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Do I Really Need A Pre-Workout Supplement?

Wednesday  04:16,   26 june 2019

Take a walk through any vitamin store and you’ll find yourself lost in its aisles of pills and powders, each claiming to benefit your workouts by boosting your focus, energy or recovery. Pre-workout supplements, designed to be consumed moments... >>>

Give babies peanut butter before they turn one to help avoid allergies, authorities say

Wednesday  00:40,   26 june 2019

Parents are being told to introduce foods with peanuts to their baby's diet before they turn one-year-old to reduce their chance of developing food allergies, as part of a National Allergy Strategy launched... >>>

Drinking coffee could help you lose weight

Tuesday  14:52,   25 june 2019

Happy days for coffee fans; new research shows it has a fat-busting... >>>

Imaginary friends a healthy part of childhood that boosts social skills, psychologist says

Tuesday  06:23,   25 june 2019

Toys that come to life, mythical creatures or simply people like their peers — imaginary friends are dreamed up by children the world over . For some it will be a short invention, for others it can endure for several years, according to clinical... >>>

A cup of coffee a day could be the secret to burning fat

Tuesday  06:05,   25 june 2019

A new study has found that drinking one cup of coffee a day could help burn fat, aiding in weight loss. As if we needed another excuse to get our coffee fix! While we've long known there is a wealth of health benefits associated with drinking coffee >>>

Five ways to make yum cha healthier

Tuesday  05:41,   25 june 2019

Whether it's a quick work lunch, a weekend brunch or a delicious dinner with mates, there are few dining experiences more fun than picking steaming bamboo baskets from trolleys whizzing past . But while it may score top points in the enjoyment... >>>

How long can you skip going to the gym before it starts affecting the workouts you’ve been putting in?

Monday  08:35,   24 june 2019

Just two skipped days of exercise can already result in a lose of motivation, but how long does it take for your body, namely your muscles, to start seeing the effects of not going to the gym? It can be difficult to build the routine of going... >>>

These seven mums lost a combined 300kg

Monday  05:05,   24 june 2019

These seven mums from around Australia have lost an enormous 300kg combined and they all have one thing in common: The Healthy Mummy weight loss program. Read their stories here. Being a mum is busy work. So when you're trying to lose weight, it's... >>>

Mediterranean diet may be best for cutting the most harmful type of fat

Sunday  06:44,   23 june 2019

All body fat is not created equal. There are two broad types of body fat: subcutaneous fat, the kind that sits right underneath the skin; and visceral fat, the kind stored deep inside the abdomen . require(["inlineoutstreamAd",... >>>

10 ways working out can help — and hurt — your skin

Sunday  06:43,   23 june 2019

From bacterial infections to clearer pores, working out can positively and negatively impact your skin in a variety of... >>>

Alcohol causes most overall harm of any drug, says study

Sunday  06:43,   23 june 2019

Harm from alcohol in Australia surpasses that caused by crystal meth and heroin, a new national study suggests. The Australia-first study, funded by St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, examined 22 drugs and measured the risk to an individual and the >>>

Adelaide doctor grows skin in a lab to treat severe burns victim in world-first treatment

Saturday  17:11,   22 june 2019

A man who suffered horrific burns to 95 per cent of his body survives his injuries after receiving world-first treatment in Adelaide, which included cutting away his burns and covering his wounds with skin grown in a... >>>

Cucumber For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

Saturday  05:56,   22 june 2019

The cucumber diet promises quick weight loss in the short run, but it is not sustainable for more than a week or... >>>

'Super awkward and uncomfortable': What's it like being under 30 and living with bowel cancer?

Saturday  05:56,   22 june 2019

Imagine being told in your late 20s you have a tumour in your bowel, you have months of chemotherapy ahead of you and now have to live with a bag hanging from a hole in your... >>>

Can I give blood? Everything you need to know

Friday  16:31,   21 june 2019

World Blood Donor Day is on the 14th June, but for all you first time donors out there, are you even eligible? Turns out, you need to tick a few boxes first. Fancy doing a good deed today? Whether you're giving whole blood, plasma or platelets,... >>>