Health low carb diet-trick: coconut flour as sugar and meal alternative

09:50  28 april  2021
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who wants to effectively lose weight and keep the slim figure in the long term, must usually change its nutrition and tackle a healthier lifestyle. Depending on the concept, most of most diets, salt and sugar stand at the top of the prohibition list, tightly followed by carbohydrates. So everything that is delicious and powerful? Not necessarily, because in the modern, diet experts and doctors developed variants, it is not starved, but certain food groups are specifically replaced. About carbohydrates through fruit, vegetables and a lot of protein, as within the Low Carb diet. Coconut flour can act supportively.

Mum who lost 37kg from meal prepping shares a look at daily diet

  Mum who lost 37kg from meal prepping shares a look at daily diet An Australian mother who has lost 37 kilograms in just 18 months from meal prepping has shared the daily diet that keeps her looking her best, and the weight loss tricks she swears by. Melissa Timmer, 31, from Sydney, dropped from 107kg to just 70kg by pre-preparing her meals in advance, and cutting out unnecessary snacking. To maintain her incredible weight loss now, Melissa said she mainly follows a high-protein diet and limits white carbohydrates like bread, pasta and rice.

Kokosmehl als Diät-Trick iStock © iStock Coconut Meal as a Diet-Trick iStock Low Carb Diet Trick: What is coconut flour?

The white, slightly sticky coconut flour is recovered from the nutty pulp of coconut. For this purpose, the liquid (ie coconut milk and water) is poured off. Subsequently, the white coconut is dried, pressed, de-oiled and ground to fine powder, the coconut flour. It is of nature from fat and carbohydrate arms, gluten-free and rich in fiber and proteins. Since it is pressed and de-oiled in the course of the production, it contains significantly less fat than about coconut grasps (100g rasps contain about 62g fat, while 100g flour only have 17g fat). Coconut flour is also rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C and B) and supplies important trace elements, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.

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  Nutritionist shares simple recipe for easy mid-week dinner The founder of multi-million dollar vitamin and supplement empire JSHealth fills the potatoes with tuna and herbs, and avocado and cottage cheese.Jessica Sepel, from Sydney, revealed how she makes stuffed sweet potatoes with two types of filling in a matter of minutes.

Thus, coconut flour supports the low carb diet

coconut flour is rich in proteins and electrolytes - especially interesting for those who want to build a lot Sport and build muscles. In addition, coconut floury products are kept long and the blood sugar levels in balance, which in turn protects against hot hunger attacks and ensures more well-being during the diet - also because of the slightly nutty, sweet taste (sugar alternative!). And finally, coconut flour effectively supports digestion. It is rich in fiber and medium-chain fatty acids and at the same time gluten-free, which makes it possible with gluten intolerance to suit diet -food.

A low carb multi-talent in the kitchen: Processing coconut flour properly

Coconut flour can be used both as a sugar and the meal alternative and is thus a figure-friendly basis for pastries, desserts and sweet tops. In addition, protein-rich, healthy saddmakers can be processed, for example with eggs to an omelette or with wholegrain flour to a full-fledged pasta variant. And because coconut flour is very absorbent and fluid binds, it is even suitable as a low-calorie-arm binder of sauces and soups. So coconut flour is a true all-rounder in the kitchen, which - specifically used - so many a diet sin can defuse and effectively help with losing weight.

How To Reduce Inflammation and the Risk of Chronic Disease .
Almost half of all Australians live with a chronic disease, which contribute to some 90% of deaths. It’s no secret our diet can have a major impact on our health. But our new umbrella review, published this week in Advances in Nutrition, provides compelling evidence that pro-inflammatory diets increase the risk of 27 chronic diseases and premature death. An umbrella review is a review of multiple reviews, and is among the highest levels of evidence. What’s more, reducing inflammation by eating better could cut our risk of developing certain chronic diseases.

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