Health E 501 and E 503: What do the numbers mean on gingerbread and other foods?

09:40  01 december  2022
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E 501 and E 503: What do the numbers mean on gingerbread and other foods?

Christmas time is gingerbread time. But what do the numbers E 501 and E 503 actually mean on the sweet Advent-Naschies?

from when will gingerbread be eaten in your home? For many people, the first gingerbread of the year is something very important. When the supermarket shelves add back to the range, most of them are clear: Christmas will come soon. But did you take a closer look at the packaging of the favorite advent carnage? Then you may have noticed the names E 501 and E 503 - what is behind it?

You are not the guy who buys sweets and pastries in the run -up to Christmas, but do cookies bake cookies yourself in the in -house Christmas bakery? Then do not miss the recipes of delicate snowballs, heavenly butter clouds and lush hild rolls. You can also bake gingerbread yourself.

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  These are the highest risk choking foods for babies and young kids An Australian paramedic has revealed the most dangerous food for babies and young kids, and how to reduce the risk of choking by modifying them. The paramedic and CEO of parenting organisation Tiny Hearts Education, Nikki Jurcutz, explained that rounded food like grapes are the most dangerous as they are the exact size of a childs esophagus and can fully block the airway. The Victoria-based first-aid educator explained that the risk can be mitigated by modifying their shape, for example by quartering or squashing grapes.

What is behind number E 501 in gingerbread?

  E 501 und E 503: Was bedeuten die Nummern auf Lebkuchen und anderen Lebensmitteln? © provided by Merkur Photo © Michael Gstettenbauer/Imago

You don't need to worry: number E 501 on the gingerbread packaging is absolutely harmless. It only indicates that the candy contains potassium carbonate. The inconspicuous additive is used as a body for gingerbread. E 501 is approved for the treatment of cocoa and acts as a neutralization. Potassium carbonate, also called potash, does not only occur in gingerbread. It is also used to dry raisins faster by removing the natural wax layer of the grapes and the moisture is more easily evaporated.

What is behind number E 503 in gingerbread?

also number E 503 on the gingerbread packaging offers no reason to worry. Behind it is the additive ammonium carbonate, colloquially called deer horn salt. It is used to relax gingerbread. Hirschhorn salt also occurs in Americans. By baking, the ammonia is largely removed from the gingerbread, which is why consumption is harmless.

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