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AustraliaShark attack victim ready to get back in the water

14:30  15 april  2019
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Galaxy Fold units keep mysteriously breaking, while the iPhone XS survives a shark bite

Galaxy Fold units keep mysteriously breaking, while the iPhone XS survives a shark bite If you've paid attention to tech industry news to any degree over the past day or two, you're no doubt aware that Samsung is dealing with a bit of unpleasant scrutiny at the moment over reports of early units of its forthcoming Galaxy Fold phone mysteriously breaking. 

Mother of 13-year-old shark attack victim says he got 'very, very lucky'. By Mark Osborne. Keane Webre-Hayes is still laid up in a hospital bed two days after he was attacked by a shark off a San Diego beach, but he's already making plans to get back in the ocean.

Ericson has yet to get back in the water . The discussion will include some of their rescuers, as well as experts who can shed light on the uptick of shark activity and what surfers and water enthusiasts want to know as we head into summer – is it safe to get in the water ?

Block Reef is one of the most picturesque places on earth – a diver’s paradise. Below the topaz coloured waters are beautiful walls of coral, littered with tropical fish.

But that allure comes with a potentially deadly risk, sharks. One that nearly took Ryan Bowring’s life three weeks ago.

A first officer aboard a luxury vessel based in the Whitsundays, Mr Bowring had just jumped into the water when he was attacked by what he suspects was a three metre Bronze Whaler Shark.

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Surprisingly, most shark attack survivors — so many of whom are surfers and ocean lovers — are ready to forgive and get right back in the water . DAVID COZZAN AND HIS SON: Surviving shark attacks a family affair. Cozzan, 37, was chomped on the foot when he was 19, while surfing off Singer

Shark attack victim Arthur Medici remembered in ceremony on Cape Cod Family and friends of Arthur Medici, the Friend says shark attack victim at home resting, doing well KAILUA-KONA — A 75-year-old man survived a shark attack Tuesday morning while paddling an outrigger canoe in the waters

Shark attack victim ready to get back in the water © 9news Ryan Bowring says he loves the water too much to be worried about sharks. “Out of nowhere it just felt like I was crash-tackled by a big rugby player or something,” Mr Bowring recounted.

“It didn’t take me too long to realise it was a shark on the other end of me.”

For the first time since the attack, Mr Bowring and I travelled back to the reef where he came face to face with the ocean’s apex predator.

Reaching the reef was a rough three-hour boat ride. Our fishing charter was constantly smashed by two-and-a-half to three metre waves. it was no easy feat for a man still recovering from surgery.

“It's not gonna deter me from hopping back in the water or being out here where I love being,” Mr Bowring told me.

Born in Tasmania, Mr Bowring had been a commercial fisherman for four years. He’d faced ten metre waves in terrible storms.

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Maria Korcsmaros is keen to get back in the water once she recovers from the bite, for which she's had to have surgery. Article Continued Below. Since then, shark sightings closed beaches near the site of her attack twice in two days. Swimmers and surfers were allowed back in the water Tuesday

He had been water skiing behind a boat a victim of circumstance In the wrong place at the wrong time he did not stand a chance For sharks are powerful predators their razor sharp teeth tear flesh and big bones crack And few have lived to tell the Comments about Shark Attack Victim by Francis Duggan.

He is tough but I still witnessed him wince in pain from time to time. His close encounter had left him with 75 stitches, and the dressings were still being changed daily.

Shark attack victim ready to get back in the water © CQ Rescue helicopter Mr Bowring is stretchered from the CQ Rescue helicopter.

Standing aboard our charter, the “Stryker,” in the middle of Block reef, Mr Bowring shows me his scars. The gashes are up to four centimetres deep, ten centimetres long. I’m surprised he can stand.  But with a surprising cool, he takes me back to March 25.

“We'd already been out here for a few days and the weather was beautiful. I was just about to lead a snorkel tour for some of our guests.”

Mr Bowring and a deck hand had been in the water for less than ten seconds when he was attacked, the shark biting across his left thigh, hip and buttocks.

