News: Australia

Vic fires rage on as Melb braces for smoke

Friday  19:46,   17 january 2020

A swag of blazes are still burning in Victoria, with central Melbourne likely to be sent more smoke from the bushfires this weekend.Bushfires ripping through Victoria continue to displace residents, with an evacuation notice for some northeastern... >>>

Minister may face probe over sports grants

Friday  19:37,   17 january 2020

Labor, the Greens and senate crossbenchers say they will back a inquiry into the government's $100 million sports grants scandal.The minister at the centre of the government $100 million community sports grant scandal may face a senate inquiry... >>>

Climate change or poor policy? As Australia’s wildfires see some relief, blame game ascends

Friday  18:16,   17 january 2020

The sky finally cracked open atop much of the fire grounds in NSW, Australia this week – the welcome deluge slashing the number of burning fires to below 100 for the first time in more than a month. But the challenge is far from over as the... >>>

Happy Meal horror: Mother blasts McDonald's after sharing images of a bin overflowing with plastic toys that will most likely end up 'in landfill or in our oceans'

Friday  18:03,   17 january 2020

A mother has shared a shocking photo of a bin overflowing with Happy Meal toys outside a McDonald's restaurant in Sydney.A mother has shared a shocking photo of a bin overflowing with Happy Meal toys outside a McDonald's restaurant in... >>>

Palaszczuk government is 'trying to be more left wing' than Victoria

Friday  18:02,   17 january 2020

Sky News contributor Scott Emerson says the Queensland Palaszczuk government is “trying to be more left wing” than the Victorian Labor government, as euthanasia laws are being flagged in both Queensland and New South Wales. The Daily Telegraph is... >>>

Bushfire victim with 55 per cent burns who lost it all wants to go home

Friday  17:11,   17 january 2020

With heavily bandaged legs and red, raw arms and hands that "just don't bend," Roy Annesley asks the bank to waive late payment fees because he has "had a bit going on".In a dimly lit motel room in western Sydney, Roy Annesley is on the phone to >>>

'Prisoners in our own town': The fire-ravaged community where food is running low

Friday  17:11,   17 january 2020

Locals trapped in a tiny East Gippsland town say they have been forgotten by authorities as petrol, pet food and supplies dwindle.Dozens of people trapped in a tiny East Gippsland town by bushfire road closures say they have been forgotten in the... >>>

EXCLUSIVE: British backpacker, 23, tells harrowing story of being raped inside a converted shipping container she was living in while picking zucchinis for $2.80 a bucket to get a visa

Friday  17:00,   17 january 2020

Helen Kingwell, 23, claims she was raped in her crammed converted shipping container 'hostel' while working on a zucchini farm in Bundaberg, Queensand.Helen Kingwell, 23, was finishing her three months of regional work in Bundaberg,... >>>

The law against racial hatred that can't be used to stop the advocacy of Nazism

Friday  16:41,   17 january 2020

There's never a good reason for going soft on hatred, except when all good intentions cannot be supported by the full force of the law.Imagine what would happen if you were to raise the black flag of ISIS high over your house. Chances are you’d... >>>

'Miracle' recovery for NSW man who almost died in Gold Coast fight

Friday  16:17,   17 january 2020

Zac Longfield's mother prepared for the worst after her son was allegedly punched and hit his head as he fell to the ground in November.Zac Longfield hit his head as he fell to the ground when he was allegedly punched on the night of his 21st... >>>

Yellow Wiggle Greg Page collapses during bushfire relief concert

Friday  16:06,   17 january 2020

Greg Page, one of the founding members of the Wiggles, has collapsed in Sydney while performing at a bushfire relief concert. The Wiggles said a "medical incident" involving Page occurred off-stage as the original band members performed at Castle... >>>

City of Parramatta Council drops Australia Day fireworks display

Friday  15:40,   17 january 2020

Parramatta's Australia Day fireworks have been cancelled, with the city opting to donate to the Rural Fire Service instead.Australia Day celebrations in Parramatta will no longer conclude with a fireworks display, with the council instead... >>>

Jellyfish horror as three children are stung with deadly irukandjis in one afternoon

Friday  14:52,   17 january 2020

Three children were stung by deadly irukandji jellyfish in Cairns on Friday. They are currently recovering in Cairns Hospital.  Irukandji are small jellyfish, about two centimetres in diameter, are difficult to see in the water and can have fatal... >>>

Who's a good toy! Adorable moment golden retriever 'OJ' finds his favourite toy in the rubble when his family return home after being evacuated during bushfire crisis

Friday  14:21,   17 january 2020

OJ was photographed chewing into his fluffy friend as he lay on the charred concrete of his Wairewa home, in Victoria's East Gippsland region.A golden retriever has found his favourite soft toy in the rubble after he was evacuated due to the... >>>

Parliament open to temporary koala showing

Friday  13:36,   17 january 2020

The department that runs Parliament House says it isn't yet ruling out exhibiting a bronze koala sculpture temporarily, after initially declining it.The department that runs Parliament House in Canberra says it is open to temporarily displaying... >>>