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Why does hand sanitizer have an expiration date?

Wednesday  14:17,   08 april 2020

Though there’s no hard rule on how long it takes a bottle of sanitizer to lose alcohol content, manufacturers usually set the expiration date three years from the time of production. (Because the product is regulated by the Food and Drug... >>>

Wow !: This happens when you drink lemon water every morning

Wednesday  12:55,   08 april 2020

© provided by COSMOPOLITAN lemon water Our morning ritual has always consisted of: coffee, coffee and coffee again. But now is the time to change that. Because it has been scientifically proven that hot water with lemon in the morning is a simple... >>>

sunscreen for the face: these are the best sunscreens for the face

Wednesday  12:42,   08 april 2020

© provided by Bauer XCEL Media Deutschland KG sunscreen for the face: these are the Cosmo favorites We have found sunscreens for the face that protect your skin optimally, WITHOUT greasy or to shine. These are the favorites of the Cosmo editorial... >>>

These are the 2 most important nutrients for radiantly beautiful skin

Wednesday  12:37,   08 april 2020

The list of active ingredients used in skin care is almost endless. It depends on these two © ISTOCKPHOTO Which active ingredients do our skin really good? ISTOCKPHOTO There are countless active ingredients that are used in skin care. Starting with >>>

calorie deficit: why it is the key in every diet and helps you lose weight

Wednesday  08:25,   08 april 2020

© Getty Images calorie deficit: the key to long-term weight loss Getty Images Frustration is preprogrammed with almost every diet . Because they usually require restrictions on lifestyle, which you can't keep up with in the long run anyway. This... >>>

Are You Sure You're Doing Squats Correctly?

Wednesday  04:50,   08 april 2020

Love them or loathe them, squats are one of the most effective exercises you can do. Here's a primer on how exactly to do the perfect... >>>

Are you immune to coronavirus after recovering? This test might be able to tell you

Wednesday  01:46,   08 april 2020

Australian researchers are working on a world-first test they say will be able to predict whether a coronavirus patient will become seriously ill.In what is believed to be a world-first, researchers from Monash University's Central Clinical School... >>>

Recipe for one-pot minced rice

Tuesday  14:15,   07 april 2020

For this minced rice you don't need a lot of dishes when cooking, because the dish is made in a pot © iStockphoto one-pot minced rice iStockphoto Cooking is a lot of fun, if not so much dishes would have to be washed afterwards. How good that there >>>

Flat stomach thanks to fascia training: This is how the silhouette becomes beautifully slim

Tuesday  08:40,   07 april 2020

© Getty Images Fascia training on the stomach: How it speeds up digestion Getty Images The use of a fascia roller has become part of everyday life for many people. Because: The role of foam has proven to be effective for back pain and other... >>>

Anti-aging: here is what happens to our skin if we no longer apply cream or facial care

Tuesday  05:30,   07 april 2020

Does a detox of our skin have beneficial effects? Increasingly widespread, the practice must be carried out in a supervised manner. © iStock The effects of a beauty routine without cream. At the time of confinement, we go into cocooning mode. While >>>

Tiff Hall's tips on how to lose weight after Easter

Tuesday  03:52,   07 april 2020

Losing weight after the Easter long weekend is a goal many of us have after eating too many chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns. But there are some easy ways to reset, says celebrity fitness trainer Tiffiny Hall The Easter long weekend can... >>>

Heroic Acts of Nurses and Midwives During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tuesday  03:18,   07 april 2020

These inspirational acts will lift your... >>>

Hey Non-Flexible Friends: These Yoga Apps Were Made for You

Tuesday  02:26,   07 april 2020

No $2 mat fee... >>>

experts recommend: Strengthen body and mind: wellness tips for at home

Monday  18:05,   06 april 2020

© provided by BUNTE.de istock-947148590.jpg Although many of us have more free time than ever, there is no real feeling of relaxation. Of course, this may be due to the current situation around the Corona crisis, which can be troublesome with new... >>>

How to keep healthy skin while confined

Monday  17:30,   06 april 2020

© Provided by Cover Media How to keep healthy skin while confined Skin health is always important, and even if you cannot do your usual care, there is still when even a lot of solutions to keep beautiful skin while remaining confined. There are... >>>