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Go snorkeling through the Great Barrier Reef with Sir David Attenborough

Thursday  21:32,   02 april 2020

Sir David Attenborough narrates an interactive journey through the Great Barrier Reef that takes viewers on a virtual dive through the world's largest coral reef system. It's not new. But this may be as good a time as any to revisit "David... >>>

The Biggest Party in the U.S. Virgin Islands Is Going Digital — Here’s How to Celebrate Carnival Virtually

Thursday  21:31,   02 april 2020

Get dressed in your best, there's a party in your living room. The U.S. Virgin Islands has a plan to bring us all together once again. In an effort to reduce the impact of social isolation, the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism's... >>>

Couples Quarantined on the Diamond Princess Look Forward to Cruising Again: ‘We Expect to Be Back on a Cruise by the End of the Year’

Thursday  19:37,   02 april 2020

These couples were quarantined on the Diamond Princess, but hope to hit the high seas soon. The Diamond Princess made headlines in February when 712 passengers on board tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and... >>>

Discover Some of Banksy's Best Street Art Without Stepping Outside

Thursday  13:26,   02 april 2020

Visit your couch then visit Bristol, England — virtually. A virtual museum tour can only get you so far. What do you do when you want to see some of the best street art in the world when you’re stuck inside? Since many places around the world have... >>>

Beautiful images of America taken from the skies

Thursday  03:25,   02 april 2020

America has little shortage of incredible vistas but its cities and natural landmarks are often even more impressive when seen from the sky. From bird's-eye views of big cities to aerial shots of lesser-known wonders, these photographs show... >>>

Top 10 South Island destinations for families

Thursday  03:25,   02 april 2020

Did you know there are no snakes in New Zealand? Discover more about the mountains, wildlife and history with these top 10 South Island family destinations.Stunned, we all gaped at the customs... >>>

Take A Virtual Trip To Disney World

Thursday  01:35,   02 april 2020

If, a few weeks ago, you’d told your kids that you were all going to TAKE A TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD and then added the caveat, “from the comfort of our own home,” chances are there would have been a mutiny. But, as we all know, things have changed.... >>>

What is a furlough and how might it affect you?

Thursday  01:27,   02 april 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has altered life as we know it. The food industry, airlines and once-popular retailers are in the midst of taking financial hits. If you work for an employer that is struggling to stay afloat financially, you might be... >>>

48 Photos That Prove Céline Dion Has Always Been a Fashion Legend

Thursday  01:26,   02 april 2020

In honor of her birthday, here are the music icon's best looks... >>>

50 best Top Gear episodes

Wednesday  22:26,   01 april 2020

50 best Top Gear... >>>

This Site is a One-Stop Destination for World Tours, Classes, and Travel Experiences You Can Have from Home

Wednesday  22:25,   01 april 2020

The rest of the world just got a whole lot closer to your living room. Traveling the world from your couch is easier than ever. People all over the world are facing challenges brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Staying inside and... >>>

Europe's magical museums you can explore from home

Wednesday  21:56,   01 april 2020

Whether you are social distancing, in self-isolation or in full-on lockdown, you can still tour some of Europe’s best culture spots remotely.Holidu, the holiday search engine, has pulled together some of the best virtual tours of culture houses that >>>

These Disney+ Shows and Movies Will Bring the Theme Park Magic to Your Living Room

Wednesday  14:28,   01 april 2020

The whole family will love these Disney+ TV shows and movies. Stuck at home with nothing to watch? Not anymore. Disney made waves when it released Disney+, a video streaming service, last November. The subscription service includes movies and TV... >>>

Make Yourself a Margarita and Take This Virtual Tour of Florida's Best Beaches

Wednesday  13:36,   01 april 2020

Sit back and enjoy your “digital dose of vitamin D.” As the weather heats up, staying home gets harder — most of us would give anything for a beach vacation right about now. Unfortunately, many of Florida’s beaches are temporarily closed in response >>>

No man's land: Earth's untouched places

Wednesday  08:40,   01 april 2020

Mankind has left its mark on pretty much the entire land surface of the planet—and in considerable portion of the oceans as well. But some places have remained relatively untouched by us, be it because of hostile climate or isolation. Take a look at >>>