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Celebrities who managed to keep their babies a secret

Monday  14:26,   11 april 2022

Chris Brown seemingly confirmed that he has welcomed his third child, a daughter named Lovely Symphani Brown, when he re-shared model Diamond Brown's Instagram post on April 7 celebrating three months since her daughter arrived. The photo... >>>

Celebrities who have been body shamed

Monday  14:06,   11 april 2022

Can you imagine a world where everyone looks the same? A world where body measurements and whatever standards deemed ideal by society would be met by every single person? It would be pretty boring. We come in all shapes and sizes, and that should be >>>

Mark Hoppus reveals his cancer announcement was an accident

Monday  12:11,   11 april 2022

Mark Hoppus has revealed he didn't mean to announce his cancer diagnosis earlier this year. The Blink-182 rocker, 49, accidentally posted a photo of himself in a chemotherapy chair to his Instagram Story in late June. "Yes hello. One cancer... >>>

The career of Jared Leto in pictures

Monday  10:51,   11 april 2022

Actor, musician, director, investor, activist, artist: Oscar winner Jared Leto is a man of many talents. Of course, he is best known for his work on the big screen, earning a reputation as one of the most committed and versatile method actors in... >>>

Jana Pittman: “It’s a miracle my twins arrived safely!”

Monday  10:51,   11 april 2022

Rewarding parents every step of the wayGently cradling a suckling child under each armpit, there is no hint of the danger that precipitated the arrival of babies Quinlan and Willow on the face of their famous mum, Jana... >>>

The 5 things you should NEVER say after someone dies

Monday  09:50,   11 april 2022

To mark Grief Awareness Week, Bianca Neumann, Head of Bereavement at Sue Ryder, the national bereavement charity, has revealed the phrases that could make the bereaved person withdraw.Now a grief expert has revealed the phrases that can be unhelpful >>>

Actresses who hid their pregnancies while filming

Monday  09:05,   11 april 2022

Actors and actresses are often required to completely change their bodies for a role. They may have to drop to 7% body fat in a matter of weeks, or gain considerable weight at an incredibly unhealthy speed. But what happens when the situation is... >>>

Bee resourceful: Unexpected uses for honey

Monday  07:16,   11 april 2022

Bees are some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth, especially since they've been hard at work making honey for millions of years. They fly thousands of miles and visit millions of flowers, but an average worker bee still only produces... >>>

Everything you need to know about Scott Morrison's wife

Monday  07:00,   11 april 2022

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's wife Jenny Morrison and their children Abbey and Lily try to live a very normal life, despite the fact that their husband and Dad holds the most powerful job in the country.The wives of Australia's prime ministers >>>

The most horrific science experiments of all time

Monday  06:30,   11 april 2022

We can thank most of what we know to scientific experimentation. Although we have come a long way when it comes to ethical treatment of test subjects, scientific research has a sinister and shocking past. Scroll through some of the most horrific... >>>

Dental reforms to look after older people unable to access care needed, advocates say

Monday  04:40,   11 april 2022

Often poor oral health can lead to social isolation, mental health issues and other serious illnesses. Advocates are calling on both sides of politics to commit to improving dental programs for older people.While an often overlooked health issue,... >>>

Is Ear Seeding The Seriously Stylish Answer To Addressing Your Health Concerns?

Monday  04:40,   11 april 2022

While it doesn’t involve actual piercing (a plus for those who are needle-phobic) or jewellery in the traditional sense, ear seeding looks just as luxe and offers a range of health benefits. "Ear seeds are traditionally used for concerns such as... >>>

15 daily habits that might be ageing you prematurely

Monday  03:56,   11 april 2022

Stop some of these moves, and you might slow down the hands of time. The post 15 daily habits that might be ageing you prematurely appeared first on Reader's Digest... >>>

The adorable moment between Charlotte and Louis

Monday  00:30,   11 april 2022

Prince William has gotten more candid than ever before in a special podcast appearance, where he shared insights into family life with his kids, his memories of Princess Diana and more. Prince William has gotten more candid than ever before in a... >>>

Tiff Hall is pregnant with number 2 – here’s how she hid it for so long

Sunday  23:20,   10 april 2022

Rewarding parents every step of the wayTiffiny Hall is pregnant and the glowing mum-to-be couldn’t have been prouder as she showed off her baby bump on Instagram on... >>>