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Time magazine releases its first list of top 100 places in the world

Wednesday  06:05,   29 august 2018

Time magazine has released a list of the best museums, theme parks, bars, restaurants and hotels in a list it is calling "World's Greatest Places."The list features 100 destinations that span 48 countries and was created with the help of the...[...]

Tourists complain French cicadas are 'too loud'

Wednesday  03:06,   29 august 2018

It is the quintessential sound of the Mediterranean in summer, but for some French tourists the cicades of Provence are just too noisy. Several have complained to the mayor of the picturesque village of Beausset in the southeastern Var region...[...]

Best hotels and resorts in Queensland

Tuesday  02:56,   28 august 2018

From quirky interiors and prosecco at check-in to serene luxury and Gallic dining, Queensland's top hotels and resorts promise to please no matter your taste.Lizard Island is arguably Australia's best-positioned island resort, ringed by the reef [...]

What to expect at Floriade 2018

Tuesday  00:31,   28 august 2018

It won't be long until spring and that means it's time for Canberra's festival of blooms - Floriade.Floriade will take place at Canberra's Commonwealth Park from September 15 to October...[...]

5 reasons to travel Britain with a group

Sunday  08:10,   26 august 2018

London, Belfast, Edinburgh - all of these fabulous cities are better when you have companyHere are five reasons why we love British group...[...]

Travel the world and swap accommodation for pet sitting

Saturday  05:50,   25 august 2018

TrustedHousesitters is an online service connecting home and pet owners with user verified and reviewed sitters, which is outstanding when you consider the trust and responsibility involved in finding sitters online. TrustedHousesitters is an...[...]

This Instagram Account Shows How So Many Travel Photos Are Almost Exactly the Same

Thursday  20:27,   23 august 2018

This Instagram Account Shows How So Many Travel Photos Are Almost Exactly the SameMCU back of head with outdoorsy hat 🎩...[...]

Here’s How Often Flight Attendants Have Crushes on Their Passengers

Wednesday  04:31,   22 august 2018

If a flight attendant on your plane seems to be flirting, it's not all in your head—here's how often flight attendants really get crushes on passengers.But how wrong you’d...[...]

Australia is now their backyard! Family-of-five sell their home, build an incredible customised caravan and travel around the country for two years - for just $5.80 a day

Monday  07:56,   20 august 2018

A family of five from Tasmania have packed up their life and travel around Australia for at least two years. So far they have been on the road for a year and it's only cost them $5.80 a day.Kirby Gibbons, 29, and her husband, Jacob, are one...[...]

Record numbers summit Everest in 2018

Monday  07:51,   20 august 2018

A record 807 climbers reached the summit of Mount Everest in May this year, officials confirmed Thursday, capping a successful climbing season that also saw multiple other firsts. Unusually good weather on the roof of the world allowed the...[...]

10 secrets travel influencers don't want you to know about their "perfect" vacations

Saturday  06:07,   18 august 2018

Ever wondered what really goes on behind the highlight reels of travel influencers on social media? Here, nine travel influencers reveal the biggest secrets behind their 'perfect' vacations.But really: How do they do it?! Here, nine...[...]

The top cities to visit in Asia

Saturday  06:05,   18 august 2018

Busan, South Korea has been named the top place to visit in Asia by Lonely Planet. The global travel authority revealed Best in Asia this week detailing the continent’s 1 0 best destinations to visit in the year ahead. "Asia is such a vast and...[...]

The Science Behind the World's Longest Flights

Friday  19:52,   17 august 2018

Singapore and Qantas rethink their service for trips across the Pacific that could last 20 hours or more.Airlines and scientists are studying the effects of spending 20 hours or more in an arid cabin at high altitude. They’re beginning to change...[...]

Magic! The Harry Potter-style double-decker hotel bus that sleeps up to five people and comes with a shower right next to the driver's seat

Friday  19:51,   17 august 2018

Many may think there's something magical about this Devonshire holiday let. That's because it's a bus decked out with beds - a bit like the purple bus in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.That's because it's a bus decked out with...[...]

Travel hacks to save you time and money

Friday  06:07,   17 august 2018

You go on a holiday to relax. So why do you often feel like you need another one. These tips will help you relax, save money and time.The three main causes of post-holiday stress are worries about money, the constant to organise and over-planning...[...]