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Did You Pack Too Much? Your Suitcase Knows

Saturday  07:07,   08 july 2017

The last big innovation in luggage was the introduction of wheels. Now, start-ups are building all types of new technology into their bags, like USB ports, GPS trackers and scales.Luggage has been a pretty sleepy product category. The industry’s...[...]

WATCH: #ComeHomeBru: SA Tourism video takes a stab at Aussie icons

Friday  09:52,   07 july 2017

It’s time to come...[...]

Virgin eyeing new destinations in Asia after Melbourne-Hong Kong flight

Friday  05:20,   07 july 2017

9NEWS reporter Andrew Lund joined Virgin founder Richard Branson on the airline's inaugural flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong.We've been in the air eight hours, and Virgin founder Richard Branson is down the back in economy, leading passengers...[...]

United Airlines takes seat away from child on Houston flight, forces him to sit on his mother's lap

Thursday  12:55,   06 july 2017

United Airlines workers forced a woman flying from Houston to Boston to give up her son's seat, even though she paid nearly $US1,000 for it. Instead, the airline gave the seat to another passenger who paid $75 for that particular seat and forced [...]

Money belt, iron and zip-off pants: Ten useless travel items you don't need to pack

Thursday  03:25,   06 july 2017

Whether it's a hot water bottle or a blow dryer, most of us will sometimes pack stuff we really don't need.Trust me, nobody needs a koala pin. Pens? Kids all over the third world know the word, or "stylo" if they happen to have enjoyed the...[...]

Comment: How a tour guide can ruin your holiday

Thursday  00:57,   06 july 2017

A bad guide means a bad holiday. And lately, I've had a few.If your guide has all of those things, you know you're probably in for a good trip. This person, after all, can make or break your holiday, can drag it out of the mundane and turn it...[...]

Why you should never drink water on a plane

Wednesday  08:42,   05 july 2017

According to a flight attendantOne flight attendant told Business Insider: "Flight attendants will not drink hot water on the plane. They will not drink plain coffee, and they will not drink plain...[...]

The real reason why it’s freezing cold on a plane

Wednesday  04:50,   05 july 2017

Freezing cabin temperatures have nothing to do with the cabin crew's personal preference and everything to do with your heath. Find out why.While we can’t definitively help you out with a reason for the first two places, the third has a very...[...]

Great destinations that are not overrun with tourists: So good we don't want to tell you about them

Wednesday  03:41,   05 july 2017

On the one hand, you want to share the great places you've been. On the other hand, you don't want them to become too popular.Thank God. If it wasn't for that, San Sebastian would be huge. British retirees would have colonised it years ago,...[...]

Here's What Passengers Are Using Qantas Wi-Fi For

Tuesday  06:50,   04 july 2017

The first stats on Qantas's fast, free inflight Wi-Fi are in. nearly a third of all passengers on the first 'net-connected jet have been using the service, reliability is excellent, and download speeds are faster than most homes' ADSL...[...]

Freedom or freedom porn? The reality of Instagram's #vanlife

Tuesday  05:25,   04 july 2017

Should you buy a van and leave your big city rent for starry skies and open highways? Not before you've read this article.That's the "Van Life" movement, a bohemian revival of living in a van, now being showcased by 20- and 30-somethings on...[...]

Passengers 'soaked' on Delta flight

Tuesday  04:15,   04 july 2017

Passengers on a US$1800 flight were forced to endure dripping water at the weekend.Video shot on board shows passengers holding magazines above their heads to avoid getting...[...]

Travel guide and things to do in Noosa: The three-minute guide

Monday  06:50,   03 july 2017

Noosa is arguably the easiest destination in the country for a laid-back holiday.A highlight of any Noosa sojourn is its glorious National Park, which is peopled by scenic strollers, board-carrying surfers bound for the breaks at Granite Bay and...[...]

Cabin crew reveal their least favourite customers

Monday  06:45,   03 july 2017

And, who are the best passengers.But for flight attendants, there's apparently an entire season that brings out the worst in travellers, and it's - drumroll please - summer, aka when everyone is off on their family holidays with all manner of...[...]