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AustraliaScott Morrison is being treated to a state dinner with Donald Trump — but there are always strings attached

01:30  19 september  2019
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Hockey praises Trump ahead of Morrison visit

Hockey praises Trump ahead of Morrison visit Ambassador of Australia to the United States Joe Hockey has praised President Donald Trump ahead of Scott Morrison’s state visit, but he has advised the prime minister to avoid becoming too "casual" with the relationship. In an interview on Paul Murray Live, Mr Hockey noted the president’s ability to meet his election promises. Mr Morrison will head to Washington DC for the first state visit to the US by an Australian prime minister since John Howard in 2006 and will be given the rare privilege of a state dinner at the White House.

It’s all because Scott Morrison is on his way to the United States , where he will be the guest of honour at only the second State Dinner Donald Trump has thrown. As he flies off, Josh Frydenberg will hand down the final budget statement, which is the how-did- those -treasury-predictions-actually-pan-out

Scott Morrison and Donald Trump . The pair will visit an Australian-owned paper The prime minister said Australia’s decision to contribute to a US-led mission in the Strait of Hormuz aimed at protecting freedom of navigation in the Gulf region demonstrated that Australia is “ always prepared to do the

Scott Morrison is being treated to a state dinner with Donald Trump — but there are always strings attached© Kazuhiro NOGI - Pool/Getty Images Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison chats with US President Donald Trump. This weekend, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny travel to Washington to attend a state dinner hosted in their honour.

This isn't a standard visit. Australian PMs go to Washington all the time — they even have meals there, often with a president — but they don't all get a state dinner at the White House.

They're usually reserved only for heads of state (technically for us that's the Queen, but let's not be too pedantic).

Think president Ronald Reagan hosting prime minister Margaret Thatcher in 1981 as their special relationship bloomed in the shadow of the Cold War, or Bill Clinton hosting the newly elected president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, in 1994 — with entertainment provided by Whitney Houston.

Morrison touches down in Washington to meet Trump

  Morrison touches down in Washington to meet Trump Prime Minister Scott Morrison has arrived to pomp and ceremony in Washington for his historic state visit with US President Donald Trump. An official welcoming ceremony was held for the prime minister when he stepped off the Royal Australian Airforce jet on Friday morning Australian time.Mr Morrison is only the second Australian prime minister to be invited for dinner by a US president at the White House - following former prime minister John Howard. Regional security and global trade tensions will be high on the agenda when the two world leaders meet.

That comes ahead of Morrison ’s trip to the United States , where he will be a guest at only the second state dinner Donald Trump has ever held. It’s going to be a delicate balance for Morrison , as it always is There is also quite a lot of criticism around the latest family court inquiry Scott Morrison

Donald Trump is preparing to host Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for a prestigious state Mr Morrison will leave for the United States after parliament rises on Thursday, and be hosted at a It’s up to those two countries to sort it out and come to an agreement. “I’ve always been hopeful that

It's been a while, as they say, between drinks.

As with almost everything written and said about Mr Morrison's visit since it was announced in July, this is the first time an Australian PM has been invited to a state dinner since John Howard in 2006. Before Howard, it was Hawke in 1989, and before him, only three others.

Why now? The past holds the answer

Given the rarity and the prestige of these dinners, it's worth asking why Morrison, and why now.

Looking more closely at these rare events gives us some significant insights into the past and future of the US-Australian alliance.

It was Republican president Richard Nixon who issued the first state dinner invitations to Australian leaders. Two Liberal PMs, John Gorton and Billy McMahon, had dinner with the Nixons in 1969 and then 1971.

Morrison warmly welcomed by Trump in state ceremony

  Morrison warmly welcomed by Trump in state ceremony Prime Minister Scott Morrison's State Visit to the United States is in full swing as he and his wife Jenny Morrison were welcomed to the White House. Dozens of military officers carrying the flags of both countries lined the lower balcony of the white house ahead of the arrival of both leaders.Following the national anthems of both nations, the leaders met with dignitaries before delivering remarks on the enduring friendship between the two democracies.It's the first state dinner for an Australian prime minister in 13 years and only the second for the Trump administration.

The US president Donald Trump will join Scott Morrison in Ohio next week for a tour of a new Australian-owned paper recycling mill in Ohio after a “ There is no deeper friendship than that which exists between Australia and the United States ,” Morrison said. “We see the world through the same

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will score a rare honour on his upcoming trip the US — a state dinner with President Trump . It’s a rarity for visiting guests, now Australian PM Scott Morrison is set to receive an honour from President Trump that just one other leader has in office.

Both dinners happened in the shadow of the United States' unnecessary and extremely unpopular war in Vietnam. Australia was one of the only countries to follow the United States into that war.

It was McMahon, as minister, who had introduced the National Service Act that began conscription. In the context of both Vietnam and the broader Cold War, Nixon found staunch allies in both PMs.

