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8 Seductive recipes with Mozzarella

Sunday  14:30,   20 november 2022

It is not so easy to find the right starting point for the Christmas bakery. Our timetable for Christmas 2022 helps, among other things, with the question of which cookies you should bake © istockphoto miracle cure baking powder isthopic in many... >>>

The places to visit in Australia when the floods and rain stops

Sunday  10:01,   20 november 2022

After nearly two years of relentless rain and flood emergencies, wild weather has completely transformed the Australian Outback. These are the places to visit when it's dry again.So when the floods and the rain finally stop, travel experts are... >>>

ASE: Claude Puel has a huge regret in his path to the Greens

Sunday  01:10,   20 november 2022

who passed on the ASSE bench between 2019 and 2021, Claude Puel recently delivered himself in his path in Forez and explained one of his big regrets. © icon Sport Claude Puel spent on the ASSE bench between 2019 and 2021, Claude Puel recently... >>>

"Le Lac des Cygnes" at children at the Mogador

Saturday  21:50,   19 november 2022

theater following a first triumphant season, "My first Lac des Cygnes" is back at the Mogador Theater in Paris until March 5, 2023. A magical show for the whole family. © supplied by Franceinfo It is an iconic work of the repertoire of classical... >>>

Something Really Weird Happens When a Cane Toad Sits Down to Eat

Saturday  19:41,   19 november 2022

Contrary to popular belief, it's not possible for you to swallow your own tongue. If you're a human, at least. It turns out toads actually do it on purpose every time they eat. "We know a lot about how frogs extend their tongues and how it... >>>

NOMOS Glashütte’s Champagne-Quality Watchcraft

Saturday  18:20,   19 november 2022

The small town of Glashütte in Germany can now authoritatively claim to be the Champagne of watches. In much the same way that the status of bubbly produced within that world-famous French winemaking hub is protected by laws that reduce everything... >>>

World Cup fans are flocking to Qatar’s boozy underground in search of a drink in a dry country

Saturday  18:20,   19 november 2022

The subject of alcohol has been one of many hot topics in the lead up to the Qatar World Cup, but for those in this dry country who know where to look, a surprisingly thriving scene can be found.Not that you'd know it from the outside. Standing on... >>>

The Tilbury’s Oyster Harvest Series is an Ode to Sydney’s Most Underrated Icon

Saturday  16:51,   19 november 2022

We’re all guilty of under-appreciating what we have in our own backyard, until it’s gone or in short supply and we take to social media to blame everyone under the sun (everything is your fault, Steven Seagal!). The humble Sydney Rock Oyster is no... >>>

Meißen: Construction work on the B6

Saturday  15:40,   19 november 2022

For a few days, Siebeneichener Straße (B6) towards Dresden has been closed on one side. The work is expected to take a while. © Claudia Hübschmann The Siebeneichener Straße is expected to be accessible by mid -December due to the broadband... >>>

Why Pirna closes the citizens' office

Saturday  14:40,   19 november 2022

In the foyer of the town hall, a new counter will be built up and the technology is changed. There is therefore no need for urgent things. © Pirna Citizens' Office in the Pirna town hall: The foyer is being rebuilt and gets a new counter. © City... >>>

CAKE Bukk Limited Edition Sells Out Its Entire Run In The Week After EICMA

Saturday  08:30,   19 november 2022

All 50 numbered machines will be on their way to their new homes in early 2023. On November 8, 2022, Swedish electric bike maker CAKE officially unveiled its all-new Bukk enduro bike to the world at EICMA. A couple of years ago, the OEM started its... >>>

Jameson’s Christmas ‘Whiskey Tree’ Takes Holiday Spirit(s) to a New Level

Saturday  07:10,   19 november 2022

We don’t know Santa personally, but we suspect he enjoys the occasional dram with his biscuits and milk. With that in mind, Jameson has launched their bottle-based Whiskey Tree for a more indulgent Christmas experience this year. Just think of the... >>>

so healthy, so warming, so tasty: Muse soup yourself

Friday  23:30,   18 november 2022

When it is really cold outside, the body also needs warmth from the inside. A chicken broth, for example. We know and love them in the cold period. In Asia, however, you also swear by Miso soup. © provided by Berliner Kurier at the Japanese zu... >>>

So you will quickly get the cold again

Friday  19:40,   18 november 2022

© isock/cecilie_arcurs so you will get the cold quickly again so you will quickly get the cold off again, especially in autumn and winter, just teeming with cold virus - and it quickly has it with us Crooles, cough and headache caught. We explain... >>>

CARREFOUR: Recalled minced steaks due to an unorribed allergenic substances

Friday  17:20,   18 november 2022

traces of soy and wheat gluten could be present © Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay of minced meat. Illustration photo Power supply - Traces of soybeans and wheat gluten could be present A new Recall of product issued by Carrefour this time concerned frozen... >>>