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'Nature Refused to Take This Burger.' Man Selling a 6-Year-Old McDonald's Cheeseburger Has Learned a Lot

Sunday  05:22,   08 july 2018

On June 7, 2012 a local farmer in Ontario, Canada started the ultimate fast food experiment to test the age old rumors that McDonald’s products don’t rot. Now, six years later, he’s selling his experiment on eBay for $29.99.Now, six years later,...[...]

Sharing photos of your kids on social media - is it okay?

Saturday  19:07,   07 july 2018

On average, a baby has their image uploaded to social media within an hour of being born. By age two, 60 per cent of children have a digital footprint.Last month, midwife-turned-blogger Clemmie Hooper, who posts as @motherofdaughters, felt the wrath [...]

Introducing Vegemite popcorn, the new movie snack you didn’t know you needed

Friday  04:56,   06 july 2018

Vegemite has partnered with two of the country’s biggest movie cinema chains to bring a potentially controversial, yet incredibly enticing premium snack. This is one of those things that sounds a bit off at first but gets better the more you...[...]

The Ten Best Restaurants In Sydney For Vegans And Vegetarians

Wednesday  05:11,   04 july 2018

Restaurants that serve a wide range of interesting and tasty food for non-carnivores used to be somewhat hard to come by. Shift is a perfect spot for breakfast or lunch. Try the vegan reuben sandwich -- piled high and thick with house-made...[...]

Which Foods Are Actually Cheaper To Make Yourself?

Friday  03:07,   29 june 2018

"Making your own" is a big part of home cook culture. One's reasons for wanting to DIY every food thing may vary, but it usually has something to do with taste, health, or cost. Cost-wise, some things are obvious; cooking dinner at home is...[...]

Food Pairings That Are a Match Made in Healthy Heaven

Thursday  07:57,   28 june 2018

Just like friends bring out the best in each other, certain foods do the same when matched correctly. Just by pairing the right foods together you can dramatically boost your nutrient intake. We enlisted the help of nutritionist Emma Sutherland for...[...]

The Secret That Makes KFC’s Fried Chicken So Crunchy

Tuesday  00:36,   26 june 2018

Not all fried chicken is created equal. Below, KFC's secret recipe to drumstick perfection is revealed. Make crispy chicken. Never leave the house againNothing says comfort food quite like a bucket of fried chicken.But few places do it better...[...]

From gouda and ceviche to haggis: The foods most likely to be pronounced incorrectly - and you might be surprised

Monday  07:39,   25 june 2018

With many international cuisine styles available, it's no surprise diners often mispronounce meals and delicacies on the menu. Here, FEMAIL reveals a guide to those most commonly said incorrectly.So, to help make life a little easier and prevent [...]

'Peak hipster' broccoli latte is actually a fantastic idea

Tuesday  22:51,   19 june 2018

We've had turmeric lattes, spirulina lattes, matcha lattes, live algae drinks, and so on. But it's different this time.In response to a report on The Project about these coffees, punters on Twitter were quick to call it "too far", a way to...[...]

McDonald's employees share the 6 menu items they'd never eat

Tuesday  05:26,   19 june 2018

McDonald's' menu has tons of options for customers. And McDonald's crew members themselves have their own frequent picks - as well as orders they tend to avoid.But, when it comes to consuming McDonald's food, the restaurant's crew...[...]

Secret spice not so nice: 'Long-time' KFC fan finds safety pin and strand of hair in his chicken meal

Tuesday  02:45,   19 june 2018

A 'long time' KFC customer Jamie Allen was left appalled after he found a safety and a strand hair attached to a piece of chicken. He said he bought the Zinger Box in Cranbourne Melbourne.A very unimpressed Jamie Allen recently posted an...[...]

15 Things Organised People Have in Their Homes

Sunday  07:05,   17 june 2018

If searching for your keys is a part of your morning ritual, it's time to break the cycle. Being organised is more than just a personality trait, it's a lifestyle decision that's easier to achieve if you stock your home with the right...[...]

All About Bush Tucker

Friday  05:55,   15 june 2018

Living off the land provides a healthy and free seasonal diet full of nutrients capable of fuelling an active lifestyle.The food-hunting survival skills, passed down for generations, ensure outback inhabitants can survive on a bush diet and...[...]

11 Mood Boosting Foods For Winter

Thursday  04:21,   14 june 2018

We've compiled a list of 11 mood boosting foods to help you beat the blues this winter. Stay healthier and happier throughout the season by incorporating these snacks into your daily diet.We all get those days from time to time where it seems...[...]

It looks like Australia doesn't rate with voters in the World's 50 Best Restaurants awards

Wednesday  05:56,   13 june 2018

Just a year after hosting the World's 50 Best restaurant awards in Melbourne, Australia looks set to post its worst result in the annual event next week. The restaurants at 51-100 were announced overnight, and Brae, in Victoria, fell out of the...[...]