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Health Here Are All The Ways Your Body Changes As It Ages

03:05  04 february  2017
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Man loses 90kg after turning to comfort food as a child

  Man loses 90kg after turning to comfort food as a child Bruce Pitcher says he would turn to binge-eating for comfort as a teenager because he was sexually abused by his father.Pritcher was sexually abused by his father from the ages of 8 through to 14, but never opened up about what had happened to him until he was 19.

Lack of speed kills: finally NBN Co is thinking about a genuinely 21st century offering for customers. But the damage has already been done. The mess made of the National Broadband Network was entirely predictable and can be attributed to politicians forgetting three basic rules of economics.

But at 40, the body does begin to change in ways you may not have been expecting. Here are all the ways your body starts changing after 40. It was once thought this didn’t happen until age 60. But don’t worry too much — having a “senior moment” is common and doesn’t necessarily mean you have

  Here Are All The Ways Your Body Changes As It Ages © iStock As we reach adulthood, we notice changes in our bodies at every stage of ageing. We might find we need glasses when we hit our thirties, we can’t keep weight off as easily into our forties, we mightn’t feel as strong playing sport with the kids in our fifties, and we can’t hear a conversation across a crowded dinner table in our sixties.

All of these occur because the cells and processes in our bodies have existed for longer and longer periods of time. This article explains what’s happening in our bodies as we age. 

There are many theories as to why our body ages, but two main explanations are that the DNA within our genes determine how long we will live; the other is that over time, our body and DNA are damaged until they can no longer function as before, often referred to as “wear and tear”.

How this man went from skinny to ripped in eight weeks

  How this man went from skinny to ripped in eight weeks Will Ross turned his life around with an app on his phone and a clean diet.The trouble is, most of the transformations involve losing a huge amount of weight (think 50 kilos) – or spending a huge amount of time in the gym (try 10 years of bodybuilding).

You eat healthily and get in some daily exercise — and yet, you notice your body continues to change as you age despite your best efforts. From how your food tastes to how well your eyes and ears are working, here are the surprising ways you can expect your body to change after 50 (including No. 9

As you get older, hormonal changes , shifts in fat distribution, and a decrease in muscle mass can cause the shape of your body to change . Whether you start out as an "apple" or "pear," your overall body shape will likely change as you age . This metamorphosis is due to several factors that fall into

The ageing brain

As we age, the volume of the brain declines. There are many explanations for this, including cell death, in which the brain cells’ structure declines over time.

Although the precise reasons for the decline in brain volume remain unclear, some research indicates it may be due to hormone levels, and wear and tear.

Some also believe that the volume of blood reaching the brain decreases due to conditions within the blood vessels and associated systems. However, this doesn’t have a great impact on a person’s ability to remember, as the brain has the ability to compensate for these changes.

You may have heard of neuroplasticity. This is the term used to explain how the brain can rewire itself by creating new pathways within the nerve cells to compensate for damage to an area. These new pathways are created when new experiences occur. So doing crosswords all of your life won’t increase the number of pathways, but if you add a new activity that you need to learn and practise, then new pathways can form.

Ten ways flying today is better than it used to be

  Ten ways flying today is better than it used to be Last week we looked six ways air travel is worse than it used to be. But flying in 2017 is not all bad news. Misty-eyed nostalgia for the service, seats, the light-over-easy security checks of two decades ago is all very well but it's not accurate. We've come a long way since then, and there are quite a few ways air travel has improved. Here are 10.More carriersTwo decades ago the only Middle Eastern carrier flying into Australia was Gulf Air, which operated flights to Sydney and Melbourne from its Bahrain hub. Now there are three, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar, rated among the world's best airlines.

“The body ages and every organ is changing . For many, the changes are so subtle that we don’t appreciate the slight decline in performance. Knowing what’s going on in your body is the first step to aging better (and, with more grace). Here , we go through four of the changes your body will start

Many of the changes that come with old age you probably already know. Your metabolism slows down, for instance, and you become more susceptible to high blood You may find yourself becoming tired more easily. Here are some of the lesser-known ways your body changes after you turn 50.

While the risk of dementia increases with age due to many of the hundreds of causes being more present as we age, it is not a normal part of the ageing process. It is a result of damage to the brain. The reason why it is more likely to occur as we age is simply because the longer we live, the longer we expose ourselves to possible damage to the body through disease or injury, which are the main causes of dementia.

Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common cause of dementia in Australia, occurs when there is plaque build-up in the brain. This is as a result of protein build-up over time that inevitably causes tangles in the neurons (brain cells).

