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AustraliaDog owners urged to come forward after alpacas Snoopy and Trixie found mauled

08:30  03 july  2019
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The owners of pet alpacas believed to have been chased down and mauled to death by dogs have appealed for information before others, including children Key points: The owners found their pet alpacas dead in a ditch after returning from an interstate holidayThe alpacas were found with woun

The owners of two alpacas mauled to death to by dogs issue a warning to other families, and say they're disappointed no-one in their small community has come forward with information.

Dog owners urged to come forward after alpacas Snoopy and Trixie found mauled© Supplied: Warwick Clark Alpacas Trixie and Snoopy were well-known pets in Winnaleah. The owners of pet alpacas believed to have been chased down and mauled to death by dogs have appealed for information before others, including children, are hurt.

Alana and her husband Warwick found their beloved family pets Snoopy and Trixie dead in a ditch on their Winnaleah property in north-east Tasmania last week.

They made the devastating discovery after returning from a holiday.

"Snoopy was still warm," Mrs Clark said.

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Alpacas were domesticated in South America over 5000 years ago by the Incas in the harsh climate of the high altitude regions of the Andes Mountains in southern Peru, Bolivia and Chile. They are among the most ancient of the world’s domestic animals.

"It was devastating to come home from holiday and find them like that, and to think no-one in the community has stepped up to say anything about it."

Mrs Clark said the paddock where they were found was covered with fur.

"It must have been more than one dog because the alpacas weighed 100kgs each, so [the dogs] have chased them around and around the paddock and tired them out," she said.

"There were bits of fur all over the place."

The alpacas both had wounds to the side and backs of their heads.

The animals responsible have not been found but the Clarks believe the owners would be able to see evidence of the attack.

"Someone's dog must have been covered in blood, but they're not coming forward," Mrs Clark said.

According to the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, wild dogs are not widespread in Tasmania and "dogs at large" are considered to be a larger problem.

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'It's hurt us a lot'

Mrs Clark was brought to tears when describing how much the hairy pair meant to her family.

"When my husband told the kids the other night, my son didn't believe him, it's hurt us a lot," she said.

"Trixie was probably around 12 years old, and Snoopy would have been almost three years old.

"My husband could go nose to nose with Snoopy. He was very friendly."

Concerns for children at nearby school

Mrs Clark said she feared if the dogs responsible were not found, it a child could be attacked next time.

"The alpacas were virtually across the road from the school, so what happens if it's a child next time. What happens then?

"If they can do this to an alpaca, what can they do to a small child."

The family initially got them to keep the grass on the property down but the experience has left them unwilling to replace the pets.

"We don't want to go through this again," Mrs Clark said.

Dogs owners in the area have been put on notice by the Dorset Council and warned they must lock up their animals.

Animal management officer Wayne Churchill said an infringement notice had been issued to the owner of two mastiff dogs found loose in the street last week, but said there was no indication those dogs were the ones responsible.

"Your dogs need to be secured, not roaming about unattended, or substantial fines will be issued," he said.

Mr Churchill said he believed it was an isolated incident and said there had not been any other recent reports of dog attacks.

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