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Haiti asks for «help» from the international community to avoid «hecatomb».

Thursday  14:22,   06 october 2022

Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry has called for «help» and «accompaniment» from the international community amid fears of a «hecatomb» in a country hit by supply blockades, protests and violence […]Tensions have been heightened since the... >>>

Nitrous oxide neurological risk for young

Thursday  08:40,   06 october 2022

Inhaling nitrous oxide can lead to serious health consequences for young people, including neurological damage, according to a new study.Nanging involves inhaling nitrous oxide through whipped cream... >>>

World Rugby statement: MND study findings on ex-Scottish players

Thursday  07:01,   06 october 2022

World Rugby statement: MND study findings on ex-Scottish playersA study led by the University of Glasgow looking at former Scotland internationals – from both the amateur era and later professional players – found ex-rugby players had more than... >>>

NSW govt spurns 'third world' health claim

Thursday  06:41,   06 october 2022

The NSW health minister has dismissed comments from emergency doctors critical of the state's healthcare system, saying it leads the country."Well they want to go and work in the third world then," Brad Hazzard told reporters on... >>>

Discovery of a New Rare Blood Type Could Save The Lives of Future Newborns

Thursday  05:32,   06 october 2022

The devastating loss of a pair of newborns has provided critical insights into a rare set of blood types spotted for the first time in humans 40 years ago. By unravelling the molecular identity of the relatively new blood type known as the Er... >>>

Autumn walking in the woods: the 6 benefits for body and mind

Thursday  03:32,   06 october 2022

Autumn. A magical time has begun made up of forests that are tinged with new colors, from straw yellow to deep orange, and filled with scents, from that of resins to that of mushrooms. And it is precisely the changes typical of the period that make... >>>

Parents plead for answers after 'beautiful' Melbourne toddler Zayne Hassan-Cramer dies after hospital admission

Thursday  02:11,   06 october 2022

Less than a month ago, Zayne died in hospital at 23-months-old. His parents say their concerns about the toddler's condition were dismissed by medical staff and they believe his care at Monash Children's Hospital was lacking.Warning: This... >>>

South Coast cancer treatment delayed due to lack of radiation services

Thursday  02:11,   06 october 2022

Peter Cormick started making arduous trips on a "dangerous goat track" while unwell after waiting six months to access radiation treatment for his prostate cancer.Living in Deua River Valley on the NSW South Coast, the 73-year-old could not... >>>

Long COVID symptoms and treatment

Thursday  01:51,   06 october 2022

Brain fog, sleeplessness and debilitating fatigue can linger months after contracting coronavirus, but researchers are closing in on the Long COVID puzzle. Details on the symptoms and treatment here.We took turns to sit up with her, night after... >>>

Benjamin Netanyahu hospitalized in Jerusalem after feeling unwell during Yom Kippur prayers

Thursday  00:01,   06 october 2022

Israel’s former prime minister and current opposition leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, had to be taken to hospital on Wednesday after feeling unwell during prayers at a Jerusalem synagogue on the occasion […]Netanyahu, 72, was praying in the great... >>>

‘It’s like the new Amsterdam’: The rush to cash in on Thailand's hazy cannabis laws

Wednesday  22:41,   05 october 2022

Thailand has gone from zero tolerance to having some of the most lax cannabis laws in the world. From the tourist resorts of Koh Samui to the streets of Bangkok, everyone is cashing in.Some are also smoking cannabis joints, right out in the... >>>

Anna was ready to buy her first home - but then her details were leaked in the Optus data breach and everything changed

Wednesday  22:21,   05 october 2022

After failing to get clear advice from Optus and in trying to protect her finances, Anna may now not be able to own her own home anytime soon.And, she says, failing to get clear advice from Optus in the immediate aftermath may have made things... >>>

Kohlrabi: Experts weigh in on health benefits, nutrition facts, and more

Wednesday  22:21,   05 october 2022

Kohlrabi: Experts weigh in on health benefits, nutrition facts, and... >>>

Carrot: Experts weigh in on health benefits, nutrition facts, and more

Wednesday  18:41,   05 october 2022

Carrot: Experts weigh in on health benefits, nutrition facts, and... >>>

WHO raises death toll from Ebola outbreak in Uganda to 29, with 63 cases now reported

Wednesday  18:11,   05 october 2022

The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has warned that 63 Ebola cases and 29 deaths have already been confirmed in Uganda and called for […]At a press conference, Tedros reported that 10 healthcare... >>>