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The miracle $27 acne treatment named best in Australia

Tuesday  15:33,   29 september 2020

A $27 acne treatment has been crowned the best in Australia by thousands of women who say it's a 'miracle' life-saving product.The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion was preferred against competitors at the 2020 Mecca Beauty Election for its... >>>

30 signs that you may have heart trouble

Tuesday  13:21,   29 september 2020

Maintaining heart health is vitally important for your general well-being. Unfortunately, heart disease is one of the biggest killers. Often, problems with the heart develop gradually, over many years, even decades. Thankfully, some damage can be... >>>

Zimbabwe plans to send dead elephants' brain tissue to U.S. for toxin tests

Tuesday  13:21,   29 september 2020

Zimbabwe plans to send dead elephants' brain tissue to U.S. for toxin testsThirty-four elephants have died in western Zimbabwe since Aug. 24, Parks and Wildlife Management Authority director general Fulton Mangwanya told a parliamentary... >>>

30 foods that fight inflammation

Tuesday  00:26,   29 september 2020

Inflammation is a totally normal reaction that takes place when your body is fighting a virus or an injury. In certain cases, however, inflammation can become chronic, posing a health risk. For example, chronic inflammation increases the risk of... >>>

Victoria Beckham reveals daughter Harper helps her relax after work

Monday  16:31,   28 september 2020

Victoria Beckham has gushed that her daughter Harper, nine, loves to spoil her after a busy day at work. The fashion designer spoke out on her daily routine over the weekend, revealing she loves nothing more than an at-home pamper evening with her... >>>

Don't Know Why You're Crying During Yoga? Your Body Does

Monday  12:31,   28 september 2020

ELLE speaks with yoga teacher Madina Tanekeyeva about why we feel strong emotions during yoga, and what emotional release during yoga can teach us. Among the suite of tools and strategies that so many of us lean on when it comes to living peacefully >>>

Do you still believe these lies you were told as a kid?

Monday  12:12,   28 september 2020

Did an adult ever warn you reading your comic books in the dark would make you go blind, or blame your nasty cold on the fact that you never dress properly for the weather? Many of the well-known facts we learn early on, or well-meaning advice we’re >>>

Details on Trump's $200 cards for Medicare users scarce and conflicted

Friday  23:27,   25 september 2020

Details on Trump's $200 cards for Medicare users scarce and conflictedPresident Donald Trump said on Thursday that 33 million Medicare beneficiaries would "soon receive a card in the mail" to help pay for prescription drugs. Nearly 60 million... >>>

4 Editor-Tested Old Navy Sweatpants We Give the Comfy Stamp of Approval

Friday  21:31,   25 september 2020

Have sweatpants eclipsed your favourite pair or jeans or classic black blazer as the ultimate wardrobe staple in 2020? I'm personally living in mine on a daily basis. There are millions of options out there, so what pair is best for you? I... >>>

Thyroid disease: Watch out for these symptoms

Friday  20:30,   25 september 2020

The thyroid is a large, butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck which regulates your metabolism by releasing hormones into your bloodstream. Types of thyroid disease typically fall into three categories; hypothyroidism,... >>>

Parenting lessons from the longest ever study on human development

Friday  14:01,   25 september 2020

There are so many different parenting styles, strategies, and schools of thought to dig through these days, and most of them give conflicting advice. But fear not: an enormous study has been conducted over nearly a century to most accurately... >>>

30 healthy alternatives to your favourite foods

Friday  13:32,   25 september 2020

Eating well is a daily struggle. There are so many tempting treats out there that making health-conscious choices may feel like an impossible mission. Luckily, we have the answer. These healthy alternatives to your favourite foods are as satisfying... >>>

11 Best Skincare Brands That Are Affordable

Friday  11:12,   25 september 2020

We've rounded up 11 affordable skincare brands that will change your... >>>

These major inventions are not even 50 years old

Friday  00:16,   25 september 2020

Inventions affect every aspect of our lives, from how we communicate to how we get around. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time when certain inventions didn’t exist. And yet, these 20 major inventions aren’t even 50 years old... >>>

Trump to sign executive orders to burnish healthcare credentials

Thursday  23:18,   24 september 2020

Trump to sign executive orders to burnish healthcare credentialsTrump will sign an executive order aimed at ensuring Americans with pre-existing conditions retain healthcare coverage, Azar said on Thursday, even as his own administration seeks to... >>>