Changes in muscle strength

As we age, there’s a decrease in the amount and strength of muscle tissue, due mostly to the influence of decreasing hormones. To make up for the muscle mass lost during each day of strict bed rest, older people may need to exercise for up to two weeks.

Couch Potato To Wonder Woman: Month One

  Couch Potato To Wonder Woman: Month One In the journey to transform myself from Couch Potato to Wonder Woman, the first step was to get off the couch. What did I do?I cannot stress enough how important it was for me to take it slowly to begin with. I can't count the amount of times I've resolved to be fitter, healthier, more active - only to set myself a grueling gym routine straight off the bat I had no hope of maintaining. Of course, I'd read online that you should take it slow at the beginning, so you don't get too sore to continue, blah blah blah - but I was different, right? Wrong. So what was "easing into it" for my first month? I started with yoga.

Everything from your risk of a heart attack to the sex of your unborn child may depend on the forecaster’s predictions. Most of us are thankfully lacking this rather unwelcome talent, but even subtle shifts in the atmosphere seem to correlate with changes in our bodies . While scientists have yet to

From a slower metabolism to thinning hair, here 's how your body changes as you age . Ahead, a full breakdown of everything that changed about my body , both physical and mental, with insight from professionals for how to help with these harsh realities.

However, additional decreases in muscle occur due to a decrease in activity, not just as part of the normal ageing process.

Decrease in bone density

As the body ages it absorbs less calcium from food, a vital mineral for bone strength. At the same time, changes in hormone levels affect the density of the bones.

Ageing people also often spend less time in the sun, thereby reducing their Vitamin D intake. This in turn reduces calcium absorption.

It is important people continue to exercise as they age. Exercise will not only help to maintain muscle strength, but also assist in combatting the decrease in bone density that occurs as the body ages, thereby reducing the risk of falls and hip fractures.

  Here Are All The Ways Your Body Changes As It Ages © Provided by Lifehacker Australia

Changes to our senses

Changes that occur directly as a result of ageing include those to vision, hearing, taste and smell. Impacts of the changes in vision are usually the first things noticed, making a person feel that they are ageing.

Changes to the eye that occur as part of the ageing process include stiffening and colouring of the lens, a reduction in the number of nerve cells, and a decrease in fluid in the eye. These lead to difficulty in focusing on close objects, seeing in low light becomes more difficult, and the ability to adapt to changes in light decline.

Hilton makes major changes to its loyalty program

  Hilton makes major changes to its loyalty program Hilton has announced sweeping changes to its loyalty program, letting members combine points with family and friends and use those points to shop at The program will also get a rebrand. It will now be known as Hilton Honors vs. HHonors.In fact, the entire company is getting a new identity and logo. Once known as Hilton Worldwide, it will just be Hilton from now on.Hilton says the rebranding is evidence that the company has become more “simplified and streamlined.” The company recently spun-off its real estate and timeshare businesses.

Your body is an incredible thing—and that includes how it changes and adapts over time to aging. Here 's what happens to your vagina through your life Like many other vaginal changes , this is due to decreased blood flow as you age . 7. Menopause can leave your vagina significantly drier than it used

Here ’s a look at the many ways your boobs can change throughout different phases of your life. When a young woman’s body prepares to ovulate and menstruate, “estrogen and progesterone kick it into gear,” says Christine Greves, MD, an ob-gyn at Orlando Health Hospital.

Some people appear clumsy, as their ability to judge the distance between objects - a cup and table, for example, or the height of stairs - becomes a problem. Many people do not realise their spills and trips are occurring as a result of shifts in their vision, known as depth perception changes. Eyes can also become drier, making them feel irritated. This can be treated with lubricating drops.

Changes in hearing include changes in registering high-pitched sounds, and words may become difficult to understand. Speaking more loudly to someone in this circumstance does not help, as the pitch is the problem, not the volume. Instead speaking slightly slower and concentrating on complete words can be helpful.

Taste and smell often decrease as part of the normal ageing process, as the cells responsible decrease in number and the ability to regenerate worn out cells decreases with age. The results make food less tasty and people less likely to eat. In addition, people’s taste can change altogether, so people who loved chocolate as a young person may prefer chilli as they age.

Overall there are many changes to the body as part of the normal ageing process as well as many that occur as a result of lifestyle factors. We are not all fated to age in a negative spiral. Many lifestyle choices made earlier in life can assist us in the future. With proactive decisions and community understanding, we can look forward to adapting to a positive ageing process.

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