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AustraliaHow climate denialism was mainstreamed in Australia

22:50  14 march  2019
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Former prime ministers Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott square off over Paris Climate Accord

Former prime ministers Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott square off over Paris Climate Accord Malcolm Turnbull ridicules former prime minister Tony Abbott's comments amid abandoning his calls to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

ESPN's broadcast of climate denialism only underscores the need for legitimate media organizations to treat the issue of global warming seriously and to make sure that it's part of the conversation. As a network devoted to sports, ESPN has a unique responsibility to treat climate change seriously.

Australia - English. How does this affect one's access to factual, science-based climate change information? Whatever the reasons are for rejecting widely accepted science-based, peer reviewed research, the denialism and inaction of some nations has significant consequences for many around

How climate denialism was mainstreamed in Australia© Provided by Private Media Operations Pty Ltd. climate denialism

Climate change denialists have set up intellectual camp in that small space between doubt and certainty that doesn’t ever quite touch either. In that narrowing space, they assert an absolute dualism between certainty and falsehood and turn the great truth-seeking weapons of the 20th century — the scientific method and the norms of journalistic inquiry — against truth itself.

Here, News Corp acts as armourer to the camp. It has embraced right-wing positioning as a business strategy, and seamlessly integrated with the US right-wing noise machine. It is the vector that mainlines denialism into the Australian body politic.

Climate change costs will have knock-on effect on interest rates, Reserve Bank warns

Climate change costs will have knock-on effect on interest rates, Reserve Bank warns The Reserve Bank has warned it will have to take the impact of climate change into account when setting interest rates. " The economy is changing all the time in response to a large number of forces," Guy Debelle said in a keynote address to the Centre for Policy Development. "Monetary policy is always having to analyse and assess these forces and their impact on the economy. "But few of these forces have the scale, persistence and systemic risk of climate change." Mr Debelle drew a distinction between weather cycles — such as drought and cyclones — and trends such as climate change.

How many times must we see this disaster movie—titled Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and Hurricane Katrina in 2005, along with many lesser- known foreign releases—before we intervene and change the ending? And how long before we hold the ultimate authors of such climate

How one think tank poisoned Australia ’s climate debate. From anti-vaxxers to climate deniers to a general simmering scepticism of science, denialism in all its forms is everywhere. Crikey is presenting a four-part series on how the seeds of doubt are planted and how they blossom through media and

What does this look like in practice? The gap between probability and certainty is turned to exploit “man-bites-dog” opportunities, with a “not all scientists” flavour. With this approach, the repetitive inevitability of the “dog-bites-man” reports of climate science can be safely ignored as “not news”.

This leaches into the general news ecosystem, encouraging mainstream media to play it safe. If “everybody knows” about climate change, then there’s no news to report. A 2018 report by US media critics Media Matters showed a 45% year-on-year drop in climate change reporting on the major US broadcast channels.

How climate denialism was mainstreamed in Australia© Provided by Private Media Operations Pty Ltd.

A local example? The morning after the Wentworth byelection, which had been largely determined by climate change politics, ABC’s Insiders spent an hour analysing the outcome without mentioning the words.

Winter in Australia will disappear by 2050, new research claims

Winter in Australia will disappear by 2050, new research claims Visual design and climate change academics have teamed up to help Australians see how winter will disappear and a ‘new summer’ will emerge by 2050. Academics from the School of Art & Design (SOA&D) and the Australian National University Climate Change Institute have created a tool that allows users to see how climate change will impact temperatures for thousands of towns across Australia. The visualisation shows that winter as we know it will disappear, while a ‘new summer’ with sustained temperature peaks sometimes well above 40ºC will become normal.

For Australian fossil fuel interests, President Trump’s war on climate appears particularly How Malcolm Turnbull could ignore the facts and fund the myth of 'clean' coal. In the US and Australia , we must shift away from a culture of politically motivated climate change denialism to an acceptance

How difficult? Over the coming 25 or 30 years, scientists say, the climate is likely to resemble that of today, although gradually getting warmer, with more The most extreme version of climate denialism is to claim that scientists are engaged in a worldwide hoax to fool the public so that the government

This is a strategy that’s being challenged by extreme weather events. These can’t be dismissed as “not news”. Instead the link between extreme events and climate change must be dismissed either as tasteless (“too soon”) or, in a back-to-basics play, not proven to the level of certainty.

