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08:10  14 may  2018
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Do Not Make the Mistake of Booking a One-Way International Flight - Here's Why

  Do Not Make the Mistake of Booking a One-Way International Flight - Here's Why Have you ever dreamed of booking a one-way ticket abroad and never looking back? The thought of an indefinite adventure may seem thrilling, but in reality you're likely to run into trouble. Aside from the possibility of running out of funds or ending up stranded without a place to stay, you might not even get past the gate without a return flight. Certain countries won't grant entrance to travelers without proof of return or onward travel to control illegal immigration. Many airlines serve as the first line of defense for this policy and will not even allow you on board without return-ticket confirmation.

Pre -pay Some airlines offer off baggage fees if you prepay on-line. Avoid too large or over-stuffed carry-on luggage. holidays . Holiday Tipping Checklist . travel . Share checklists with others. Print. Access your lists anywhere using our mobile apps. 100% Free.

Avoid Pre - Holiday Anxiety With Our Travel Tip Checklist . Nothing's worse than that sinking feeling you get when you head off on your adventure and remember you left something important at home.

a variety of items on a backpack: Read through everything here so you don't forget anything when you're leaving for vacation.© Wikimedia

Read through everything here so you don't forget anything when you're leaving for vacation.

Planning a family trip or solo holiday anytime soon?

You may have booked your plane tickets and accommodation, but that doesn’t mean you’re all set to go.

Go through this travel checklist to make sure you’ve got everything planned.

1. Have you bought travel insurance?

Are you sure you don't need travel insurance?© Getty Images Are you sure you don't need travel insurance?

Even if you’re just heading for a short trip somewhere close by, getting travel insurance is still a wise idea.

It doesn’t just protect you for loss of baggage or delayed flights, it also covers any unfortunate injuries or illnesses you may have while travelling.

5 tricks to make you feel less afraid while flying

  5 tricks to make you feel less afraid while flying Aeroplane travel allows us to get anywhere within hours, depending on your destination. A lot of us get nervous when it's time to fly. In fact, some people are so scared they avoid aeroplanes altogether, despite the fact that air travel is much safer than riding in a car, according to the  National Safety Council, a nonprofit public service organisation.

Holiday Checklist . We've done a lot of travelling and packed more than our fair share of suitcases. We've got the know-how and it's only right we share it! So here's our list of travel essentials to help you make the most of your trip.

Travel packing checklist . Travelers checklist for holiday or business. Our other travel services. Check power plug adapter. Check currency exchange.

And if you’re renting a car, some plans will also cover the excess so you don’t need to spring for the zero-excess option, which costs more.

2. Does everyone have a valid passport?

a close up of a piece of paper: Some countries require six months validity.© Wikimedia Some countries require six months validity.

Some countries require you to have at least six months’ validity before letting you through.

Use This Travel Time Map To Pick Your Next Hotel

  Use This Travel Time Map To Pick Your Next Hotel When you go on a trip, you usually want to stay somewhere central, with easy access to a few local destinations. a conference centre, a few restaurants, a fun neighbourhood. You can't just eyeball a map. Travel times depend on more than just distance; they rely on street layout, highways and public transit. You could test each travel time on Google Maps, but sometimes you just want to see one big map of everywhere you can go in an hour. For that, try TravelTime Maps.

Here are 5 tips to help you get over Holiday travel anxiety ! Make a Checklist . Having anxiety should not stop you from pursuing your desire to travel . We work to increase awareness about anxiety and anxiety disorders. Our aim is to focus on the trigger points, treatment, self-help, and

Travels ' Checklist - Your packing list wizard. Been asking yourself What to pack? what should you prepare before you travel ? Follow these quick steps, and get a printable packing list , travel tips , information, and things to do before your trip

If anyone in your travel group is short, there’s just enough time now to register for a new passport before the June school holidays come around.

Get on it!

3. Are your credit cards activated for overseas use?

a close up of food: Don't forget to activate your credit card for overseas.© Pixabay

Don't forget to activate your credit card for overseas.

By default, most credit cards are not cleared for overseas use for security reasons.

Call your bank or use your banking app to activate this service.

Remember to de-activate it when you get home.

4. Do you need a local SIM card?

You might want to double check whether you need a local SIM.© Pixabay

You might want to double check whether you need a local SIM.

Most hotels or apartments will offer free Wi-Fi but if you need to be connected when you’re out and about, you might want to get a local SIM card that provides data at a reasonable rate.

Another option is to check if your current telco provides a service that allows you to have data roaming at a cheaper rate.

Do some research on the best options before you go.

15 Travel Hacks You Need For Your Next Trip

  15 Travel Hacks You Need For Your Next Trip The one travel hack nearly everyone agrees on? Avoid checking a bag at all costs! Sometimes you simply have to, but one of the most common tips from expert travelers is to bring your luggage on board in order to avoid lost or damaged baggage, baggage delays, and general travel nuisances. Reddit users from all over the world offered tips and hacks based on what they've learned through their own extensive travels, so read on and wise up before your next trip.Make your baggage stand out with tape. "I put coloured tape on all the corners of my checked luggage.

Consider the following tips and strategies to make travel anxiety easier You've reinforced the fear by avoiding it. If you really want to overcome your travel anxiety , you need to take action and not let yourself fall into the avoidance trap.

Pre - travel checklist . Travel essentials for your holiday . Tick off everything you need on holiday with our handy list of essential travel items. Avoid travel anxiety and arguments when you're away. Assisted travel guide. Top tips for festivals overseas. Use our checklist to make sure you've got

Having connectivity as you travel can help with navigation and to book rides on ride-hailing apps.

5. Do you need a visa?

a close up of a newspaper: Always check if you need a visa to enter a country.© Wikipedia

Always check if you need a visa to enter a country.

You may hold a passport that gains you entry to most countries around the world but there are still some places that require you to apply for a visa or entry permit.

Make sure you check before you go.

For example, Singapore passport holders heading to Australia still need an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) that you can apply for online.

6. Have you got a printout of your documents?

a close up of a piece of paper: Keep a print out of your documents.© Wikimedia

Keep a print out of your documents.

While it’s common practice to store digital copies of your travel documents on your phone, it’s still a good idea to carry paper copies.

They will come in useful if your phone or other digital devices get stolen.

So keep a paper copy of your flight details, insurance, passport and visa with you, just in case.

9 Ways To Reduce Your Environmental Footprint While Travelling .
<p>So how do you make sure your travel plans are as sustainable as possible? Here are some recommendations.</p>However, the impact of an increasingly popular need to travel the world has taken its toll on the planet. A new study has found that tourism makes up 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The top three things that contribute to this were found to be transport, shopping and food.

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