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A manicurist reveals the 7 biggest mistakes you're making with your nails

Tuesday  02:30,   20 august 2019

INSIDER spoke with a manicurist and uncovered the biggest mistakes people make with their nails. Nail-strengthening products that contain harsh chemicals can do more harm than... >>>

Online shopping can be as fraught as online dating

Sunday  05:50,   18 august 2019

A serious case of buyer's remorse makes you realise that online shopping can be risky... >>>

Only Chrissy Teigen Can Pull Off This Short, Neon-Green Romper

Friday  13:36,   16 august 2019

She might be... >>>

Revealed: How to decorate your home based on your STAR SIGN - including bright colours for Leos and plenty of keepsakes for Geminis

Friday  05:41,   16 august 2019

UK-based The French Bedroom Company explained how each star sign has specific personality traits that make certain interior design trends more suitable than others. require(["inlineoutstreamAd",... >>>

Man is slammed online after he revealed he kicked a woman out of his party because she 'disrespected' him by checking if he drugged her drink

Friday  05:05,   16 august 2019

Reddit user eskimopimp claimed he felt disrespected by her insinuation when he shared his story on the site's ' Am I The A**hole ?'... >>>

11 Celebrities Who Look Completely Different With Their Natural Hair

Friday  04:36,   16 august 2019

The following celebrities' natural hair is just as stylish if not more than their usual 'dos. From Blake Lively's waves to Lili Reinhart's curls ... There's almost nothing more transformative than a brand new hairstyle. From a drastic chop to a bold >>>

The 'Money Piece' Is The New Hair Colour Trend To Try

Thursday  03:15,   15 august 2019

The money piece is the hair colour trend to embrace ahead of 2020 thanks to its low-maintenance ability to update your look. Hair trends come and go with every season, but the need for natural and low-maintenance hair colour is eternal. If you're... >>>

Why this Sydney bride cut up her designer wedding gown

Thursday  02:55,   15 august 2019

It wasn't long after Katie Lolas' first wedding anniversary that the Sydney bride suddenly felt a surge of sadness when looking back at photos from the... >>>

How to nail your wedding day manicure: the trends & tips you need to know

Thursday  01:55,   15 august 2019

How to get the perfect wedding manicure for brides: wedding nail trends 2019 and the tips you need to know from The Gel... >>>

Meghan Markle Wears a Bracelet with a Special Meaning in a New Photo on Instagram

Wednesday  17:37,   14 august 2019

The Duchess met an elephant while wearing a very particular piece of... >>>

An Expert Weighs in On How Often You Really Need to Get a Haircut

Wednesday  04:25,   14 august 2019

Many of us want to have the best hair possible, so knowing how often you need to get a haircut is... >>>

Versace apologises after T-shirt draws China ire

Monday  08:00,   12 august 2019

Versace apologises after T-shirt draws China... >>>

What the shops of the future will look like

Monday  02:05,   12 august 2019

Country Road is set to unveil Australia's 'greenest' fashion store - and other retailers are taking... >>>

This is how we're wearing jeans now

Saturday  05:20,   10 august 2019

We're more obsessed with jeans than ever, but they're anything but... >>>

Tricks of the 60 plus style icons: Every woman needs a fashion mentor - so who'll be yours?

Friday  06:50,   09 august 2019

Fashion in your 60s and beyond has become more exciting - and confusing - than it used to be, writes fashion editor Wendy... >>>