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This is how you burn a lot of calories after a workout - afterburn effect

Tuesday  11:45,   02 march 2021

© Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com The longer and more intensely you train, the greater the afterburn effect Afterburn effect, what exactly is it and how does it work? It's about a situation that you are probably familiar with: If you are out of... >>>

What happened to popular Aussie blogger Jessica Stein?

Tuesday  09:26,   02 march 2021

Aussie blogger Jessica Stein was one of the first influencers to emerge in Australia. She began her travel blog Tuula in 2010 and soon blogged about fashion and lifestyle under her popular Instagram account @TuulaVintage. But in 2017, Stein's... >>>

Three new Ebola cases confirmed in Congo, two in Guinea

Monday  21:14,   01 march 2021

Three new Ebola cases confirmed in Congo, two in GuineaGOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters) - Three new cases of Ebola have been confirmed in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, bringing to 11 the number of cases since authorities declared >>>

Vegan yeast loaf

Monday  16:25,   01 march 2021

© Provided by SevenCooks Quick Info: Vegan 265 kcal Advanced 135 minutes A Sunday breakfast with a yeast loaf is something to be proud of. And there is also this vegan yeast plait. Because in taste and appearance it can keep up with all other... >>>

Malaysia to cull 3,000 pigs after African swine fever discovery

Monday  16:16,   01 march 2021

Malaysia to cull 3,000 pigs after African swine fever discoveryThe disease was detected in at least 300 pigs in three districts - Pitas, Kota Marudu and Beluran - after a reported case involving the death of a wild boar last month, according to a... >>>

Congo confirms three new Ebola cases

Monday  15:48,   01 march 2021

Congo confirms three new Ebola casesThe new cases were detected in the Butembo health zone, the health minister of North Kivu province, Eugene Nzanzu Salita, told... >>>

The effects of cold on the human body

Monday  13:16,   01 march 2021

Winter weather brings with it a whole host of potential ailments, anything from the common cold to trauma caused by slipping on ice. But sub-zero temperatures and freezing winds can also be lethal, when medical conditions including hypothermia and... >>>

Celebs open up about their cesareans

Monday  11:58,   01 march 2021

Giving birth is no easy feat. In fact, women should be given far more credit for it! Well, it's even more difficult when things do not go to plan. The fear and expectation of the pain of childbirth, paired with the uncertainty of your baby's >>>

Early signs of multiple sclerosis

Monday  08:32,   01 march 2021

As one of the world’s most common neurological disorders, multiple sclerosis (MS) is a growing cause for concern. The disease affects the central nervous system, i.e. the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves in the body, which can lead to a variety... >>>

Study reveals high use of 'party drugs'

Sunday  03:15,   28 february 2021

An international study has revealed Australia's high use of new "designer drugs"The study collected samples in eight countries, checking for new psychoactive substances, drugs designed to mimic the effects of established illicit drugs such as... >>>

Rare disease XLH in spotlight as new treatment gives hope for young patients

Sunday  01:01,   28 february 2021

The debilitating, rare chromosomal defect XLH affects one in 20,000 people around the world but now a new treatment is giving hope to child patients.The rare chromosomal defect also known as XLH affects one in every 20,000 people... >>>

Matildas star Katrina Gorry opens up about her eating disorder and using pregnancy to heal

Sunday  00:07,   28 february 2021

Katrina Gorry developed an eating disorder while playing professional football. It consumed her for two years, until she sought help. Now she's speaking out about it, and how her first pregnancy is helping her to heal.There wasn't a single... >>>

Eyraud, his new functions at OM

Saturday  23:45,   27 february 2021

Jacques-Henri Eyraud was released from his post as OM president on Friday. Now on the club's supervisory board, what will be its influence? © Supplied by Football 365 Jacques-Henri Eyraud remains at OM No, Jacques-Henri Eyraud has not left... >>>

Cheap new drug for eczema sufferers

Saturday  02:32,   27 february 2021

The federal government will spend $270 million to list the drug Dupixent on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, giving relief to those with severe eczema.About 100,000 Australians suffer from the chronic skin condition, which causes red and itchy... >>>

AstraZeneca-Amgen drug could widen treatment options for severe asthma

Friday  17:42,   26 february 2021

AstraZeneca-Amgen drug could widen treatment options for severe asthma(Reuters) - AstraZeneca and Amgen's experimental drug reduced asthma attacks in patients with severe and uncontrolled forms of the respiratory condition in a large study, showing... >>>