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ski resorts: almost one in two accommodation is classified as "energy colander"

Tuesday  21:20,   29 november 2022

near one in two ski resort accommodation (48%), presents a classified energy performance F or G. Faced with the will of the government Prohibit the rental of "thermal colanders", ski resorts could be in great difficulty. Since last weekend, and... >>>

50 Shades of Gray 4: Is the suite in the pipes?

Tuesday  00:40,   29 november 2022

© DR Between 2015 and 2018, the saga fifty shades of Gray was an international triumph. The trilogy reported $ 1.3 billion to the world box office! In France, the three feature films attracted 10 million spectators. The first episode is the one... >>>

A complex of caves with "hieroglyphs and veregue symbols" discovered in the center of kyiv

Tuesday  03:50,   22 november 2022

in the historic center of kyiv was discovered the entrance to a formidable network of caves. On the walls, old -style inscriptions of tens of centuries could date from several different eras. It is in a way a treasure hunt that Dmytro Perov, of the >>>

AIRBNB -The cost of living crisis makes it leaping individual rooms

Friday  22:40,   18 november 2022

by Abhijith Ganapavaram November 16 (Reuters) - Airbnb said on Wednesday that it has recorded a "disproportionate" increase of 31% of individual rooms on its platform In the third quarter, while more and more people are looking for additional... >>>

More than a climbing garden

Thursday  15:20,   17 november 2022

Moritzburg. In the light forest that stretches to the water, the climbing devices and the 400-meter-long zipline course with twelve stations are almost hidden. Two large tipis protrude with their tips, as well as the large climbing wall. A ladder... >>>

near Montpellier, architectural works in

Monday  17:20,   14 november 2022

oyster shells from students have reused oyster shells in order to produce architectural works in Marseillan (Hérault). © supplied by Franceinfo in Marseillan in Hérault, an ephemeral exhibition highlights the unexpected meeting between architecture >>>

Airbnb, Booking… The Grand Household of the Paris City Hall is bearing fruit

Thursday  19:40,   20 october 2022

© Pascale Gueret/Adobe Stock Airbnb, Booking… The Grand Household of the Paris City Hall is paying off A year after the hardening of the legislation concerning Seasonal rentals, the Paris town hall confirms that it has noted a sharp drop in the... >>>

Airbnb wants to encourage the owners to renovate their accommodation

Tuesday  08:30,   04 october 2022

© Joel_VH/Joef - Stock.adobe.com The owners of main residences are forced by the law to renovate their accommodation if they rent it but not those of tourist furniture. Greening the accommodation with forced walking is laudable. It is still... >>>

Machu Picchu: Sale of tickets on site now allowed

Thursday  15:50,   25 august 2022

after the recent protests by tourists in front of the Inca-Ruinenstadt Machu Picchu in Peru can also be bought on site in the future. The Peruvian Ministry of Culture said that up to 1000 tickets a day are now to be sold in the nearby Machupicchu... >>>

British Airways strokes flights from and to Heathrow

Tuesday  15:20,   23 august 2022

The airline British Airways wants to stroke around 10,000 short -haul flights from and to London Heathrow between October and March. By the end of October, a few dozen back and forth flights per day - a total of 629 - should be canceled, as the... >>>

Umtiti en route to Italy!

Saturday  18:00,   20 august 2022

© provided by Sports.fr No medical visit to Stade Rennais. What if Samuel Umtiti bounced in Italy? Pushed towards the exit by the FC Barcelona , which greatly needs to degrease its workforce and lighten its payroll, the central defender is the... >>>

Furniture manufacturer: Schöne Wohnen - more pay

Friday  20:21,   19 august 2022

© provided by Wirtschaftswoche kitchen furniture has been among the bestsellers in the industry for years. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = The high inflation is difficult for the furniture industry-especially in the price entry segment. Why... >>>

Machu Picchu: Tourists and traders demonstrate against the suspension of the entrances to the Inca

Saturday  19:40,   13 august 2022

citadel of the premises who block the railway, tourists who are protected ... Around the Peruvian monument of Machu Picchu, protests have risen This August 12 following the suspension of sales ticket sales to the site, already subject to quotas. ©... >>>

Removal of the route between Hamm and Unna

Thursday  13:20,   11 august 2022

rail travelers and commuters will have to adjust to detours, rail replacement and longer travel times in the eastern Ruhr area on Thursday evening from 9:00 p.m. in the eastern Ruhr area. Deutsche Bahn renews until August 21 between the Hamm and... >>>

Airbus delivers fewer aircraft from

Monday  21:50,   08 august 2022

In July, The world's largest aircraft manufacturer Airbus delivered significantly fewer machines after bottlenecks in suppliers than in the previous month. In the past month, the DAX group handed over 46 traffic jets to its customers after 60 in... >>>