“It had come up for that initial bite. Probably held onto me, felt like a lot longer, but maybe a second or so,” Mr Bowring recalled.

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Neumann said he was spearfishing in about 40-feet of water off the coast of Jupiter on Friday when a bull shark came out of nowhere. “It’s not the shark ’s fault, he got confused, the water was dirty, and things can happen. Neumann said he has no hard feelings against sharks and can’t wait to get back

(WHDH) — A Massachusetts woman attacked by a shark while spearfishing in the Bahamas is already talking about getting back in the water . Maggie Ewing had an unwanted encounter with a blacktip shark Sunday afternoon when she speared a hogfish underwater near Treasure Cay Beach

“I yelled out a few colourful words followed by 'shark!'”

Bleeding, Mr Bowring and another instructor, screamed for help. Fearing that it would come back any moment. Fellow divers watched in horror from the boat.

“That was probably the worst part, just sitting in the water just waiting and wondering. I can't see anything underneath me, knew something was wrong, you know, I'm probably bleeding, so it's probably heightened its excitement.”

Eventually he made it back to the boat. But 85 kilometres off the Whitsundays’ Coast, it was a 45-minute trip back to the rescue pad at Hardy Reef. He was then winched out by the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter and flown to Mackay Hospital where he underwent surgery, received blood transfusions, and rehabilitation.

Shark attack victim ready to get back in the water © 9news Block Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef, about 85km from the Whitsunday coast.

The attack on Mr Bowring follows three others, one fatal, in the Whitsundays late last year, and has reignited debate over the effectiveness of drumlines. There are 173 installed across the Great Barrier Reef.

"Ryan was just unlucky enough, that he's jumped in the water, the shark has obviously mistaken him for prey,” said our fishing charter Captain Steven Maguire.

Frenchman jailed for pretending to be 2015 attack victim

Frenchman jailed for pretending to be 2015 attack victim A Frenchman who received compensation over a 1995 terror attack in Paris has been sent to jail after pretending he was at the scene of the November 2015 assault on the city by Islamic State gunmen. 

This is a list of recorded fatal shark attacks in South African territorial waters in reverse chronological order. It includes: shark attacks that were immediately fatal and the body was later recovered, and shark attacks that the victim died later due to the injuries of the attack

Shark attack victim identified as mother of 3. In the area near the shark attack incident, military guards were stopping people from entering, only allowing people in the State Parks aide Travis Lara said four people were in the water at the surf spot called “Church,” also referred casually by surfers

To prove his point, Mr Maguire tried to attract sharks at Hardy Reef, by baiting the water. Not a single shark took a bite or came to the surface.

A week after Mr Bowring was attacked, a court ruled that drum lines could no longer be used to catch and kill sharks right across the reef.

But the Queensland Government has launched an appeal. A Federal Court granting a stay, meaning the Shark Control Program continues unchanged until a final decision is made. Drum lines were returned to the waters over the weekend.

But Shark expert Trevor Long told 9News the drum lines are “not doing anything to save bathers.”

The government, however, is appealing the decision.

Despite being attacked, Mr Bowring doesn’t believe in killing sharks either.

“Putting in drumlines it’s just crazy. They don’t need to be here and we should be doing everything we can to help one of the apex predators of the ocean.

And plans to dive on the reef again, when his wounds are fully healed.

“I love the water too much to be worried about the odd shark here and there or the fact that it might happen it’s the risk you take if you want to do the things you love.”

12-foot, 1,600-lb shark being tracked in Gulf of Mexico.
A 12-foot-long, 1,600-pound great white shark has been located in the Gulf of Mexico and researchers are tracking its movements in order to better understand the species. According to the non-profit research group OCEARCH, the great white, affectionately nicknamed Miss Costa, was first found swimming in waters off the Florida Panhandle in March and has been moving north ever since. Named after OCEARCH's partner Costa Sunglasses, Miss Costa was first spotted in 2016, swimming near Nantucket, Massachusetts. At the time, she was 12-foot, 5 inches long, but is now estimated to be as long as 14 or 15 feet.

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