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Farmers 'won't be able to pay back' govt drought loan

Wednesday  17:26,   13 november 2019

Sky News host Alan Jones has criticised the latest Morrison government drought stimulus package, saying the farmers won’t “have the money” to pay back their loans. The Morrison Government recently unveiled a multi-billion dollar drought aid package, >>>

Comment: Reality check: there are limits to fighting fire with fire

Wednesday  17:05,   13 november 2019

Prescribed burning can get out of control - and be deadly - if it is not carefully regulated.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or... >>>

Deeply religious woman from the US who was duped into smuggling 1kg of cocaine into Australia after being groomed online has her sentence slashed

Wednesday  16:50,   13 november 2019

Denise Marie Woodrum, from Missouri, USA,was duped into smuggling 1kg of cocaine into Australia in 2017 before being sentenced to seven-and-a-half years jail has had sentence slashed.Denise Marie Woodrum had her sentenced reduced on appeal by NSW... >>>

Call for climate action at Hawke Lecture

Wednesday  16:15,   13 november 2019

Former union boss Bill Kelty has highlighted the need for climate action in the annual Hawke Lecture.Australia has taken the "low road" on climate change and missed a crucial opportunity to address the issue, a former union boss and close friend of... >>>

'Quiet Australians may be quiet, but they're not stupid'

Wednesday  16:00,   13 november 2019

Sky News host Peta Credlin says Prime Minister Scott Morrison "will rue the day" a form of a voice to parliament "ends up in legislation" emphasising "his quiet Australians might be quiet but they are certainly not stupid"."There is an inherent... >>>

Victorian greyhound trainer Rinaldo Divirgilio, suspended for live possum 'blooding', says he and son were set up

Wednesday  15:40,   13 november 2019

A father-and-son training team is at the centre of a fresh greyhound racing scandal involving the alleged use of live possums as bait — but one of the men says the possums he was caught with were "dropped off for someone else".An ABC investigation... >>>

Timeline of what Millane's murder-accused did after alleged killing

Wednesday  15:30,   13 november 2019

CCTV footage of the man's activity has been shown to the jury. CCTV footage has been played in court revealing the activity of the man accused of killing Grace Millane in the days after the British backpacker's alleged... >>>

Greens are slammed over extraordinary claims firefighters battling Australia's devastating blazes will return home to BASH their partners

Wednesday  15:26,   13 november 2019

Greens Senator Larissa Waters held a press conference on Wednesday where domestic violence advocate Sherele Moody made the allegation.A domestic violence advocate has been blasted over claims firefighters trying to bring Australia's bushfire crisis... >>>

NSW cop minister 'road rage' case closed

Wednesday  14:20,   13 november 2019

NSW Police Minister David Elliott will face no further action after he admitted telling a driver who clipped his car that he 'worked for the cops'.David Elliott denied grabbing the 17-year-old driver's arm during the heated argument on a... >>>

Fire trails must be maintained 'every day of the year'

Wednesday  13:55,   13 november 2019

Midcoast Council Mayor David West says "fire trails must be maintained 365 days a year" as bushfires continue to ravage the nation. According to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, a fire trail is way to manage, prevent, fight and contain... >>>

No jail for Vic driver over police death

Wednesday  13:50,   13 november 2019

A bricklayer has broken down crying in court after he was spared jail for killing an off-duty police officer who was cycling with his daughter in Melbourne say they are suffering a life sentence while the driver who crashed into him is spared... >>>

NSW breathing problems up due to bushfires

Wednesday  13:45,   13 november 2019

Emergency departments in the Mid-North Coast, Hunter and Central Coast have all seen rises in presentations for asthma and breathing difficultiesPresentations at emergency departments in a bushfire-hit part of NSW for asthma or breathing problems in >>>

FIFO worker in WA court on murder charge

Wednesday  13:20,   13 november 2019

A 30-year-old man has faced court charged with murdering a 40-year-old colleague on a mine site in Western Australia's north.A 30-year-old FIFO worker accused of murdering a colleague on a Pilbara mine site has faced a West Australian... >>>

Seven-figure settlement for couple shot by cops in nightclub

Wednesday  13:15,   13 november 2019

A couple shot by police while engaged in a sex act at an erotic costume party in a Melbourne nightclub have dropped their lawsuit against the state of Victoria. According to The Age, Victoria Police agreed to a last minute, multi-million dollar... >>>

Fifita's Indonesian lawyer disputes 'smelly' $30,000 cash exchange in Bali

Wednesday  13:00,   13 november 2019

Austrindo Law owner Muhammad Rifan confirmed the Broncos player paid $30,000 AUD during his Bali arrest ordeal, as revealed by 9News. But the lawyer - a popular go-to for Australians who land in trouble - insisted the payment went only towards the... >>>