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'Tipple tourism' takes off in Bundaberg as Queensland's rum city now pours something for everyone

Wednesday  05:20,   08 august 2018

It all started with the iconic Bundaberg Rum, but now the region that's home to Queensland's rum city is pouring award-winning craft beer, liqueur, gin and vodka, opening a new avenue of tourism for the area. While people may still come for...[...]

Lebanon sinks old tanks to create underwater dive 'park'

Monday  06:01,   06 august 2018

Lebanese environmentalists on Saturday sank 10 old tanks and armoured vehicles to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea in a novel attempt to attract divers and create new habitats for marine life. Three kilometres off the coast of the city of Sidon,...[...]

City guide: 48 hours in Brisbane and surrounds

Monday  04:33,   06 august 2018

Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway, or perhaps a stayaction in your own city Brisbane, here are our hot picks set to get any foodie's mouth watering!The Queensland city has quickly become a foodie hotspot with laneway cafes and...[...]

How to celebrate a big zero birthday

Monday  03:10,   06 august 2018

Milestone birthdays – the big ones ending in zero - are the perfect excuse to go somewhere memorable with your friends, kids, or extended family. It’s time to blow out those candles with gusto and do something you’ve always dreamed of with these...[...]

10 Game of Thrones Filming Locations That You Can Visit

Monday  00:57,   06 august 2018

Now that another season of Game of Thrones has come and gone, we're ready to experience a taste of Westeros in any way we can. According to top travel site TripAdvisor, interest in GOT-inspired vacations has skyrocketed, with 10 filming...[...]

What the top of Mount Everest is really like, according to the woman who's been there a record-breaking 9 times

Sunday  05:25,   05 august 2018

Almost 300 people are known to have died trying to reach the top of Mount Everest. Lhakpa Sherpa, who's reached the summit a record-breaking nine times, described her latest climb to Business Insider.People who attempt to summit the mountain...[...]

The best places in the world to cruise

Saturday  06:02,   04 august 2018

Cruise Critic has named the top places to cruise in the world based on traveller reviews.The cruise reviews website analysed the results of all the reviews for 2018 for their third annual Cruisers’ Choice Destination...[...]

In the hands of the gods: Vietnam's Golden Bridge goes viral

Saturday  06:02,   04 august 2018

Nestled in the forested hills of central Vietnam two giant concrete hands emerge from the trees, holding up a glimmering golden bridge crowded with gleeful visitors taking selfies at the country's latest eccentric tourist draw. Designed to...[...]

Cemeteries & Holocaust Memorials: What's The Appeal Of Dark Tourism?

Thursday  00:28,   02 august 2018

Believe it or not, there are some people who’d take a macabre museum or a cemetery tour over a sun lounger by the pool any day. I’m one of them, and our numbers are growing fast, if Netflix’s new documentary series, Dark Tourist, is anything to [...]

Chile to restrict tourists and non-locals on Easter Island

Wednesday  19:53,   01 august 2018

Easter Island is known for its unique Moai monumental statues carved by the Rapa Nui people, believed to have arrived on the remote landmass in the southeastern Pacific Ocean in around the 12th century. Easter Island is known for its unique...[...]

World's most romantic places revealed: Paris, Santorini and Venice are named the global hot spots for love, with the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye ranked top in UK

Wednesday  02:51,   01 august 2018

A study found that the French capital along with the tiny Greek island and the watery Italian city are the best places for couples to fall in love. Grasmere and Bath also make the UK ranking.A poll found that the French capital along with the tiny...[...]

The ultimate Kiwi zip-line adventure will crush your fear of heights

Wednesday  00:15,   01 august 2018

You can't worry about jelly-legs when you feel like you're in Jurassic Park.Rotorua Canopy Tours has been providing zip-line thrills against a beautiful backdrop of native New Zealand bush for six...[...]

Stylish skiing in Victoria

Tuesday  03:11,   31 july 2018

Heading for the slopes this winter? Don’t settle for anything less than the best, with this round-up of the most stylish spots to stay, drink, dine and recharge.Opened last year, the 27-room ski-in ski-out Astra Lodge has everything for the avid...[...]

Couple who grew up in the same town but never spoke are now travelling the world together - after bumping into each other and falling in love

Tuesday  00:30,   31 july 2018

Charlie Pauly, 27, and Lauren Cliffe, 24, from Peterborough, bumped into each other after both travelling independently to Australia and realised they had an instant connection. Soon after the chance encounter they decided to quit their lives in the [...]

Discover the NZ Oyster trail

Monday  04:11,   30 july 2018

New Zealand is never short on options for an oyster fix, from inner-city bars to seafood festivals and roadside stalls.For a unique and delicious taste of New Zealand, travel the oyster trail from Northland to...[...]