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15:21  20 august  2020
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Rich in nutrients . Chocolate milk is generally made by mixing cow’s milk with cocoa and sweeteners like Chocolate milk is rich in calcium — the main mineral present in your bones. Dairy is the biggest source Moreover, some people are allergic to milk or develop chronic constipation when drinking it.

Chocolate milk contains carbs, protein, and fat, as well as water and electrolytes, which are all necessary in post-exercise recovery, according to research published in the European Journal of Clinical " That is why chocolate milk is a favorite among athletes," she said. We'll drink to that !

Bien que les propriétés antioxydantes du chocolat noir sont connues de tous, certains gourmands préfèrent l'arôme moins amer du chocolat au lait. © fotyma / Istock.com Although the antioxidant properties of dark chocolate are well known, some gourmets prefer the less bitter aroma of milk chocolate.

Good news for foodies. With the global chocolate market expected to hit $ 139.9 billion by 2024, scientists have found a new way to make milk chocolate as nutritious as dark chocolate.

Often preferred for its less bitter aroma and for its creamy texture, milk chocolate does not display the same nutritional values ​​as dark, whose high concentration of polyphenols offers many anti-inflammatory benefits.

According to the American Chemical Society, researchers from the United States Department of Agricultural Research (USDA) have discovered a new way to combine milk chocolate with peanut seed skin residue to boost its antioxidant properties.

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Well, research continues to show that eating chocolate , especially the dark variety high in cocoa , can have However, nutrients vary widely in commercially available chocolate bars, depending on the brand Risks and precautions. Share on Pinterest. Chocolate that is high in sugar can lead to tooth

A humble bar of milk chocolate , researchers say, can be just as good for the heart. Far from being a guilty pleasure, the sweet treat is something of a superfood, with effects The researchers concluded: ‘We believe it is reasonable to consider flavanoid- rich chocolate or cocoa to be part of a prudent diet.’

"The idea for this project started with bioactivity testing of different types of agricultural waste, in particular peanut skins. Our initial goal was to extract phenols from the skins and find a way to mix them with food. USDA study lead Dr. Lisa Dean said in a statement.

Professor Dean's team found that peanut seed skins, which are usually discarded after making peanut butter and other products, contain a gold mine of antioxidants because they contain 15% phenolic compounds by weight.

They ground the peanut skins into a powder and combined them with a frequently used food additive called maltodextrin to facilitate their incorporation into the final milk chocolate.

The researchers then tested their discovery with a panel of consumers, who tasted several versions of this new phenol-doped chocolate with concentrations ranging from 0.1% up to 8.1%.

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One key finding was that people who ate chocolate regularly had up to an 11 percent lower risk of This left the researchers to speculate that milk components in the chocolate — namely, calcium and fatty Because it's rich in fiber, dark chocolate can actually help keep you full, so you'll eat less, Dr

To cook up the antioxidant-packed milk chocolate , Lisa Dean, Ph.D., the team’s lead researcher , obtained peanut skins from a number of companies that normally discard the skins — which are rich in antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory benefits — after roasting. She and her colleagues at the

"The testers found that concentrations above 0.9% were detectable, but incorporating the phenols at 0.8% resulted in a good compromise between strong bioactivity, flavor and texture," reported the 'American Chemical Society.

In addition, more than half of the panel preferred milk chocolate with 0.8% phenols, even compared to the traditional milk chocolate found in supermarkets.

Professor Dean's team also worked with different coffee roasters and tea producers to obtain coffee grounds and tea leaves to extract antioxidants.

Although the commercialization of this new type of chocolate is still far from being proposed, researchers are already planning to explore the incorporation of peanut seed skins, ground coffee and other residues in other foods. .

Gourmet alternatives to trendy foods that pollute .
© carlosgaw / IStock.com An almond needs 4 liters of water to grow. We know that avocado is delicious. But a 1 kg of these green berries represents 1000 liters of water consumed. It is very polluting. These are not the only trendy foods that consume too many resources and poison our environment. Summary of these false friends to replace with other equally delicious foods. Almond milk or water milk? Milk lovers who have become vegetarians or vegans have potentially turned to almond milk.

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