News Corp is also the major distributor of explicit denialist opinion. Through a combination of the op-ed pages in The Australian, its tabloid columnists, and “Sky after dark” it gives a voice out of all proportion to its intellectual weighting. These voices are not designed to persuade. Like the original Collegio Urbano de Propaganda Fide, they provide talking points to the faithful which can then be transformed into the fake news of social media and pub talk.

Protest climate after school hours, Shorten tells kids

Protest climate after school hours, Shorten tells kids Children should protest on weekends or after school rather than participating in tomorrow's walkout over climate change, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said. Tomorrow thousands of students from across the country are expected to leave school to demonstrate against government inaction on global warming. But Mr Shorten was not in favour of the school strike. © AAP Thousands of students took action in a strike about climate change last year. "Kids are allowed to have an opinion," he told reporters in Melbourne this morning. "In an ideal world, they would protest after school hours and on weekends.

How ESPN Is Mainstreaming Climate Change Denialism – Media Matters. ESPN announcers Brad Nessler and Jimmy Dykes mainstreamed the right-wing myth that cold weather in January disproves man-made climate change. During the first half of a January 7 game, Dykes discussed a pattern of

Regardless, to restrict discussion to climate science— how many scientists say what, who signed what statement, how many peer-reviewed papers say what—misses the forest for the trees. Climate denialism is part of something much broader and scarier on the right. The core idea is most clearly

How climate denialism was mainstreamed in Australia© Provided by Private Media Operations Pty Ltd.

Through this process, it embeds denialism in the right-wing catechism. As Malcolm Turnbull discovered to his cost — twice — a rejection of climate change is part of the price of entry to conservative politics. An element of public gaslighting is acceptable (Paris targets will be met “in a canter”). But accepting the science and committing to practical action? That’s another thing altogether.

For politicians needing majority support, this wedges them tightly. Think of Morrison brandishing his lump of coal in the House of Representatives, holding it forth like kryptonite against climate science. It’s great visuals for the conservative warriors sitting behind him, but terrible in the progressive urban communities where the next election seems set to be determined.

Using these norms of journalistic presentation, from op-eds to talk shows, to promote denialist belief encourages a both-sides-ism across the journalistic landscape. If the right reject climate change, then an acceptance of the science — and the imperative of action — must be a left-wing position. Win-win for denialists: it locks the conservative base in more tightly behind them.

'Fantastic turnout': School climate strike draws big crowd in Sydney

'Fantastic turnout': School climate strike draws big crowd in Sydney A massive crowd of students gathered in the Sydney CBD to rally against climate change inaction, with protesters overflowing from Town Hall.

The climate of Australia can vary a great deal from place to place, although in summer it’s basically hot everywhere in varying degrees (little Australia is in the southern hemisphere so our seasons are opposite from the northern hemisphere; this means that Christmas in Australia is in summer when it’s

Here are two explanations for climate denialism that seem to me to hold water. One thing that has been particularly confusing is how the political right managed to convince conservative Christians to reject so much evidence about the wholesale disrespect for, and destruction of, God’s glorious creation.

There’s nothing inevitable about the alignment of the right (and News Corp) with denialism. Back in the early noughties, the link was still loose enough for James Murdoch to be permitted to roll out an internal carbon neutral plan for the company. In 2007, John Howard campaigned for an emission trading scheme.

News Corp employs enough good journalists to be able to point to stories they’ve based on the science.

But about a decade ago, fossil fuel funding of the resurgent Tea Party right in the US created an irresistible force. Denialism became a criterion for funding and it fuelled conservative dogma.

The journey of Australia’s right can be traced through the otherwise contradictory public comments of, say, Tony Abbott. And as the voice of — and to — that dogmatic community, News Corp got on board for the ride.

This piece is part of our dedicated climate change series, Slow Burn. Read the rest here.

Sir David to present climate change film.
The broadcaster's film will explore potential threats to our planet and the possible solutions. The broadcaster says "conditions have changed far faster" than he ever imagined when he first started talking about the environment 20 years ago. The documentary will show footage showing the impact global warming has already had. It will also feature interviews with climatologists and meteorologists to explore the science behind recent extreme weather conditions, including the California wildfires in November 2018.

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