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Australia Latest Snowy Hydro 2.0 environment report criticised by conservationists

09:41  01 october  2019
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  SA govt finally responds to Murray inquiry The South Australian government has finally delivered its full response to the state's Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling Basin. Support for more forced water buybacks along the Murray-Darling Basin has been ruled out by the South Australian government in its response to the state's royal commission into the river system.Finally delivering its full response more than six months after the royal commission's findings were handed down, the government said it would not support 10 of the 82 recommendations included across the commission's report and a report handed down by the Productivity Commission.

Snowy Hydro operates the Snowy Mountains Scheme, along with other power assets across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Snowy 2 . 0 will enhance our existing capability and ensure that we can continue to provide increased stability and security to the energy market well into the future.

Snowy Hydro has been granted approval to proceed with a program of Exploratory Works to gain a greater understanding of the underground geological conditions at the proposed location of the new Snowy 2 . 0 power station. Exploratory Works pre-construction activities are now underway in the Lobs

a body of water with a mountain in the background: Snowy 2.0 will pump water underground between Talbingo and Tantagara dams to generate electricity. (ABC News: Greg Nelson)© Provided by Australian Broadcasting Corporation Snowy 2.0 will pump water underground between Talbingo and Tantagara dams to generate electricity. (ABC News: Greg Nelson)

Conservation groups say the latest Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Federal Government's Snowy 2.0 project shows work on the site will have dire consequences for land around it.

Exploratory works for the $5 billion hydro power project are already underway and the EIS for the main works is on public display until early November.

One of the main concerns is the proposal to clear an area in the Kosciuszko National Park.

The EIS states the "disturbance footprint" of the project is 1,680 hectares, around 0.25 per cent of Kosciuszko National Park. The "operational footprint" is smaller, at 99 hectares or 0.01 per cent of the total national park.

Labor not ‘running dead’ on climate change

  Labor not ‘running dead’ on climate change Labor leader Anthony Albanese has indicated he will “take the fight” to the government when it comes to climate change policy, according to Sky News Political Editor David Speers. Labor MP Amanda Rishworth has called on the government to be “bold and brave” and to “stop being controlled by the climate deniers” after a startling environmental report revealed sea levels could rise by more than a metre by next century. The Member for Kingston, who said she has 31 kilometres of beach in her electorate, told Sky News the people she speaks to are “very concerned about the future” and “concerned about climate change”.

Snowy Hydro reports weekly gross storage levels of our three main storages Jindabyne, Eucumbene and Tantangara all year round. During the winter months we also report weekly snow depths at Spencers Creek, Deep Creek and Three Mile Dam. Click on the icon of the snowflake or water droplet

Snowy Hydro produces an Environment Report which outlines our commitment to protecting the environment from harm when we carry out work. Snowy Hydro operates in many environments from urban industrial areas, to tourist destinations and remote sites in National Parks. We are committed to

Executive officer of the National Parks Association Gary Dunnett said this was "the largest … most destructive development in a national park ever".

"It's somewhat disingenuous to keep talking about a small percentage of what's one of the very largest national parks in NSW," he said.

"To put it in context, that's the equivalent of saying that we're going to clear fell all of Sydney Harbour National Park, plus all of Lane Cove National Park, plus all of Kamay-Botany Bay National Park, plus all of Georges River National Park, plus Towra Point Nature Reserve, and a sprinkling of smaller nature reserves.

"What's been revealed last week through the main work's EIS is in fact even worse than our worst imaginings for this project."

Authorities say red dye cause of Stony Creek pollution

  Authorities say red dye cause of Stony Creek pollution Victoria's Environment Protection Authority finds 5 litres of dye from a Brooklyn company caused the discolouration of Melbourne's Stony Creek but the chemical content has not been confirmed.The company responsible for the creek's pollution, Marchem Australasia, was issued a Minor Works Pollution Abatement Notice by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA).

Snowy Hydro Limited operates in accordance with four Environment Protection Licences. These Licences, issued by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, outline the conditions relating to pollution prevention and monitoring. Environment Protection Licences regulate air, noise, water and

In 2017, Snowy Hydro conducted a feasibility study which concluded that the Snowy 2 . 0 pumped hydro expansion project is both technically and Supporting renewables - Snowy 2 . 0 will enable a low emissions future at least cost by underpinning the stability of the NEM as more intermittent

Short-term impacts defended

Most clearing will be required for the construction phase of the project and is temporary, and the parent company in charge of the project, Snowy Hydro, has said it will rehabilitate sites once they are no longer needed.

