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Australia'Our system has implicit racism in it', coronial inquest hears

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'Mum was alone': Did systemic racism play a role in Tanya Day's death?

'Mum was alone': Did systemic racism play a role in Tanya Day's death? Lawyers for the family of a Yorta Yorta woman who died in a police station cell are asking for a corner to consider whether systemic racism played a part in her death. Tanya Day, who was 55, was arrested on a train for public drunkenness when she was travelling from Echuca to Melbourne to visit her daughter. Lawyer Fiona McLeod, SC, who is representing Ms Day's family and the Human Rights Legal Service, asked coroner Caitlin English on Tuesday to consider the role systemic racism may have played in the mother's death. © Supplied Tanya Day, right, loved spending time with family and friends.

Coronial inquests are public hearings held to examine the cause and circumstances surrounding the death of somebody in unusual or unnatural circumstances. The family of a deceased person can request a coroner to investigate the death of their loved one, although it is ultimately a decision for the

English examples for " coronial inquest " - Despite calls to re-open the coronial inquest , the New South Wales government has refused to do so. A piece of paper in his pocket, which was later used by police as evidence before the coronial inquest , also had blood on it . In a coronial inquest into

Shortly after midnight on New Year's Eve of 2015, Naomi Williams, 27 years old and six months pregnant, presented to Tumut Hospital in severe pain.

'Our system has implicit racism in it', coronial inquest hears© Supplied Naomi Williams and her unborn child died 15 hours after she left hospital on January 1, 2016.

Ms Williams, an Aboriginal woman, was briefly monitored and given two paracetamol tablets before she left the Riverina hospital 34 minutes later without observation being taken of her baby. She and her unborn child died 15 hours later.

Ms Williams' death is now the subject of an inquest at the NSW Coroner's Court, which has previously heard that she is believed to have died from sepsis associated with the bacterium Neisseria meningitidis - an infection typically treatable with antibiotics.

Death in custody inquest hears of multiple failings in police protocols in Rebecca Maher's detention

Death in custody inquest hears of multiple failings in police protocols in Rebecca Maher's detention An inquest has been told an Aboriginal woman who died in a NSW police cell, the first in 16 years, was not physically checked or searched for drugs prior being detained without arrest. Rebecca Maher, 36, died in a Maitland police station cell in the Hunter Valley after being picked up in nearby Cessnock in the early hours of July 19, 2016. Ms Maher was not under arrest but was still detained in police custody overnight. © Provided by ABC News Ms Maher's death, the first NSW Aboriginal death custody in 16 years, is the subject of an inquest.

In delivering her findings of the coronial inquest into the death of They may also imply it is not the responsibility of those with unconscious bias to change their implicit beliefs and explicit actions. Others completely deny racism ’s existence, wishing it would go away because “we treat everyone the

Implicit racism has taken hold in our everyday lives, where decisions about individuals and groups continue to be based on racial identifications dictated by Situated within the discussion of racism in the United States and elsewhere, particularly in relation to the study of social psychology, the term

On Thursday the court examined whether systemic failures in the health system and implicit bias played a role in the treatment she received before she died.

"Implicit bias is about associations within people's minds that lead them to make associations about a certain group and characteristics of that group," expert witness Professor Yin Paradies, who holds master's degrees in public health and medical statistics, said.

"That association is activated in certain situations, when members of that group are around, and can lead to differences in behaviour. [But] it doesn’t have to, and it doesn't always."

Under questioning from the Williams' family barrister, Maria Gerace, Professor Paradies said there was "evidence of stereotyping Indigenous people as more likely to use drugs or alcohol".

Where's William? The Coroner hopes to find out

Where's William? The Coroner hopes to find out When a coronial inquest into the disappearance and suspected death of William Tyrrell starts tomorrow, one person is expected to be the focus. The Sun-Herald and the Sunday Age understand that the inquest will zero in on one particular man, who has never been publicly discussed by detectives or known to be the focus of the investigation. Nobody has ever been charged in relation to the little boy in the Spiderman suit’s disappearance in September 2014, despite one of the state’s most intensive police investigations ever.

