Style unhealthy? This fabrics shouldn't contain your nail polish

10:30  30 november  2022
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  9 surfaces you should never clean with vinegar Vinegar is a powerhouse when it comes to cleaning. The pantry staple is cheap and free of nasty chemicals making it a fantastic option for all sorts of cleaning tasks. It's particularly good when it comes to removing mould and mildew in the home, which is a problem a lot of Aussies are dealing with right now after months of heavy rain. But before you reach for vinegar to tackle mould or any other chore on your list, be warned the product isn'tThe pantry staple is cheap and free of nasty chemicals making it a fantastic option for all sorts of cleaning tasks.

Ungesund? Diese Stoffe sollte dein Nagellack besser nicht enthalten Unsplash © Unsplash unhealthy? This fabric should not contain your nail polish, unsplash

in the natural cosmetical shelf of the drugstore, the manicure department appears more and more. Unfortunately, this does not mean that he is free. Rather, it stands for fabrics that does not contain the product. They are not sustainable as , in the worst case even harmful to health . We explain here what is behind "3-Free", "5-Free", "7-Free", "15-Free" and Co. "Free nail polish": This is behind the label Currently the terms are still not protected

. This enables the manufacturers to determine which substances they label as banished. In addition,

nail polish is one of the products that are hardest to get the natural cosmetics. This is because in most cases they contain UV filters, plasticizers or chemical dyes . Nevertheless, most nail polishes are similar with the corresponding names in the fabrics that they do without. Here is an overview: 1. "3-Free" nail polish

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nail polish

with the name "3-Free" usually

does not require any phtalate , Toluol and Formaldehyde . The latter can irritate the eyes, respiratory tract and skin and also lead to allergic reactions, as well as formaldehyde. Toluol, on the other hand, emits vapors that can trigger malaise. 2. "5-Free" nail polish This nail polish

in addition to the fabrics from the "3-Free" designation also do without

Campher and formaldeharz . The former is a plasticizer that can trigger nausea, formaldehyde resin makes the nail polish hard, but can also lead to irritation. 3. "7-Free" nail polishes "7-Free" nail polishes are also vegan, i.e. do without animal ingredients

. This includes, among other things,

Karmin , a dye for red paints, which is obtained from scale insects. 4. "15-Free" nail polish For the exhausted ingredients of the other nail polishes, the name "15-Free" is usually still parabens


Silicones and the fabrics colophone , Triphenylphosphate , Ethyl Tosylamide , Benzophenons , AOX and Xylole . Their side effects range from respiratory problems to allergic reactions to effects on the hormone balance. Some of them are even suspected of being carcinogenic.

The real reason influencers show off their manicures in their cars .
Online influencers love nothing more than to show off their newly manicured nails while sitting in their expensive designer cars. And on Thursday, Instagram gossip account DutchMinty shared a rather compelling theory about the real reason why influencers often take photos behind the wheel - to flaunt the brand of the car they own. Alongside a photo reel containing images of influencers' manicures and food in their cars, the anonymous page wrote: 'Influencers showing their nails/food but it's really just to show what brand of car they drive.

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