Snowy Hydro manager of water and environment Andrew Nolan said concerns about environmental impacts were fair, but most of the project was underground or using already disturbed sites.

"We firmly believe that given our long track record of existing and operating in the national park now for many decades, and the inherent design of the project, we can balance those short-term construction impacts with the much broader benefits the project brings," he said.

"We're confident we'll be able to leave it in a better state than how we're finding it today."

Snowy Valleys Council Mayor James Hayes said, while the clearing required was a concern, he believed the environmental safeguards would be "far stricter" than they were in the 1960s when the original Snowy Hydro was built.

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Cloud Seeding Annual Reports . Environment . In the lead up to the Board's Final Investment Decision, for over two years, Snowy Hydro forensically and This rigorous and comprehensive analysis and information are contained in the Snowy 2 . 0 Final Investment Decision chapters below

Is Snowy Hydro 2 . 0 all it's cracked up to be? We go deep on everything you need to know on the PM's pet project. Snowy 2 . 0 has been seen as something of a pet project for the PM, who bought the Victorian and NSW government shares in March and has a long-held admiration for hydropower.

"I'd say there are a few greater concerns in the national park that need immediate attention," Mr Hayes said.

"I would say that that would be weeds and feral animals, and I would say unless that's addressed you're clutching at straws with just a few square kilometres of degradation compared to thousands of square kilometres being ravaged by introduced species."

He said community support for the project was strong.

"People still talk with pride that their parents or their grandparents worked on the Snowy scheme … there's so much pride in the fact they were involved with this project and I would envisage that 2.0 will evoke similar passions with the people who work there, and the people associated with those workers," Mr Hayes said.

'Death by a thousand EISs'

The document outlines the expected impacts of the main works of the Snowy 2.0 project, but does not include the transmission lines.

At least an additional two EISs are expected: one for the concrete tunnel linings for the main works and another to accompany the application for the proposed underground power station.

Centrelink plans 1.6m robo-debt reviews

  Centrelink plans 1.6m robo-debt reviews Centrelink is planning to run another 1.6 million robo-debt reviews over the next three years despite concerns about the controversial program.The Department of Human Services also insists reviews of the automatic debt program are working well, despite admitting 60 per cent of people they target either refuse to talk to Centrelink or drop out part way through.

When I was a youngster, the Snowy Hydro Scheme still held quite a strong place in Australia’s collective memory. Even though this project is lesser known nowadays, it’s because of this hold on the imagination that we like to use Snowy Hydro as a touchstone for grasping the impact that rooftop

“ Snowy Hydro 2 . 0 is a nation-building project,” a spokesman for the prime minister said before its “The feasibility study clearly demonstrates that Snowy 2 . 0 is a viable pumped hydro project that will The late -year release of the climate policy review, which pointed to allowing Australian businesses to

The National Parks Association of NSW and the Colong Foundation have criticised the approach of developing multiple statements.

"We've had this little drip feed, this death by a thousand EISs approach, where we haven't been given a full picture of the total impacts of this proposal," Gary Dunnett said.

Colong Foundation director Keith Muir said the multiple documents were allowing Snowy Hydro to rush the project.

"What we have now is a new main works project, which will see the loss of 1,600 hectares of national park," Mr Muir said.

"Some of that loss will be put under waste rock, replacing picnic grounds with waste rock at Lob's Hole, we've got the draining of streams in the national park, streams, and rivers that will become ephemeral as a result of this project."

"It's a huge project and yet it's being rushed in a staged fashion so we can't get a grip on the whole business."

A spokeswoman for Snowy 2.0 said under the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment regulation for State Significant Infrastructure multiple EISs can be exhibited.

The EIS is available for comment until November 6.

Queensland share of Australia's total carbon emissions increases again .
Queensland Conservation Council says the state should set up a stand-alone Office of Climate Change.Queensland, which scientists predict will feel the nation's biggest impact from climate change, generated 30.3 per cent of Australia's total greenhouse-equivalent gases in 2017, according to the State and Territory Greenhouse Gas Inventories report released in June.

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