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Australia Paedophile Stephen Foster sent back to jail for using Pinterest to access images of young boys

06:20  25 october  2019
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a man wearing a suit and tie: Stephen John Foster outside court in 2011. (ABC News: Candice Prosser)© ABC News: Candice Prosser Stephen John Foster outside court in 2011. (ABC News: Candice Prosser) An Adelaide paedophile has been sent to prison for masturbating in a store window and for using the social media site Pinterest to view images of young boys.

Stephen John Foster, 71, was on a three-year, seven-month good behaviour bond imposed in 2018 for an aggravated charge of being in possession of child exploitation material at the time.

He was sentenced in February 2018 for possessing with 46 images of boys dressed only in underwear.

He was also sentenced in 2011 to three years' imprisonment for uploading 600 images of child abuse and being in possession of 19,000 more images and videos on his home computer after SA Police received advice from US authorities.

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Plans to jail paedophiles using internet to broadcast live images of child abuse for up to 14 years. Other measures previously introduced include making it an offence to possess ‘ paedophile manuals’ containing advice on how to abuse a child, backed by a prison sentence of up to three years.

He has been jailed for targeting young boys online before sexually assaulting them. A paedophile who was allowed to continue using Facebook despite being convicted of sex crimes He was found in possession of 648 sexually explicit images of children with a handful in the serious grade four category.

South Australia's District Court heard Foster breached his good behaviour bond in two ways, in addition to the indecent behaviour charge for masturbating in a store window.

The incident happened on Tapleys Hills Road, in Adelaide's western suburbs, on December 2, 2018, while children were in a car driving past.

A witness filmed the crime and yelled at Foster, prompting him to retreat back into the shop, which was connected to a unit he lived in.

He claimed he believed he was not able to be seen from the road.

Three breaches of good behaviour bond

In her sentencing remarks handed down this week, Judge Joanne Tracey said the good behaviour bond breaches were more serious than the indecent behaviour.

In one of the breaches, he created a Pinterest account, which he admitted to police that he used to access images of young boys.

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Wants some paedophiles who download images to be sent for treatment. In February it was revealed paedophiles looking at indecent images of children online were being let off with a warning by officers who arrived at their homes. There isn’t room to jail all paedophiles , police chief CNN's Anderson Cooper is slammed for using his final question to ask about Ellen DeGeneres and George

Paedophile Ian Bower, who fled the country in 2006 while he was still on licence, was jailed for two years and is to be deported back to the UK at the end of his sentence. The paedophile paid the boys between 500 and 10,000 Cambodian Riel - which is equivalent to between 8p and £1.55.

He denied doing it for sexual gratification.

He was meant to provide any details of his internet use, including usernames to the Australian National Child Offender Register (ANCOR).

His lawyer said he did not realise Pinterest was social media.

The site is more typically used to "pin" or bookmark images, particularly of interior decorating and recipes.

"In my view, your offending is troubling in that there appears to be an underlying theme of you choosing to disregard your obligations with you showing little insight," Judge Tracey said.

"While I accept that you may not have thought the Pinterest site was a social media account, your ANCOR reporting obligation is to report details of any email addresses, passwords, internet usernames, instant messaging usernames, chat room usernames, or any other access code, user name or identity used or intended to be used by you through the internet or any other electronic communication service to ANCOR within seven days.

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He duped many into sending naked images of themselves by posing as a female artist seeking photos to turn into life drawings. Falder’s is the first conviction of a “hurtcore” paedophile by British police. Described as the “worst of the worst”, hurtcore is a subculture of paedophilia , which, said the NCA

A man once convicted and jailed for sexually assaulting a young girl has again been jailed for contacting - and then insulting - the same victim through Those charges stemmed from April 2009, when police executed a search warrant and found pornographic videos and images of young girls on

"Given the wide scope of these obligations it should have been quite plain to you that a report was required."

The account was discovered five days after his indecent behaviour arrest.

He also breached his bond by getting paid for handyman work without notifying ANCOR.

Separately, he breached his bail by travelling to Melbourne to visit a relative without notifying SA Police.

'No grounds' to excuse the breaches

He was sentenced to 18 days' jail for the indecent behaviour and four months and five days for the bond breaches.

It will be added to his original sentence, bringing it to three years, 11 months and 11 days, with a non-parole period of two years and one week.

He will be eligible for parole in February 2021.

"In my view, your breaches of the suspended sentence bond cannot be described as trivial and there are no grounds to excuse the breaches," Judge Tracey said.

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