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nantes. Fashion icons in Punk

Sunday  11:40,   04 december 2022

© Ouest-France Samuel Loncle exhibits rue Jean-Jaurès, from December 10 to 19. gifts here. Advent calendar way, until December 24, the editorial staff offers you an idea for your Christmas purchases. The creations of Nantes graphic designer Samuel... >>>

‘Fashion has a purpose in the First Nations space’

Friday  18:22,   02 december 2022

Denni Francisco is spearheading change and a rising awareness of First Nations inventiveness in the fashion industry with her award-winning label, Ngali.Nearly five decades later, Francisco, a proud Wiradjuri woman, is spearheading change and a... >>>

Todd Snyder x Ettinger ‘Camo Collection’ is High-Fashion Hiding in Plain Sight

Friday  18:22,   02 december 2022

American fashion label Todd Snyder has always had a fondness for partnerships with iconic brands. The latest instalment in this long-running history sees Todd Snyder partner with Ettinger, one of England’s premier luxury leather goods makers for a... >>>

Nail trend: Glitter nails are the finest manicure in the winter of 2022

Friday  18:20,   02 december 2022

this winter sparkles and glitters everywhere - also on the nails. Glitter nails are considered a big trend and ensure a noble manicure © istockphoto nail trend: glittering nails are the noblest manicure in winter 2022 iStockphoto rarely in the... >>>

Woman spends over 20 years amassing huge 450-pair collection of Crocs

Friday  11:21,   02 december 2022

She wears a different style or colour every day.Rochelle, 38, first started buying the now-trendy shoes because of a medical condition which left her with swollen joints, and Crocs were the only shoes that gave her ‘proper... >>>

Airoh Blast XR1 MX Goggles Arrive As An Affordable Off-Road Option

Friday  08:31,   02 december 2022

Function and fashion that doesn’t break the bank. Ask any seasoned rider and they’ll tell you that motorcycle gear isn’t cheap. For beginners, taking on such expenses after purchasing a bike can seem like punishment for a good deed. Whether you rip... >>>

Cheap and easy hacks to make your bedroom look 'cosy' in seconds

Friday  06:01,   02 december 2022

The hacks included tips for wrinkle-free sheets, an easy method to put on a doona and a trick to keep your bed smelling greatThe Melbourne mum-of-two shared her hacks for wrinkle-free sheets, putting on a doona easily and keeping your linen... >>>

These autumn desserts that inspire

Thursday  21:50,   01 december 2022

the Vegan Veggieworld Paris Salon is installed this Saturday, December 4 and this Sunday, December 4 at the Paris Event Center. A unique opportunity to meet professionals in the sector and discover many products. The Salon Veggieworld Paris is... >>>

An Indigenous designer the next Camilla? Surely, that would be iconic

Thursday  14:21,   01 december 2022

Few First Nations fashion brands have recognition outside their community, but a new program spearheaded by The Iconic aims to turn a crop of new talent into household names.Designer of Aarli, Nyikina woman Teagan Cowlishaw, believes that change is... >>>

Chinese cultural day held in Kenya amid thrilling opera performance

Wednesday  21:31,   30 november 2022

A Kenyan student dressed in a Chinese opera costume is pictured during a Chinese cultural event held at the Kenya National Theater in Nairobi, Kenya, Nov. 28, 2022. (Xinhua/Li Yahui) The Chinese cultural day was held in Kenya's capital of... >>>

fragrance favorites: Our favorite scents to give away

Wednesday  13:10,   30 november 2022

The girlfriend fragrance favorites 2022 have been determined. Read here which perfumes the expert jury convinced. They are ideal for giving away! © ISTOCK These scents are the favorites of the girlfriend experts jury iSock Christmas approach and... >>>

Power dressing’s unsung hero is a thirty-something Australian brand

Wednesday  10:41,   30 november 2022

Even in Canberra, where traditions die hard, some of the country’s most powerful people are embracing a new mode of work dressing.While Bishop tended to prefer high-end designers such as Rachel Gilbert, the late Carla Zampatti and jeweller Margot... >>>

unhealthy? This fabrics shouldn't contain your nail polish

Wednesday  10:30,   30 november 2022

© Unsplash unhealthy? This fabric should not contain your nail polish, unsplash in the natural cosmetical shelf of the drugstore, the manicure department appears more and more. Unfortunately, this does not mean that he is free. Rather, it stands... >>>

REV'IT!’s New Axis H2O Overpants Keep You Safe And Dry In Rainy Weather

Tuesday  23:31,   29 november 2022

These waterproof overpants incorporate abrasion-resistant fabric and Seesmart level 1 protectors. Fall, winter, and the rainy season in general are especially hard on folks who rely on their motorcycles for commuting. This is especially true in Asia >>>

Stylist: The EXACT outfits you should pack for a summer holiday

Tuesday  15:12,   29 november 2022

A fashion stylist from Melbourne has shared exactly what you should pack for a summer holiday, and the 'rule of three' she follows to ensure she returns with nothing unworn. Award-winning stylist Melissa Murgana, from Melbourne, revealed you >>>