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The ultimate at-home pampering guide

Wednesday  14:00,   08 april 2020

It might be tempting to ditch your beauty routine while you’re self-isolating, but now you’ve got all this free time on your hands, it’s the perfect opportunity to give yourself some much-needed attention. It may feel pointless as we’re not going... >>>

Cosmetics Trend: How to use chemical peels for beautiful skin correctly

Wednesday  13:50,   08 april 2020

© Imaxtree Cosmetics Trend for beautiful skin: How to use chemical peels correctly on Imaxtree In addition to daily skin care, you and your skin should be used about once a week treat yourself to an extra wellness cure. It doesn't always have to be >>>

Wow: We will wear these 4 sneaker trends in 2020

Wednesday  12:56,   08 april 2020

© provided by COSMOPOLITAN sneaker-trends-2020 The coolest sneaker trends and the most beautiful combinations? We'll tell you the best models for the wonderful year 2020. The most beautiful sneaker trends 2020 There has been no such choice for the... >>>

Fashion Trend: You can't get past these white dresses from H&M this spring

Wednesday  12:56,   08 april 2020

© hm Fashion Trend: White dresses from H&M hm What are we most looking forward to when the Corona period is finally over? In warm temperatures with a white dress to greet our colleagues in the office, drink a wine with friends at the end of the day >>>

hair trend: Bambi Hair is the new color for brown hair

Wednesday  12:51,   08 april 2020

© Imaxtree hair trend in spring 2020 Imaxtree hairstyles, hair colors, haircuts - yes, we know: hair technology of course, any inspiration is of course more "for later". After all, in times of Corona, you obviously don't get an appointment with the >>>

Hello, Glow! This aloe vera gel gives radiant skin

Wednesday  12:37,   08 april 2020

© Imaxtree Glow: radiant skin thanks to Aloe Vera gel Imaxtree The more time you spend at home, the more the complexion disappears, which you might be able to build up with the first rays of the sun. Instead, the skin currently receives too little... >>>

They are screaming for fashion trends: these are the three most important models for Lederhosen 2020

Wednesday  12:08,   08 april 2020

© Getty Images Fashion trend 2020: models for Lederhosen Getty Images 2020 is at least as inconceivable without lederhosen as without exit restrictions and empty supermarket shelves. With one difference: the fashion trend has a positive impact on... >>>

Nicole Kidman sparks reaction as she reveals natural hair in new photo

Wednesday  10:17,   08 april 2020

Nicole Kidman shared a new photo of herself with her naturally curly hair and fans were quick to comment on her hair transformationNicole Kidman's natural hair is... >>>

Laser hair removal: How it works safely and effectively at home

Tuesday  16:15,   07 april 2020

© Getty Images Laser hair removal at home: How to use the beauty tools safely and effectively at Getty Images Body hair has seen a lot in the past decades. After living in the armpits, legs and bikini line in the 80s and 90s, it was a trend in the... >>>

Bambi Hair is the natural hair color trend for brown hair in 2020

Tuesday  08:05,   07 april 2020

© Imaxtree hairstyle trend 2020: Bambi Hair is the natural shade for brown hair Imaxtree The little fawn Bambi is one of the childhood memories that make many people smile . This level of awareness only favors the emergence of the hair trend with... >>>

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's New Non-Profit Archewell Has a Sweet Tie to Baby Archie

Tuesday  07:30,   07 april 2020

The couple wants "to do something of meaning, to do something that matters."It is understood that the couple weren't planning to announce Archewell—and aren't planning to launch it now, amid the coronavirus crisis—but responded to the Telegraph when >>>

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle React to Queen Elizabeth's Coronavirus Address

Tuesday  01:26,   07 april 2020

despite people thinking the Queen called Meghan and Harry out in her speech."Today, once again, many will feel a painful sense of separation from their loved ones, but now as then, we know deep down that it is the right thing to do," Elizabeth said, >>>

You should pay attention to this if you trim your eyebrows yourself

Monday  17:40,   06 april 2020

© Imaxtree trim your eyebrows yourself during Corona: the best beauty tips Imaxtree eyebrows are one of the things that many women prefer to leave to a professional. After all, they are among the features on the face of an individual that frame it... >>>

The Countess of Wessex is working from home like a boss

Monday  06:40,   06 april 2020

The Countess of Wessex is working from home like a boss, hosting multiple meeting since the coronavirus crisis forced the British Royals into isolation. Sophie Wessex, 55, has shared photos from two of her most recent meeting through The Royal... >>>

Meghan Markle's Royal Hair Stylist Reveals That She Wanted to Look Like a "People's Princess"

Monday  02:43,   06 april 2020

He also says Harry and Meghan were super close with their royal team.According to Meghan's royal hair stylist, George Northwood, Meghan deserves a lot of credit for crafting that now-iconic style because she knew just what she wanted for her look... >>>