Australia 'Stupid', 'ridiculous', 'absolute deads--t': WA government doubles down in war of words with Hastie

00:35  15 november  2019
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China blocks Liberal MPs Andrew Hastie and James Paterson from Beijing study trip

  China blocks Liberal MPs Andrew Hastie and James Paterson from Beijing study trip Liberal MPs Andrew Hastie and James Paterson say the Chinese Government has banned them from travelling on a study trip to Beijing because of their "frankness about the Chinese Communist Party". Liberal MP Andrew Hastie and Liberal Senator James Paterson were due to take part in a study tour to Beijing next month.

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Andrew William Hastie (born 30 September 1982) is an Australian politician who serves as Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security and as the Federal MP for Canning

a man holding a sign: Premier Mark McGowan's strategic adviser Mark Reed was forced to take down a tweet referring to federal MP Andrew Hastie as a © Facebook Premier Mark McGowan's strategic adviser Mark Reed was forced to take down a tweet referring to federal MP Andrew Hastie as a "deads--t".

The war of words between the state government and Andrew Hastie over China has intensified with Premier Mark McGowan doubling down on his criticisms at a business breakfast and one of his most senior advisers forced to delete a social media post suggesting the former SAS captain was "behaving like an absolute deads--t".

The dispute erupted following an ABC interview in which Mr McGowan refused to level any criticism at China's authoritarian regime and criticised Mr Hastie's remarks likening the west's handling of Beijing's ambitions to Allied miscalculations in the defence of Western Europe during World War II.

'Repent and redress' China tells Lib MPs

  'Repent and redress' China tells Lib MPs Liberal MPs Andrew Hastie and Senator James Paterson will need to "repent and redress their mistakes" if they want to visit China.Two federal MPs barred from entering China have been told they will need to "repent and redress their mistakes" if they want to visit the country.

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Mr Hastie is chairman of the powerful Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security.

China-Aust human rights partnership canned

  China-Aust human rights partnership canned A human rights partnership with China has been suspended after two decades amid the detention of Uighurs and the barring of two Australian politicians. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has issued a statement of support for Australia's economic partnership with China, as political tensions between Beijing and Canberra come under further strain. But Mr Frydenberg says while China has outstripped the United States as Australia's largest foreign investor, there are clear differences between the two nations that need to be carefully managed.

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Just hours after WAtoday published Mr Hastie's reply to the Mr McGowan's comments, the Premier's strategic adviser Mark Reed posted a tweet referring to the spat.

"I've always found that line whereby someone has given service to their country, or excelled in a field and then people think that person's previous accomplishments give them some sort of permission to behave like an absolute deads--t is odd and troubling," Mr Reed wrote.

"Doing something great, or dangerous, or even noble does not give anyone permission to act or speak free of critique.

"It's almost fascist to suggest otherwise."

Mr McGowan had made several criticisms of comments made by Mr Hastie in an article published on Nine news sites including The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and WAtoday.

In a letter sent to Hong Kong protesters seen by WAtoday, Mr McGowan said he believed Mr Hastie's "extreme and inflammatory language" was "damaging to our economic relationship with China".

'We will not repent': Liberal MP Andrew Hastie hits out at China ban

  'We will not repent': Liberal MP Andrew Hastie hits out at China ban Liberal MP Andrew Hastie says he and Senator James Paterson are “not going to repent” after China cancelled the visas for the pair after taking umbrage to comments made by the Liberal politicians. “We’re free to speak our minds on issues,” Mr Hastie told Sky News host Peta Credlin. “We’re always going to defend Australian sovereignty, our values, our interests, and people can’t speak up for themselves like Dr Yang Hengjun… and also Australian Uighurs, who have loved ones interned in China.

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This was in response to a petition sent to Mr McGowan signed by 23 Hong Kong protesters living in WA who said they were "victims of China and the Chinese just as much as the Uighurs and Tibetans" and were distressed the Premier condemned Mr Hastie over his remarks.

A spokesman for Mr McGowan said the Premier had raised his concerns directly with the Prime Minister about improving Australia's relationship with China.

"The Premier's criticism of Liberal Party MPs damaging our important economic relationship with China has not changed," he said.

"Hundreds of thousands of WA jobs rely on our trade relationship with China, and attacking our trading partner is very dangerous."

Mr McGowan's office did not respond to questions about Mr Reed's tweet, but said it had now been deleted.

Mr Hastie declined to comment but a spokesman from his office said: "This simply demonstrates that the Premier and his team are non-serious players in the strategic environment."

Mr Reed, who describes himself on his Facebook page as "potty mouth-in-chief", faced questions about vulgar tweets when he was an unsuccessful Labor candidate at the 2016 federal election.

Press freedom report delayed to Christmas

  Press freedom report delayed to Christmas A parliamentary committee examining how the media operates under security and secrecy laws has been given a fortnight's extension to reach a bipartisan stance.The intelligence and security committee will now report in the week starting December 16, after being granted a fortnight's extension.

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The West Australian reported Mr Reed likened mining magnate Gina Rinehart to the fictional Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt and said of WA businessman Andrew Forrest: "F--k I hate Twiggy".

At a Business News breakfast on Thursday, the Premier doubled down on his criticism of Mr Hastie and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

He said the federal government could take up human rights issues with China in the same way they could with any country.

"But to go public and call them Nazis or compare them to the German invasion in France in 1940 or to as Mr Dutton sort of screamed at them public is just stupid, ridiculous," he said.

"It's not diplomacy, it's just immaturity.

"Mr Dutton said something like, they don't share our values.

"Well, lots of countries around the world have different governments, different systems, different versions of democracy, different values to Western Australia, in fact I'd go so far as to say virtually every country does.

"So do we then say to every country around the world, we'er not going to trade with you because you have a different set of values or a different system of government to Australia?"

'Let him stay': Influential Liberal MP urges asylum for Chinese defector .
Wang Liqiang is the first Chinese operative to ever blow his cover and has revealed details of how they fund and conduct political interference operations.Mr Hastie, who chairs the federal parliament’s Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, said intelligence operative Wang Liqiang was a “friend of democracy” for exposing the Chinese government’s systematic and sweeping foreign interference operations.

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