Later, another Liberal prime minister, Malcolm Fraser, enjoyed not one but three state dinners. In 1976, newly installed president Gerald Ford, trying to rebuild America's image in the world after the "long national nightmare" of Nixon, found a friend in Fraser. So too did Democrat Jimmy Carter, as he was finding his foreign policy feet and somewhat complicating matters with some of the United States' other traditional allies.

President Ronald Reagan welcomed Fraser back to the White House in 1981.

Revealed: The presents Scott Morrison gifted to Donald Trump, his wife Melania and son Barron to mark the 'mateship' between the two countries

  Revealed: The presents Scott Morrison gifted to Donald Trump, his wife Melania and son Barron to mark the 'mateship' between the two countries Mr Morrison presented the figurine and two other gifts to President Trump when the pair met alongside their wives at the White House on Friday morning. The Australian leader first told the US president about the story of World War II solider Leslie 'Bull' Allen in their first phone call after Mr Morrison assumed the leadership just over a year ago. Mr Morrison then commissioned Mudgee sculptor Scott Edwards to create a bronze statuette of Corporal Allen carrying a wounded American off the battlefield in Papua New Guinea.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has accepted an invitation from US President Donald Trump for an official visit to the country. " It was an honour to accept President Trump 's generous invitation for an official visit with a State Dinner at the White House," Mr Morrison said in a statement.

'Very pleased' Donald Trump predicted Scott Morrison would Much like Trump , opinion polls had trended towards Mr Morrison 's opponents and Sportsbet were so confident of a Labor victory they had paid He said that he always thought that it would happen,' Mr Morrison told the Daily Telegraph.

The two leaders shared an almost apocalyptic anti-communism attitude in an increasingly frightening Cold War. As Reagan oversaw an unprecedented military build-up, he found a supportive friend in Fraser and an economic ally to boot.

Pictures: The 30 Prime Ministers of Australia

Scott Morrison is being treated to a state dinner with Donald Trump — but there are always strings attached

Then, at the close of the decade, Reagan's successor, Republican president George H W Bush, hosted the first Labor prime minister to receive a state dinner invitation: Bob Hawke.

The Hawkes attended dinner in the midst of great uncertainty in the global economic and political landscape. The Cold War was still raging, showing no signs of ending. While he wasn't a fervent anti-communist like Fraser, Hawke maintained Australia's strong commitment to the alliance. Both leaders were also, no doubt, keen to shore up the official basis of that relationship, the ANZUS Treaty, in the face of its near-collapse a few years before.

It would be another decade and a half before an Australian leader would be invited back. In 2006, the Howards were welcomed to DC by the Bush family. As we have been repeatedly reminded this week, the two leaders, united by ideology and another unnecessary war, shared a warm friendship.

PM confident of end to US/China trade spat

  PM confident of end to US/China trade spat Prime Minister Scott Morrison says his government can address any delay in a resolution to the US-China trade spat.US President Donald Trump said on Friday he wasn't sure the issues could be resolved before the next presidential election, in November 2020.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will be the guest of honour at a state dinner at the White House later this year, proving yet another sign of his growing Prime Minister Scott Morrison is optimistic persistent trade tensions between the United States and China can be resolved when leaders meet at

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current president of the United States . Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality.

We're an early bird

If we look back at this short list, a few things stand out.

US presidents tend to host Australian PMs at state dinners relatively early in their first terms, when they're still finding their foreign policy feet and are perhaps looking for a risk-free foray into the world of global politics.

Invitations to these swanky events also tend to come (perhaps with the exception of Hawke) when US presidents want to demonstrate to the world — and themselves — that they have at least one uncomplicated friend who will stand by them and say nice things, no matter what.

But most importantly, for Australia, invitations arrive during times of war: Vietnam, then the Cold War (which was in fact a hot war for much of the world), and then, decades later, Iraq. Notably, Australia did not receive a state dinner invitation between the end of the Cold War and the beginning of the war on terror.

As Ronald Reagan noted when he welcomed Malcolm Fraser to the White House on the morning of June 30, 1981, "Australians have fought side-by-side with Americans in every major war in this century." And, we might add, in the next.

With that in mind, as the Morrisons prepare to board the plane to Washington while Trump escalates his rhetoric against Iran, it's worth also recalling the words of Morrison's Liberal predecessor John Gorton, at the first state dinner attended by an Australian prime minister.

In 1969, Gorton told his hosts that "wherever the United States is resisting aggression, wherever the United States or the United Kingdom or any other country is seeking to ensure that there will be a chance for the free expression of the spirit of man from himself and not from dictatorship; wherever there is a joint attempt to improve not only the material but the spiritual standards of life of the peoples of the world, then, Sir, we will go Waltzing Matilda with you."

It's Australia's historic willingness to waltz, with the United States in the lead, that usually gets Australian leaders their state dinner invitations. Morrison, like his predecessors, has shown the same willingness to dance.

Emma Shortis is a research fellow at the Social and Global Studies Centre at RMIT University.

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Morrison, Trump tour Aussie cardboard king's new factory .
Prime Minister Scott Morrison and US President Donald Trump open a new paper mill for billionaire businessman Anthony Pratt.The visit will bring an end to the formal celebrations of the alliance.

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