50,   21 november 2022

Thuringia's Prime Minister and Left Politician Bodo Ramelow has accused his party of a lack of interest in his Federal Council Presidency. He was proud to have represented the Federal Republic to the outside world, said the 66-year-old of the... >>>

menu of the week: Easy recipe ideas from November 21 to 27

Monday  12:50,   21 november 2022

that is, the cold settles slowly but surely! And who says cold, necessarily says gourmet and comforting dishes. Here is our menu of the week made up of easy and quick recipes to cook without head of Monday to... >>>

20 easy bread recipes to make at home

Monday  08:30,   21 november 2022

Over the past few months, a craze has been sweeping the world (or, at least, social media): homemade bread. With more time on our hands, many of us have taken the plunge into the world of home baking. Keen to join the club? Here are some simple yet... >>>

10 billionaire families. 10 savage feuds

Monday  05:40,   21 november 2022

The battles of billionaire clans from the Gettys to the house of... >>>

Formula 1 paddock unites for farewell track run with Vettel

Sunday  22:40,   20 november 2022

The Formula 1 paddock came together on Saturday night in Abu Dhabi to celebrate Sebastian Vettel's career and bid farewell with a group track run.Around 200 people took part in the group event, with Vettel inviting people to run, walk, or even... >>>

Spaghetti with Brussels sprouts Parmese sauce: This recipe is incredibly tasty

Sunday  19:40,   20 november 2022

Brussels sprouts is not only a popular winter vegetable, but also incredibly versatile. Once only a soft-cooked side dish to meat, Brussels sprouts have long since been the main actor in stove or pan dishes. And Brussels sprouts are also becoming... >>>