It has been suggested that, while in many countries overt or explicit racism has become increasingly taboo, even among those who display Therefore, subconscious racism can influence our visual processing and how our minds work when we are subliminally exposed to faces of different colors.

Our Courts. Coronial Investigations. Following a report of a death, the State Coroner must decide if it is necessary to hold an inquest to determine the cause and circumstances of the death. It may also be necessary for a post-mortem or autopsy to be performed to establish the specific medical

"That stereotype is likely to be present in the mind of Australians, given its pervasiveness," he said.

Ms Williams presented to hospital 18 times over the course of her pregnancy in 2015, often vomiting and in pain.

She was repeatedly referred to drug and alcohol counselling, despite a drug and alcohol review undertaken in July that year showing she was not dependent on substances.

Her mother made complaints about the matter to the hospital, and asked that Ms Williams be referred to a specialist.

Deputy coroner Harriet Graham said that, as a middle-class woman from the eastern suburbs, "my strong perception is I would have got a referral".

"Ms Williams visited the doctor many, many times [over the course of her pregnancy] and never got a referral," she said.

'Our system has implicit racism in it', coronial inquest hears© AAP Ms Williams' mother, Sharon (centre), made complaints to Tumut Hospital about her daughter's treatment.

While Professor Paradies acknowledged it was difficult to quantify whether the perception of poor service was related to a person's Aboriginality in individual cases, he said comparative data was most useful.

‘Ok, Daddy’: Haunting last words of girl, two, before she collapsed and died of sepsis as inquest hears doctors told her father she had a viral infection and he should give her Calpol

‘Ok, Daddy’: Haunting last words of girl, two, before she collapsed and died of sepsis as inquest hears doctors told her father she had a viral infection and he should give her Calpol Marcie Tadman was taken to the Royal United Hospital in Bath after she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Father James Tadman says seeing his daughter resuscitated was 'the worst hour of his life'. Marcie died shortly before 6am on December 5 2017 having been taken to the hospital's emergency department by her father two days previously, Avon Coroner's Court heard. The inquest heard she had been suffering with a cough for a couple of weeks and her father had telephoned the out of hours GP service on the morning of December 2, who said she should see one of the doctors. require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

INQUEST charitable trust, capitalised so as not to be confused with the legal process, is a charity concerned with state related deaths in England and Wales. It was founded in 1981. INQUEST is the only charity in the UK providing expertise on state related deaths, including deaths in custody

CATCHWORDS: CORONIAL LAW; Suspended inquest ; acquittal in criminal proceedings; resumed inquest ; missing person; section 61 certificate CATCHWORDS: CORONIAL LAW; death of thirteen year old boy; borderline myocarditis; should myocarditis have been diagnosed earlier; was treatment

"The best data we have is [there are] 30 per cent fewer procedures for Aboriginal patients across Australia compared to other patients," he said.

Michael Fordham, barrister for the Murrumbidgee Local Health District, raised objections to elements of Professor Paradies' report and implications that certain clinical conduct surrounding Ms Williams' case was consistent with implicit bias.

He said that earlier witnesses in the inquest had not been cross-examined on having acted with bias, and that the coroner would fault individual decisions.

The deputy coroner said the purpose of the inquest was not to point the finger at individuals but to ask whether there was "an overall problem with the system".

"It has been suggested that, when you look at the literature, there are ways our system has implicit racism in it," she said.

"If you look at mortality rates, if you look at health outcomes, I don’t think the health department is going to disagree."

"Doesn’t that help the local district, to know that what may have been operating during her treatment is implicit bias?" she asked Mr Fordham.

"Isn’t that something they would want to know and have a look at?"

“I hope at the end of this inquest we have better engagement,” she said. The inquest concludes on Friday.

Family 'felt like idiots' during 'biased' probe into teen's death.
Senior Northern Territory Police officers have admitted an investigation into the death of 16-year-old motorbike rider, Xavier Lengyal, was impacted by bias. Assistant Commissioner Narelle Beer today told a coronial inquest major changes have been, and will continue to be, implemented throughout Northern Territory Police to ensure it doesn't happen again. © Nine Police at the scene last year. "Since the incident came to my attention, we're conducting a thorough review of Major Crash," Asst Comm. Beer said.

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