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05:16  13 april  2018
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Why botox judgement needs to stop - 9Honey - honey.nine.com.au. Botox , Bingeing, Bullying and Breast-Ironing: We Must Stop | Alternet - www.alternet.org. These are not necessarily equal oppressions; there is no need to set up a hierarchy.

That is why it is important to put a stop to bullying . She keeps making fun of my weight and she will not stop . I have asked her to stop , but she is still doing it. I think I need some help to make it stop .”

a close up of a girl wearing glasses and looking at the camera© Provided by Nine Digital Pty Ltd “Women, please stop injecting s--- into your lips. Stop taking flesh from your a-- and putting it on your face. Stop getting silicone sewn to your chest," writes author Janne Robinson in a post that’s gone viral.

Zip-up those unfilled lips, because changing your body can change your life. Why is that such a problem?

I once met a young girl who thought she had a big nose. She never spoke in class. She grew a fringe to hide her face. She laughed behind her hand.

She got a nose job, and changed. She became an entirely different person. Confident. Hair back. Vocal. Happy.

We are so adamant to stop bullying against our children, but we must remember adults bully, too. Yes, openly and cruelly judging another adult’s face is simply bullying.

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Bullying and Teasing. Why must we stop bullying ? Stop Bullying Now! U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Children Who Bully . Bullying : An age-old problem that needs new solutions.

Why I'm Over Lip Fillers → Full 1 Year Experience - Продолжительность: 10:30 Katrin Berndt227 398 просмотров. What happens if you stop Botox ?

Sure, it’s often dressed up as a conversation about societal values but if something makes a person feel worthless, small and belittled because of something inferred about their face, that’s straight-up bullying and it must stop.

Lips. Bum. Nose. Boobs. Hair. We need to stop the conversation – the judging – and leave women to make their own decisions about their own bodies.

This week, Tracey Jewel admitted to Woman’s Day that she’s reversed $9000 worth of cosmetic surgery after feeling “extremely bullied” by viewers during her time on Married At First Sight.

She claims the online abuse made her feel “very teary and extremely bullied”, and following the relentless commentary on her face, she had the fillers in her cheeks, lips and eyes dissolved. She told the magazine she now feels “liberated”.

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You might wonder where the teachers were when bullying instances took place in years past and, why , if they knew about it, they never stepped in to stop it. Bullying needs to be treated like the crime it is.

Bullying needs to be stopped . Bullying can have many results. The numbers might just surprise you. Why even try to stop other kinds of abuse when there's the kid to kid abuse right in front of our eyes? Bullying .

Seriously. This story shouldn’t be about Tracey’s new (old) face. It’s about what happened between the faces. It’s about the bullying she was subjected to that led her to change her face, again.

I’m not a campaigner of changing anyone’s face. I haven’t done it, and I don’t work for or have anything to do with any sort of plastic surgeon or beautician who advocates it. But I am a proud campaigner of ‘do whatever you want to your own body if it makes you feel good’ – after all, it’s yours.

There is no crime in that.

Robinson’s Facebook crusade is followed by thousands. “It should be a crime to alter anything about our flesh—our meat bags are tired of being poked, prodded and stretched. Undo! Undo! Un-f***ing-do! I wish to hover over you on the plastic surgeon's desk. Get out of there!” she writes.

I disagree. Stay there, if it feels right for you.

For some reason, changing one’s body really offends other people. Perhaps it’s the money spent. The indulgence and vanity. Perhaps it’s the science of it. A yearning for yesteryear and a resentfulness of peer pressure.

Who really cares? May those bullies channel their energy into a campaign advocating natural beauty and confidence instead of criticising women for their decisions - there’s a difference. Many claim they need to connect the two in aid of ‘our daughters’. Rubbish.

Robinson writes, “Our daughters are listening and there are too many women still showing the generations beneath us that beautiful needs to be bought, and confidence is external. You’re failing and I care that the eyes peering up hear and see a different way. Sit down and shut up so they can listen”.

Our daughters will remember this, too. The anger, the ridicule, the aggression. The bullying.

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