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Chef shares $6 hack for making perfect gingerbread houses

Thursday  14:24,   08 december 2022

An Australian food blogger has wowed her followers with a $6 Christmas-themed food hack to excite friends and family this holiday season. Chef and nutritionist Tori Falzon is behind the Into The Sauce website filled with delicious recipes, home... >>>

Can YOU guess how much booze is in these glasses?

Thursday  14:24,   08 december 2022

Almost three-quarters of adults underestimate the amount of wine in a 250ml glass, according to a survey by Direct Line Motor Insurance. © Provided by Daily Mail How many units are in these two glasses? Only 15 per cent guessed right for wine,... >>>

Guess how many units are in your favourite drink

Thursday  14:23,   08 december 2022

'Tis the season where we enjoy knocking back the booze, and indulging in festive tipples like eggnog and mulled wine. But few of us know how many units are in our after favourite beverages.But few of us know how many units are in our after... >>>

Orange increases the remuneration of its subcontractors

Thursday  13:20,   08 december 2022

supplied by Univers Freebox an increase of 3.5% on contracts with the subcontractors of Rang 1. Some hoped more. Two increases in the space of 2 months. After a first boost of 2.2% in October which must however expire, Orange announced Tuesday... >>>

Tucking into a festive sandwich?

Thursday  08:52,   08 december 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Christmas dinner sandwiches, pigs in blankets on rolls and brie and cranberry toasties are just some of the festive options available at UK shops, such as Tesco, Waitrose and Pret.Christmas dinner between slices of bread, pigs in blankets >>>

Top chef on the benefits of FROZEN PEAS and the secret to sauces

Thursday  08:52,   08 december 2022

Mark Peregrine, Director of Raymond Blanc's Cookery School at two-Michelin-star Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons restaurant in Oxfordshire, reveals some cheffing secrets and tips to MailOnline Travel.This may sound counter-intuitive, but it's... >>>

Cognac is a famous tipple - but it's also an intoxicating French town

Thursday  08:52,   08 december 2022

With the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa as his base, Mark Palmer sips his way around the town's cognac houses - many of which offer tours for around £15.So we found a snazzy bar, ordered something or other and then Nigel started swishing the amber... >>>

Don’t Forget to Recycle Your Pumpkins—They’re Basically Rotting Methane Bombs

Thursday  08:42,   08 december 2022

Whether you carved your pumpkin into a Jack-O’-Lantern or just left it on the stoop, it’s time to come up with a disposal plan. We’ve got you covered with a few planet-friendly options.Depending on where you live and whether or not the pumpkin is... >>>

French foie gras in short supply, forcing farmers to adapt

Thursday  07:33,   08 december 2022

Foie gras pate, the consummate delicacy of French holiday tables, might be harder to find this year and certainly pricier due to a bird flu outbreak that ravaged farms across the west and south last winter. But two brutal bird flu outbreaks in... >>>

Drones to cut pathology test times in Qld

Thursday  06:11,   08 december 2022

A fleet of drones will transport medical samples from Queensland communities to pathology labs in a new federally-funded partnership.The project between Mater Pathology and drone logistics company Swoop Aero has been awarded $1.8 million in federal... >>>

Fennel - recipes and not only

Thursday  03:02,   08 december 2022

Fennel is a vegetable that can be used in various ways: raw, baked, boiled, steamed, infused. It can be consumed in a thousand ways. Nothing is thrown away from the fennel. The outer leaves can be added to the minestrone, the upper part instead, can >>>

Riverland cellar doors and breweries experience visitor downturn due to tourists' perceived flood concerns

Thursday  00:32,   08 december 2022

Despite being based well out of any flood zones, a brewery and winery in SA's Riverland are experiencing a downturn in business in what should be their busiest season.But instead of pouring wines, he has been fielding phone calls about whether... >>>

The best fast-food items of all time

Wednesday  21:32,   07 december 2022

The best fast-food items of all time are downright icons. We’re counting down the ones that have kept us going through the years, including the Big Mac, the Baconator, the Blizzard, the Frosty, and so many others that we all know on a first-name... >>>

With Amélie Nothomb in Rennes, the readers are kings

Wednesday  21:20,   07 december 2022

© Ouest-France Amélie Nothomb dedicated her "Book of Sisters" to Fnac this Wednesday. The author is very caring with her faithful readers, here Jean-Marc Volant and Marie Tores, with whom she has sometimes corresponded for years. It was necessary... >>>

Bookmark these beautiful destinations for your trip to Halifax

Wednesday  18:41,   07 december 2022

Bookmark these beautiful destinations for your trip to... >>>