Health According to experts, aviator sunglasses cause wrinkles. The best alternatives

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Some sunglasses (including aviators ) can actually harm your skin, so we talked to a dermatologist to find the best sunglasses to help prevent sun damage, wrinkles , and more. But the metal frames on most aviators "reflect sunlight on the tops of the cheeks, causing them to burn," says Vivian Bucay, a

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sunglasses protect from the sun. At least they should. You also want to look good if you already put a foreign body on your nose and in front of your eyes. A classic in Germany: the aviator glasses.

This year dermatologists are showing interest in this model of sunglasses. Not to expand their work clothes - but rather from a health perspective. According to anti-aging experts, you should put on glacier glasses like the ones from the 80s in summer. Because aviator glasses cause wrinkles and damage the health of the skin.

Aviator-Shades machen Falten: Backstage bei Diesel Frühjahr/Sommer 2018 © Getty Images Backstage at Diesel Spring / Summer 2018 That's why aviator glasses cause more wrinkles

If you look at the optics, the aviator glasses are a safe choice. Very few offer optimal UV protection. The narrow metal temples of the sunglasses offer practically no mechanical protection from the sun, and the material also reflects the light rays and increases their intensity. If you wear the sunglasses regularly for a longer period of time, the sensitive corners of the eyes and cheekbones show increased sun damage, which can be noticed by wrinkles or pigment spots . Sunglasses in the trend colors pink, yellow or violet offer significantly less protection than dark or mirror-coated lenses.

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The aviator is highly versatile, comfortable, and pairs well with any outfit. First created in 1936, aviator sunglasses first were developed as a more stylish alternative to flying goggles for military pilots.

The aviator sunglasses feature a rectangular double-bridge aviator design and clear adjustable nose pads. They weigh just one ounce and of course We dig the scaled-down aviators style of Smith's sunglasses , which are sportier and sleeker than their brethren, and also provide full UV protection.

Which sunglasses offer UV protection? 1. Cat-Eye and XL glasses

The larger the sunglasses, the greater the protection from the sun. Especially when the glasses are dark tinted. Since the frame and temples are extra wide, they cover the sensitive area around the eyes almost completely and sun rays that come in from the side do not hit the skin.

2. Sunglasses with mirror lenses

Not only the size and shape of the frame, but also the tint of the lenses plays a central role so that you can survive the summer without new wrinkles. Dark-tinted glasses act several times against wrinkles, because they offer high UV protection and protect the eyes from bright sunlight, so that there is no need to blink and wrinkle the forehead. Glasses that are also mirrored reflect the UV rays and protect the sensitive eye area from sun damage.

3. Glacier glasses like in the 80s

The iconic 80s glasses offer almost complete protection against UV rays, after all they completely shield the eye area. The sunglasses have darkened lenses and a side cover made of leather or UV-opaque plastic. You don't have to be brave this summer to wear these glasses, because they are now a trend again.

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