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How Long Should You Rest Between Exercise Sets?

Wednesday  06:31,   29 august 2018

Honestly, every gym and weight room should include preschool manners charts posted on the walls, because it often seems like basic human decorum goes out the window the second people are allowed to show off their strength. For example: Keep your...[...]

5 Things To Do If You're Working Out For The First Time

Wednesday  05:30,   29 august 2018

Here are our tips on starting a new fitness plan. Because if the past few weeks of fashion shows have taught us anything, it's that crop tops are here to stay. And let's not forget, beach season is just around the corner. So if you're thinking...[...]

'Utterly wrong': What happens when the alcohol industry makes pregnancy warning posters

Wednesday  01:31,   29 august 2018

They were supposed to warn women about the dangers of drinking alcohol while pregnant. Instead, they spread false information.While the headline "It's safest not to drink while pregnant" reflected government guidelines, the text beneath, including...[...]

Do You Actually Need Cardio For Weight Loss? You Might Like This Expert's Answer

Tuesday  09:55,   28 august 2018

There are two types of people in this world: those who love cardio and those who despise it. If you're the latter, trying to lose weight and refusing to do an ounce of cardio, we've got good news: it's not necessary for weight loss. "I...[...]

Working Out but Not Seeing Muscle Definition? These Could Be the Reasons

Monday  04:50,   27 august 2018

There are all sorts of reasons to lift weights regularly. Weightlifting regulates your hormones, helps you sleep better, improves your mood, and makes you feel super confident. And of course, it helps you build lean muscle, which boosts your...[...]

The real truth about coconut water

Monday  04:32,   27 august 2018

Does it really have 4x the potassium of a banana??Coconut water is the watery liquid tapped from young green coconuts - not to be confused with cream of coconut or coconut milk! Flavorwise, it’s very distinctive and can be described as sweet and...[...]

Sleep makeover: How to time your day for the perfect night’s slumber

Monday  03:30,   27 august 2018

A good night's sleep starts almost the moment you wake up . To sleep better, start your day with exposure to bright light, then time your naps and caffeine intake, and start a bedtime routine in the hours before bed. Follow these tips to get the [...]

'I used to shop in the maternity section - then I lost half my body weight'

Monday  01:35,   27 august 2018

A difference of six dress sizesAt just 18 years old, Melissa Mouawad was forced to wear size 24 maternity clothes as they were the only outfits that fit her 135kg (21st 3lbs)...[...]

How one little acronym could be harming your health

Sunday  07:32,   26 august 2018

FOFO - the fear of finding out - affects the majority of us.The research, which was commissioned by pharmaceutical company AbbVie, explored the phenomenon that experts are calling "fear of finding out" (FOFO). Their reporting revealed that there are [...]

'Invisible' cancers missed by mammograms

Sunday  07:31,   26 august 2018

In Australia 18,000 women and 150 men each year are diagnosed with breast cancer, with the best chance of survival coming down to early detection. While moderate- to high-density breasts are more common in younger women, it is believed they could...[...]

8 stress management tips for work-from-home mums

Saturday  05:51,   25 august 2018

You can have it...[...]

A nutritionist in your pocket: The $3 app that will rate your meal in real time - and offer healthier alternatives

Saturday  05:50,   25 august 2018

A new app features the world's first online nutrition clinic where you can access a team of qualified nutritionists who are available to answer all of your health questions, anywhere, anytime.But if forking out for a nutritionist is a little too [...]

How does a cold affect your body?

Friday  05:51,   24 august 2018

How does a cold affect your body?These viruses usually affect the upper respiratory tract – nose, sinuses, ears and throat but can affect the lungs as well and can result in symptoms such as chest congestion and...[...]

I thought my daughter was the problem. It was me

Friday  05:25,   24 august 2018

A 2017 Medibank survey found that a third of mums suffer from stress compared to a quarter of the general population. 67 per cent of respondents said that there are not enough hours in the day, a catch cry that will be familiar to anyone who has...[...]

Why Does Reading Make You So Sleepy?

Thursday  07:09,   23 august 2018

If you google tips for falling asleep, you'll find that reading a book is at the top of most lists. But why is it that reading is so conducive to sleep? According to Raman Malhotra, MD, associate professor of neurology at the Washington...[...]