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Revealed: Egypt is the fastest growing tourist destination, but France receives the most visitors

Saturday  05:56,   08 september 2018

Visitor numbers to Egypt jumped 55.1 per cent in 2017 compared to the previous year, according to official figures from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.Visitor numbers to Egypt jumped 55.1 per cent to 8.6 million in 2017 - a huge...[...]

Florence Is Banning Tourists From Snacking on the Streets

Friday  16:32,   07 september 2018

On Tuesday, Florence passed a new ordinance banning tourists and locals alike from eating on the sidewalks, curbs, and doorsteps of the city's historic center.Before you say goodbye to your daydreams of indulging in a delightful cup of hazelnut...[...]

The world's top museums revealed: TripAdvisor

Friday  04:10,   07 september 2018

Paris has claimed the honor of being home to the world's top museum -- but it's not the Louvre.In TripAdvisor's annual Travelers' Choice Awards for Museums, the Musée d'Orsay took the top spot for 2018, far ahead of the world's most visited...[...]

5 reasons to go to Western Australia

Friday  04:10,   07 september 2018

Western Australia tourism promotes the state with the tag line: Experience extraordinary. Our largest state has a lot to brag about. Here are five reasons why you should consider WA for your next holiday. Wildflowers2018 is expected to be the best...[...]

Jetstar flight attendant and mum-of-two reveals her top tips for flying with kids - and the trick to stop their ears from hurting when the plane descends

Friday  00:56,   07 september 2018

Jetstar Cabin Crew member and mum-of-two, Carrie Lawrie, shared with FEMAIL how she makes travelling with children a breeze. She also revealed the one thing to give them on the descent.Australian Jetstar cabin crew member and mother-of-two, Carrie...[...]

Why some vacationers like to dress to impress: travel survey

Thursday  04:27,   06 september 2018

If you're the type of holidaymaker who spends as much time planning out your vacation wardrobe as your travel itinerary, the results of a new global survey show you're hardly alone. With New York, Milan and Paris set to pull out the...[...]

Disneyland to serve booze for first time next year

Thursday  00:31,   06 september 2018

Tired, overheated parents of tired, overheated children will soon be offered an R-rated attraction at Disneyland, with the opening of a Star Wars-themed cantina that will serve booze. When Oga's Cantina opens at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in...[...]

If You Want to Visit This Famous Italian Island, You'll Have to Apply

Tuesday  00:32,   04 september 2018

If You Want to Visit This Famous Italian Island, You'll Have to ApplyUp until 10 years ago, Montecristo wasn't open to tourists at all, and access is still extremely limited. The island opens to visitors twice per year — once from April 1...[...]

One perfect weekend: Where to eat and drink in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Monday  04:01,   03 september 2018

Surfing, cocktails, barefoot in the sand, Waikiki offers the perfect winter escape.© Supplied Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort. But in the past decade or so Waikiki Beach has become even more of a destination thanks to its blossoming food...[...]

NZ aviation experiences you need to try

Sunday  06:05,   02 september 2018

New Zealand's diverse landscapes are the perfect backdrop for aerial adventures. This holiday list that will take you to new heights.New Zealand by air makes for spectacular sightseeing. Vast coastal expanses, high mountain peaks, deep...[...]

5 reasons why you need to visit Turkey

Sunday  06:00,   02 september 2018

Turkish baths are just one of the reasons why you need to put Turkey on your travel list.Here are five reasons...[...]

Always Screenshot Your Boarding Pass

Saturday  06:30,   01 september 2018

Your mobile boarding pass should always be a tap or two away from your home screen. You have a link to it in your email or your texts, or you’re sure you put it into Apple Wallet. Screenshotting everything is an indispensable travel hack. (On...[...]

How To Make Sure Your Shoes Are Comfortable When You Travel

Friday  03:30,   31 august 2018

I’m a huge fan of taking walking tours when I travel. Walking tours are a great way to see a city, and if you opt for a food tour you get to sample some of the local cuisine, take in the sights, and get a little exercise in the process. It’s a...[...]

Pebble Thieves Are Ruining One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece

Thursday  04:55,   30 august 2018

If you take a visit to this Greek island, don’t even think about taking a free souvenir back home.Lalaria Beach on the Greek island of Skiathos is one of the most idyllic beaches in the world, mostly due to its clear waters and beautiful, smooth,...[...]

Travel hacks to save you time and money

Thursday  00:30,   30 august 2018

You go on a holiday to relax. So why do you often feel like you need another one. These tips will help you relax, save money and time.The three main causes of post-holiday stress are worries about money, the constant to organise and over-planning...[...]