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Murray-Darling Basin water inquiry 'our last hope', Australian farmers tell inspector-general Keelty

Saturday  05:30,   29 february 2020

Acting inspector-general for the Murray-Darling Basin Mick Keelty says a different kind of water management leadership is needed as the public loses trust after a revolving door of ministers.Mr Keelty has been touring regional towns affected by the... >>>

Sunrise reporter is harassed and 'inappropriately touched' by a 13-year-old boy on her way to work as her cameraman watches on powerless to help

Saturday  04:10,   29 february 2020

Bianca Stone, a mother of two, said the teenager made the unwanted advance on her as she walked to a live cross location in the Brisbane CBD at 4am on Monday. require(["inlineoutstreamAd",... >>>

Claremont serial killings defence case finally comes to fore, with first blow

Saturday  03:40,   29 february 2020

Three months into the marathon trial of the accused Claremont serial killer, it's been difficult to get a sense of what the defence case will be. Paul Yovich SC has been meticulous in his cross-examination of witnesses during the trial of... >>>

Man found guilty of vicious attack on Queensland police officer 'kicked, choked, left with fractured teeth'

Saturday  03:25,   29 february 2020

Queensland man Keven De Vroom, who claimed he was a victim of police brutality, has been found guilty of a vicious attack which left an officer with fractured teeth. Keven Drew De Vroom, 47, was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and... >>>

Giant 'paw print' sparks debate over mystery panther in Blue Mountains national park

Saturday  03:25,   29 february 2020

For decades, sightings of a giant and mysterious black cat have been reported by residents from Lithgow to Penrith, adding to the long and prevailing myth of the Blue Mountains panther. While many deny the existence of the big cat, or laugh at the... >>>

Queensland government planning overhaul of domestic violence system

Saturday  02:45,   29 february 2020

The Queensland government is planning an overhaul of its system dealing with domestic violence after a police officer was stood down for allegedly failing to investigate a reported case. The 47-year-old officer from the Road Policing Command is... >>>

BlazeAid needs more volunteers to help bushfire recovery, sees solution in paying backpackers

Saturday  01:35,   29 february 2020

BlazeAid organisers in NSW are desperate for volunteers to replenish their bushfire recovery workforce and believe paid incentives for backpackers could be a solution.That's the call from Tumbarumba BlazeAid camp coordinators Garry Wilson and Rob... >>>

Victoria's First Peoples' Assembly 'hopeful' as it works to bring Aboriginal treaties to life

Saturday  01:16,   29 february 2020

The body tasked with taking Victoria's historic treaty negotiations forwards grapples with the complexities of the task ahead, as it aims to put key planks in place before the next state election in 2022."We've got a lot of eyes watching us,"... >>>

Teen commended for 'courage' and 'bravery' after intervening in domestic violence incident

Saturday  01:16,   29 february 2020

A 14-year-old boy is being commended for his bravery getting off a school bus to stop a domestic violence attack in Sydney's northwest yesterday.The schoolboy saw a man and woman in a violent argument along Garfield Road West in... >>>

NSW police search for missing six-month old baby

Saturday  01:16,   29 february 2020

NSW Police hold serious concerns for a six-month old baby missing since Friday afternoon. Julia Punzo was last seen being taken from a government building at Parramatta in Sydney's west by her mother Joanna. It's not known what the 39-year-old was... >>>

Coronavirus triggers national medical stockpile as COVID-19 threat intensifies

Saturday  00:26,   29 february 2020

In secret locations across Australia, millions of dollars' worth of medical supplies — including masks, antibiotics and equipment such as basic hand sanitisers — are at the ready, wrapped up on huge pallets. They're about to be deployed.In... >>>

What Mardi Gras means for LGBTQI+ Muslims

Friday  23:26,   28 february 2020

Omar grew up in a traditional, Arab Muslim household and attended a Christian school. Neither were particularly conducive to embracing his identity as a young gay man. While his immediate family is aware of his sexuality, Omar's father does not... >>>

Hannah Clarke murder prompts NSW MP's call for coercive control powers

Friday  23:16,   28 february 2020

Following the murders of Hannah Clarke and her three children in Queensland, a politician in NSW is calling for legislation to criminalise coercive and controlling behaviour. Shellharbour MP Anna Watson has pointed to changes in the United Kingdom... >>>

It's a leap year. So why do we need to add another day to our calendar?

Friday  22:25,   28 february 2020

It's been four years, but February 29 is back and all you leaplings can officially celebrate on your day. But did you know that every fourth year isn't necessarily a leap year?For the rest of us, it's an extra day of summer (or winter... >>>

How to get a job as an Australian spy

Friday  22:16,   28 february 2020

An Australian spy has revealed details about "one of the most important jobs in the world" - with the agency looking for fresh recruits to join its ranks."Sam" told 9News she is "working to protect people from harm," describing it as "hard work, but >>>