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30 things that should be more socially acceptable

Sunday  05:26,   17 october 2021

At the surface level, we live in a modern, progressive age, ungoverned by the pointless rules and traditions of the past. Women can drink pints, men can wear eyeliner, and living in a van that has a bed and a hotplate is a coveted lifestyle. In... >>>

How often do you eat vegan?

Saturday  13:40,   16 october 2021

You are often sophisticated and healthy at the same time: vegan food, completely without animal products. But many reject the nutritional trend. How do you stand for - eat vegan and if so, how often? © Provided by Deutsche Wave Provided by German... >>>

Healthy non-perishable food items to keep in stock

Saturday  07:46,   16 october 2021

Non-perishable food items are a good staple to have in any home and during any climate. Of course, they’re great to have during times of emergency, but they’re also great when you haven’t had time to go to the grocery store and still want to have a... >>>

Vegan Speck

Friday  16:30,   15 october 2021

© Provided by Sevencooks Quick Info: Vegan 75 Kcal just 20 minutes You love bacon, but want to do without meat? No problem! This vegan alternative from rice paper tastes at least as well as conventional bacon. A marinade of soy sauce, peanut oil,... >>>

Science still isn't able to explain these world mysteries

Friday  16:19,   15 october 2021

Science has evolved significantly in its efforts to unravel mysteries dating back thousands of years ago, but many questions still remain unanswered. Despite the development and improvement of various research techniques, there are historical facts... >>>

Why watching movies is actually good for you

Thursday  20:46,   14 october 2021

It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that watching movies is a waste of time in that it’s passive. This may be true for some kinds of movies, however, it’s quite rare. Watching movies simply cannot be attributed the same level of passivity as... >>>

Amazing apple recipes to try right now

Thursday  20:18,   14 october 2021

Apples are extremely underestimated fruits. They are so versatile, but we shy away from introducing them into the savory realm. While sweet apple recipes are absolutely great, there are also amazing ways to use them in more salty dishes. With their... >>>

The Mézières method: how and why it works

Thursday  16:42,   14 october 2021

Although the holistic system has heavily influenced modern treatments like physiotherapy and is still practiced today, the Mézières method is somewhat unknown to the general public. Scientifically proven to work to treat many ailments, the Mézières... >>>

Are your headphones and earphones making you deaf?

Thursday  15:10,   14 october 2021

Portable audio listening devices haven't been around that long. The Sony Walkman only became available in 1979, after all. But the volume it could produce wasn't anywhere near what can be produced from most phones with standard earphone sets >>>

Even in its darkest moments, this memoir of mental illness is uplifting

Thursday  14:28,   14 october 2021

There is a deep emotional homelessness in Heidi Everett's memoir of mental illness.Heidi Everett has an exquisite turn of phrase. Reading this book for a second time, I was often caught short by the sheer poise of her sentences and paragraphs.... >>>

Celebrity women open up about menopause

Thursday  14:03,   14 october 2021

Menopause is an important stage of womanhood. While many famous women opt for hormone replacement therapy during this stage of their lives, avoiding menopause altogether is not something money can buy (just yet). It is safe to say there are some... >>>

20 myths and misconceptions about psychology

Thursday  08:56,   14 october 2021

Psychologists work hard to help many people in different fields. While the common impression is of someone who gets paid a lot of money to listen to the problems of those who are mentally unstable, that’s not the whole picture. Here are 20 myths and >>>

How to take control of lockdown weight gain

Thursday  08:30,   14 october 2021

A few simple dietary tweaks could actually support you in losing a few kilos as you start to venture outside of the home more, post-lockdown. Here are the simple steps to help you emerge from this period leaner, healthier and fitter than you were... >>>

Mike Tindall moves TV viewers as he speaks about father's battle with Parkinson's

Thursday  08:25,   14 october 2021

Mike Tindall has opened up about his father's battle with Parkinson's disease in a new TV interview, leaving viewers moved. The former rugby star appeared on BBC Breakfast to promote a support scheme for those suffering with the condition.... >>>

Mum is left horrified by note in child's lunchbox

Thursday  08:00,   14 october 2021

A kindergarten note has divided parents across Australia. So would you be offended if you opened your child's lunch box and discovered this?The woman was stunned when she opened her three-year-old's lunchbox and discovered a letter criticising... >>>