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Lebanon now has more than 650 confirmed cases of cholera but no new deaths to report

Sunday  13:41,   04 december 2022

The Lebanese Ministry of Health has already recorded 652 cholera infections since the outbreak in October of the first outbreak in 30 years in the country, although the death toll has remained stable at 20 in recent hours, according to the latest... >>>

Scientists Just Caught Bacteria Using a Never-Before-Seen Trick to Avoid Antibiotics

Sunday  03:21,   04 december 2022

Researchers have just caught bacteria sidestepping antibiotic treatment with a never-before-seen trick. Bacteria's troublesome talent for developing resistance against antibiotics is a rapidly growing health threat. This ability has ancient... >>>

Pelé, message from hospital: "Stay calm, I am strong."

Sunday  01:53,   04 december 2022

With a message posted on his Instagram profile, O Rei wanted to respond to rumors that he is in serious condition at the São Paulo hospital. O Rei himself, through his official Instagram profile, tried to respond in turn, trying to dampen... >>>

Australian sport needs a complete re-think when it comes to CTE, researchers warn

Sunday  00:51,   04 december 2022

A battery of neurological tests led specialists to conclude that repeated head knocks affected how the otherwise healthy 30-year-old went about her everyday life.While most people associate the devastating brain disease chronic traumatic... >>>

Professional FAQs: Can you have butter if you are lactose intolerant?

Sunday  00:31,   04 december 2022

Professional FAQs: Can you have butter if you are lactose... >>>

Apple cider: Nutrition tips from experts

Sunday  00:31,   04 december 2022

Apple cider: Nutrition tips from... >>>

Hear from the experts on chestnut, plus health benefits, and recipes

Sunday  00:31,   04 december 2022

Hear from the experts on chestnut, plus health benefits, and... >>>

Why Rachel decided to be a surrogate, despite never wanting children of her own

Saturday  22:21,   03 december 2022

A lot of people helped to bring baby Ari into the world. While all births are remarkable, the two-month-old will have quite the story to tell of how he came to be, thanks to a few women who gave his dads the biggest gift they could. But for the... >>>

Pelé’ no longer responds to chemotherapy and goes into palliative care, according to ‘Folha’ sources

Saturday  18:01,   03 december 2022

Brazilian soccer star Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known worldwide as ‘Pelé’, has stopped responding to the chemotherapy treatment he had been receiving since September last year, when he underwent surgery for bowel cancer, and is now in palliative... >>>

Home remedies against colds

Saturday  06:50,   03 december 2022

Home remedies against colds. Cold period. Stuffy nose, irritated airways, burning throat and cough are the classic signs. A cold is caused by viruses transmitted from person to person through sneezing or coughing. It can last about a week, but by... >>>

Venezuelan government declares health alert for avian flu in pelicans

Saturday  06:50,   03 december 2022

Venezuelan authorities declared this Friday a 90-day state of health alert in the coastal states of Anzoátegui, Miranda, Nueva Esparta, La Guaira and Sucre, after detecting the presence of avian influenza in pelicans. The Ministries of Agriculture... >>>

The superfood of the future: fonio

Saturday  04:51,   03 december 2022

Fonio is a cereal, it is gluten-free, has a slight hazelnut aftertaste, can be used instead of rice, comes from Africa and is spreading in Europe thanks to an Italian company. At the beginning of 2019, the study "50 Foods for Healthier People and... >>>

What Olympian Ariarne Titmus eats in a day as a gluten-free athlete

Saturday  03:32,   03 december 2022

Aussie swimmer Ariarne Titmus is the reigning Olympic champion in the women's 200-metre and 400-metre freestyle, having won both events at the Tokyo Olympics. The athlete knows a thing or two about what it takes to perform at your best,... >>>

'Fear trumps pain': The unlikely relationship between horror films and chronic pain

Saturday  00:01,   03 december 2022

Some people who live with chronic pain find comfort in scary movies.I'm not watching a comedy, or a rom-com, or bingeing my favourite series. The thing that helps me the most is horror... >>>

Venezuela decrees health alert in several states of the country after detection of avian flu virus

Saturday  00:01,   03 december 2022

The Venezuelan authorities have decreed a health alert for the next 90 days in five states of the country after detecting the avian influenza virus in wild birds in the coastal area of Anzoátegui. Thus, the Ministry of Productive Agriculture and... >>>