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Gangland killer Faruk Orman granted right to appeal conviction over Lawyer X concerns

Wednesday  07:51,   26 june 2019

A gangland murderer is granted the right to appeal his conviction in an extraordinary move by Victoria's Attorney-General, over fears he may have suffered a miscarriage of justice due to the involvement of police informant Nicola Gobbo, who became... >>>

Father who killed two-month-old girl wanted to have a 'better' baby, coroner finds

Wednesday  07:51,   26 june 2019

Two-month-old Tasmanian baby Charlotte Lukendlay was killed by her father who had previously threatened to "cut her into pieces to make an Indian curry", a coroner's report... >>>

'We shouldn't fear truth': Nine CEO calls for new press freedom laws

Wednesday  07:40,   26 june 2019

Nine will join forces with the ABC and News Corp to push for new laws to protect journalists and press freedom in the wake of a series of police raids targeting the media. The three organisations will be pushing for stricter rules in allowing search >>>

Lawyer X case referred to Vic appeal court

Wednesday  07:30,   26 june 2019

Jailed getaway driver Faruk Orman's case has been sent to Victoria's appeals court, following a potential miscarriage of justice over his lawyer Nicola Gobbo. She said it was not necessary to wait until the final report by the royal commission into... >>>

Murwillumbah Banana Festival forced to cancel annual street parade due to cost of anti-terror rules

Wednesday  07:06,   26 june 2019

Organisers of Murwillumbah's annual banana festival say national anti-terror rules have made it too expensive to hold a street... >>>

SA considers sex suppression law change

Wednesday  07:00,   26 june 2019

The South Australian government is considering changing a law which grants automatic anonymity to alleged sex offenders. Alleged sex offenders would lose their right to automatic anonymity under a law change proposed by the South Australian... >>>

Folau thanks supporters as donations rise

Wednesday  07:00,   26 june 2019

ANZ bank says it remains committed to supporting Netball New Zealand after star player Maria Folau's support for her husband Israel was... >>>

Mark Thompson admits in court to taking ice in the months before police raid

Wednesday  07:00,   26 june 2019

Former Geelong coach Mark Thompson has admitted in court that he was using the drug ice in the months before police raided his Port Melbourne home. Credit Cards Are Now Offering 0% Interest Until 2020 Find out more on Finder Ad >>>

Ex-bodybuilder accused of killing 22yo during torture session found guilty of murder

Wednesday  07:00,   26 june 2019

An ex-amateur bodybuilder who stalked and killed a 22-year-old man he believed stole his car is found guilty of the murder, which happened during a torture session on New Year's Day in... >>>

Kerri-Anne Kennerley's late husband's lawyers sue the golf course where he suffered a horrific fall that left him paralysed until his death

Wednesday  05:55,   26 june 2019

John Kennerley became paralysed aged 75, when he slipped off a balcony at a Coffs Harbour golf resort in March... >>>

ACT Government minister Meegan Fitzharris announces resignation to spend more time with family

Wednesday  05:35,   26 june 2019

Senior ACT Government minister Meegan Fitzharris announces she will resign from the ministry and Legislative Assembly in the coming weeks. "It's a four-year job and it's probably one of the more interesting job interviews you can go through and I... >>>

'Bali isn't safe for women': Tourist issues a chilling warning for Australians heading to the idyllic island after she was sexually assaulted by an Indonesian teenager

Wednesday  05:35,   26 june 2019

Monika Wojtkiewicz‎, 36, was travelling back from Dreamland Beach - south of Kuta on the southern tip of the idyllic island - at 4.30pm on Sunday when she was attacked by a young man. Recounting her horrific ordeal to Daily Mail Australia, the... >>>

WA authorities urged to help people born with donor sperm and eggs to find biological parents

Wednesday  05:35,   26 june 2019

Whenever Beth Wright sits on a crowded train, she scans the people in the carriage wondering if she is related to them. Such are the complications of those whose heritage remains a... >>>

Belgian police to travel to Byron Bay to continue search for missing backpacker Theo Hayez as his distraught mother arrives in Australia

Wednesday  05:35,   26 june 2019

The 18-year-old was last seen leaving the Cheeky Monkey's bar in Byron Bay at about 11pm on May... >>>

Mother slams 'selfish' driver for 'parking over two parent spaces' at a shopping centre - but not everyone is on her side

Wednesday  05:15,   26 june 2019

The woman took to Facebook to take aim at the driver as she was unable to get her baby into her car seat while shopping at a Northern Beaches... >>>