Style open hair despite shimmering heat? 7 professional volume tips

13:20  26 july  2022
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CHING BANGS: Here is the new fringe trendy to adopt

 CHING BANGS: Here is the new fringe trendy to adopt © Prostock-Studio/ISTOCK CHING BANGS: here is the new fringe trendy to adopt an easy-to-style fringe, which is easily attached and that emphasizes the jaw… Dream? Test the new fashionable haircut, it's Ching Bangs! If the haircuts and trendy hairstyles change very often, some have been fashionable for a while already and it may last! These looks are often inspired by the 90s and 2000s: we see them everywhere today and they are plus trendy than ever in this year 2022.

Offene Haare trotz der Hitze? Diese Volumen-Tipps klappen immer instagram/romeestrijd © Instagram/Romeestrijd Open hair despite the heat? These volume tips always work instagram/romeestrijd

who knows it? The only hairstyle that is compatible with your attic apartment in midsummer is a bun. Because the high temperatures not only melt hairstyle desires, but also make every base volume flat.

Do you want open hair that falls airy all day long and more all day? With these clever professional tricks, the 24/7-fresh feeling works as if you had just washed your hair fresh.

7 Volume tips that always work 1. Volume tip for open hair in summer: Salt spray helps plates strands on the jumps

A water-based salt spray is the perfect product to get texture in the hair when the volume in the course of one Hot day increasingly coincides. How Kristin ESS, the Celebrity Hairstylist from L.A., uses the Salzspray ? Put a maximum of two sprays on the dry lengths per head side, comb through your fingers and shake it up. Caution is advised in the dosage, if you caught too much, the strands can stick.

Weather. The orange "heat wave" vigilance is maintained 12 departments

 Weather. The orange © Stéphane Cugnier The heat will always be present on most of the country. The day is hot in the south and time is again dry all over the country, but freshness is gaining ground. The "heat wave" orange vigilance is still topical for twelve departments, on the south-east quarter.

2. Volume tip for open hair in summer: thanks to the volume center fat hair slower after

also If you otherwise avoid hairstyle hairstyles, you should pay attention to the Föhnkricks of the hair stylists in summer: often distribute two pump bumps after washing Volume concentrate at the approach and blow dry the hair upside down. The small amount of alcohol in the product has a degreasing effect and keeps the approach fresh.

3. Volume tip for open hair in summer: peppermint oil is the cooling trick for a fluffy approach

If you massage the scalp with peppermint oil (also called Japanese medicinal plant oil), refresh the skin and wake up the hair root on. The result: a cool head and natural volume on the hairline. Important: then shampoo the oil well afterwards.

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4. Volume tip for open hair in summer: Use foam-decoring correctly

high time to give foam strength a second chance: mousse makes hair straw? Only with false handling: mousse works like make-up primer-but just for moist (!) Hair. Betting the foam and blow -dry everything over a brush. Result: A wallempse that withstands every heat.

5. Volume tip for open hair in summer: A diffuser for short and curly hair

which purchase in summer (even before the bast pocket) should have priority: an diffuser ! Diane Kruger's stylist Bridget Brager creates a texture with the styling attachment when blow-drying that withstands hot days.

6. Volume tip for open hair in summer: dry shampoo in the fresh maker dotting method

Blake LiveLies Glamor waves do not seem to know heated summer faux pas. For your signature look, stylist Rod Ortega dry shampoo does not spray on the approach, but only in the length of the hair. "The so-called dotting method structures the hair and makes it look fresh for a long time," explains Ortega.

7. Volume tip for open hair in summer: touch banned!

The American star hairdresser Wendy Iles has a golden rule: she never touches her hair and therefore only has to wash it every five days. Oil and dirt that are on the fingertips have no chance of getting into the hair and weighing it.

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