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04:15  17 may  2019
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Labor's golden boy who transformed a nation

Labor's golden boy who transformed a nation He was a beer-skolling union star who went on to become prime minister, modernise the economy and weep in public.

Bob Hawke was prime minister from 1983 to 1991, during which time his government brought in major economic and environmental reforms that The move was the first in a long line of deregulation undertaken by Mr Hawke and his treasurer Paul Keating, with some commentators saying it helped

“I felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel, for our lives . We were really in a dark tunnel for those six days, until he made the announcement.” “At the time , a lot of people really, really felt we had no hope in our life . Like ants in society. When your degree is not recognised, you don’t know where to go.

'There was no time in my life when there was no Bob Hawke’© 9news 9News Political Editor Chris Uhlmann pays tribute to Bob Hawke. A giant has fallen.

That’s the sentiment around the country as we stop to remember one of the dominant figures of Australia in the 20th century, a man who left an enormous mark on our society and made it a better place.

Bob Hawke is someone who came into our consciousness in the 1950s and 1960s as a leader of the Australian trade union movement, and then went on to lead the Labor Party.

He then made that difficult transition through to being Prime Minister.

'There was no time in my life when there was no Bob Hawke’ Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke has died peacefully at home at the age of 89 years. He is one of three Labor prime ministers to lead them to victory from opposition - Gough Whitlam was one, Hawke was one, Kevin Rudd was the third, and of course this weekend, the Labor Party is hoping Bill Shorten will be the next one to do that.

'We have lost a favourite son': Bill Shorten pays tribute to Hawke

'We have lost a favourite son': Bill Shorten pays tribute to Hawke Labor leader Bill Shorten has paid tribute to Australia’s “favourite son” Bob Hawke, who has today died aged 89.

As news of Bob Hawke 's death sweeps through the country, the Chinese-Australian community expresses gratitude towards the Labor legend's For them, Mr Hawke 's decision was much more than just a set of landmark immigration policies. They say they are ultimately the beneficiaries of Mr

Despite his achievments, we can see that Bob Hawke marked a time when Labor began the first of many steps backwards, writes Guy Rundle. Or will it have no effect at all? Bob was the last of real old style Aussies to be PM – in fact the only one in my life time . I’m a big Keating fan still but what

Hawke had a deep and abiding connection to the Australian people, perhaps there was no leader that had a better connection.

This allowed him the room to move, to make massive changes to the way we lived our lives.

A political powerhouse: Bob Hawke's legacy

A political powerhouse: Bob Hawke's legacy Robert James Lee Hawke held office as the 23rd Prime Minister of Australia from 1983-1991.

“ When I was first in New York, I used to come here to kill time between auditions,” he said, entering Writing on the eve of a battle, Sir Thomas presents a guide for living an upright and noble life in The book evolved gradually. There were seven rules, then ten, then twenty. One year, Hawke and his wife

There seemed to be no use in waiting by the little door, so she went back to the table, half hoping she might find another key on it, or at any rate a the neck of the bottle was a paper label, with the words 'DRINK ME' beautifully printed on it in large letters. It's the most curious thing I ever saw in my life !'

'There was no time in my life when there was no Bob Hawke’© YouTube Bob Hawke celebrates Australia II wining the America's Cup. There was no time in my life when there was no Bob Hawke. Who will ever forget the way he came to power, when he took over from Bill Hayden and Bill Hayden famously said “a drover’s dog could lead the Labor Party to an election in 1983”. Well, he led them to four. The question is, might he have an effect on a fifth?

Hawke is someone who the Australian people still love, and when we had that loss of trust in Australian political leaders nowadays, no one for me exemplified better than someone who could connect with the people than Bob Hawke.

He was called the larrikin Prime Minister, but he was more than a larrikin: he was great thinker, he was a Rhodes Scholar, he was a sportsman, so he represented all those things which are great about Australia - not just being a larrikin or someone who could drink a yard glass, but someone who thought long and hard about what sort of nation this should be.

The first Hawke cabinet in 1983 was widely regarded as perhaps being one of the best we’ve ever had, and one of the reasons he was a great Prime Minister was he encouraged his ministers to be their best.

When thinking about Bob Hawke tonight, so many memories come flooding back.

One significant moment was again in 1983 with Australia II winning the America’s Cup, which was something we never thought would happen.

And what did Bob Hawke famously say, when he was covered in champagne at the celebration? That “any boss who sacks his worker for not turning up today is a bum”.

Vale Bob Hawke.

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The Coalition leader retained the top job despite polls suggesting Opposition Leader Bill Shorten would emerge from Saturday's election victorious. He is expected to form a majority government, with the Liberal party now holding 75 seats after the first batch of postal votes were counted, and leading in other regions. Boothby and Wentworth were both won by the Liberals, with Bass expected to become the 76th seat - giving Mr Morrison and his party their majority.

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