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Australia After the U.S. outlawed polygamy, thousands of Mormons fled to Mexico. Nine just died there.

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The LeBaron family: What we know about the Mormons killed in Mexico

  The LeBaron family: What we know about the Mormons killed in Mexico The nine Americans killed in Mexico were Mormons who belonged to the LeBaron family. Here's what we know about them and why they first decided to live south of the US border. Members of the LeBaron family react in shock to the deathsA relative, Julian LeBaron, told Reuters that four boys, two girls and three women were killed in the attack."We don't know why, though they had received indirect threats. We don't know who did it," he said.

Nine just died there . The murder of three women and six children is brutal epilogue to a forgotten exodus. A Mormon -owned store in northermn Mexico , circa 1900. To avoid arrest, hundreds, then thousands , of Mormons fled to land purchased by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

American Mormons first moved to Mexico to avoid polygamy crackdowns. Soon enough, hundreds, then thousands , traveled south . While the Mormon church officially banned polygamy in A woman holds a picture of Mormon anti-crime activist Benjamin LeBaron, left, and his neighbor Luis Widmar

a group of people riding on the back of a horse drawn carriage: A Mormon-owned store in northermn Mexico, circa 1900. (Library of Congress)© LOC/LOC A Mormon-owned store in northermn Mexico, circa 1900. (Library of Congress)

They refused to bend to the will of Congress. So the Mormons set off for Mexico by horse and wagon, their bags packed with dried fruit and baked goods, their belief in polygamy unshakable.

It was 1885. That year, Mark Twain published the “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” A French ship delivered the Statue of Liberty to New York City. A skyscraper went up in Chicago. And the U.S. government had just outlawed polygamy, plural marriage that critics equated with slavery.

To avoid arrest, hundreds, then thousands, of Mormons fled to land purchased by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chihuahua desert, the site of a brutal ambush Monday of a fundamentalist Mormon family. At least nine people — three women and six children — were killed.

Mormons flee Mexico after 'massacre' by drug cartels

  Mormons flee Mexico after 'massacre' by drug cartels US Mormons who re-settled in Mexico are fleeing the country after a "massacre" by drug cartels that left nine women and children dead. Around 100 members of the religious community packed up their belongings and are travelling north in an 18-vehicle caravan, with more expected to follow.They are leaving the site their ancestors settled in nearly 70 years ago after an ambush on the LeBaron Mormon family.Three cars were shot at and one was set on fire, survivors said, as they travelled along a dirt road in northern Mexico earlier this week.

Mexico has suffered a string of violent episodes in the last month, each as devastating and infuriating for citizens as the last. Multiple family members posted a video, said to have been taken after the attack, showing a charred vehicle riddled with bullet holes, with smoke still rising from it.

Nine US citizens, three women and six children, have been killed in an attack by suspected drug cartel gunmen in northern Mexico . But the Mormon Church never renounced polygamy in its scriptures. The Colonia LeBaron community now includes both Mormons and Catholics who have settled there .

Polygamy was eventually renounced by the church. But for Mormons, the colonies established in Mexico represent an important chapter in church lore — an event, as one historian described it, that “constituted the last great effort of Mormonism to retain its peculiar nineteenth-century integrity by physical flight from an unfriendly environment.”

One of the families that made the trek to Mexico was the Romney family, including Utah Sen. Mitt Romney’s grandfather Gaskell Romney. His only wife gave birth there to Mitt’s father, George Romney, who, like his son, ran for president of the United States. (Mitt’s great-grandfather Miles Park Romney had multiple wives.)

Getting to Mexico was arduous.

Without reliable maps, the families traveling by wagon relied on notes and drawings pinned to trees by settlers traveling the same routes before them. They came under constant surveillance by hostile Native Americans. Arriving at the Mexican border, custom officials charged them hundreds of dollars in duties.

Famous Utah death-row inmate dies and avoids firing squad

  Famous Utah death-row inmate dies and avoids firing squad A Utah death-row inmate who killed his brother's wife and her toddler because of his strong polygamist beliefs in a case made famous by the book "Under the Banner of Heaven" has died of natural causes.Ron Lafferty, 78, died at the state prison in the Salt Lake City suburb of Draper, Utah Department of Corrections spokeswoman Kaitlin Felsted said.

Mormons fled from America to Mexico in the 19th century to continue to practice polygamy . Today their communities are among the many victims of The nine U . S .- Mexican family members who were killed Monday in a still-unexplained attack were part of a decades-long migration of fundamentalist

At least nine members of the LeBaron family, including six children, were killed in the massacre Two relatives Alex and Julian LeBaron told Reuters nine people had died , though a government source The group broke away from the mainstream Mormon church when it abandoned polygamous U . S . Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Landau, who travelled to Sonora earlier on Monday for unrelated

In Mexico, life for the Romneys and other Mormons was both backbreaking and mystical, as Washington Post reporter Nick Miroff recounted in 2011 during Mitt Romney’s campaign for president. The family, he wrote:

lived out of wagon boxes and helped chisel irrigation canals along the sides of the valley to plant apple orchards, which soon became the most productive in Chihuahua. When the river ran dry, the colonists prayed for water, according to family lore, and the 1887 Sonora earthquake struck soon after, rupturing an aquifer upriver, as if by providence. Water has flowed reliably through the valley ever since.

About 4,000 Mormons ultimately made the journey to two provinces — Chihuahua and Sonora — where they settled in eight communities, according to “The Trek South: How the Mormons Went to Mexico,” a 1969 academic paper in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly.

But their time there was somewhat truncated.

For one thing, the church began phasing out polygamy, all but ending such weddings by 1904, according to the academic article. That stopped more settlers from coming, depriving the communities of new resources.

And then, during the Mexican Revolution in 1912, the Mormon migrants became targets of violent attacks by rebel leader Inez Salazar. Almost all of the Mormons fled back to the United States, with large numbers of them settling in Texas.

But some Mormons, including Romney’s relatives, stayed and still live in the region today. They are separate from the fundamentalists, who still emigrate to the region to practice polygamy, including the LeBarons, the family targeted in this week’s attack.

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