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Australia Recycler dumps tonnes of waste in warehouse, leaving landlord with huge clean-up bill

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Australian scientists may have discovered solution to our plastic recycling problem

  Australian scientists may have discovered solution to our plastic recycling problem Local scientists develop a system they say can turn all plastic back into oil, but the first commercial recycling plant using the technology will not be built in Australia.The patented technology was created by Dr Len Humphreys and Sydney University Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, who say it could process plastics that cannot currently be recycled.

Travellers dump mountain of rubbish including fridges and bath tubs leaving landowners with a huge clean - up bill TRAVELLERS left tonnes of rubbish after they were forced to leave a field in Bromley in South The travellers left an astonishing pile of waste in the fieldCredit: London News Pictures.

Big FAT gypsy clean - up . "We are appalled by the illegal, anti-social behaviour of this group who dumped 500 tonnes of commercial waste and human excrement. Shocking pictures show mounds of rubbish including wooden furniture and building waste piled high on the side of the road.

Much of the processed recycling left in this warehouse will need to be sent to landfill. (ABC News: James Oaten)© Provided by Australian Broadcasting Corporation Much of the processed recycling left in this warehouse will need to be sent to landfill. (ABC News: James Oaten) Another Melbourne warehouse has been left with huge stockpiles of recycling, prompting calls for tougher regulation to better track the movement of waste.

About 150 tonnes of plastics were this week left at a warehouse in Tullamarine, in Melbourne's north, after recycling company OzShred was told to vacate the property for failing to pay two months' worth of rent.

It comes after five warehouses in Melbourne were left stranded with tens of thousands of tonnes of waste following the collapse of major recycler, SKM Recycling.

$25 million clean-up fund announced for victims of fires

  $25 million clean-up fund announced for victims of fires People with homes that have been damaged or destroyed in the NSW bushfires will have access to a $25 million clean-up fund and will not have to pay the waste levy fee.The $25 million fund announced by the NSW government on Tuesday is aimed at helping homeowners pay for the removal of hazardous material, including asbestos, concrete slabs and debris.

Criminals who illegally dump thousands of tonnes of baled waste have cost land and property owners in the North East an estimated £750,000 in the last year Waste criminals operate throughout the country, offering to remove waste cheaply and then dumping it in fields or empty warehouses .

DUMPED IN IT. Syed Hussain has been left with an estimated £20,000 clean - up bill after travellers left his mountain of waste on his landCredit: Solent News. Businessmen Devinder Singh and Syed Hussain estimate the cost to clean up the private site they intend to turn into a car lot at £20,000.

The landlord of the Tullamarine warehouse, Ange Marinakis, believes he was deceived.

Illegal SA dump shut down

  Illegal SA dump shut down Authorities have shut down an illegal landfill east of Adelaide which was being used to dump construction and demolition waste.An unlicensed landfill in South Australia's Murraylands, where thousands of tonnes of construction and demolition waste has been illegally dumped, has been shut down.

The Dutch take recycling and waste management seriously. Are you a bit bemused by your new bins? You might find that there are more rules and regulations surrounding recycling and waste management in the Netherlands than you are accustomed to in your home country.

aTRAILER packed with nearly 90 tonnes of waste was dumped on an Openshaw street - with the clean - up bill costing Manchester The trailer - which had a combined weight of nearly 100 tonnes - was so heavy its legs had sunk through the road surface where it had been left , meaning the bill is

"The guy came across as a very friendly guy," Mr Marinakis said.

"[He said] that they do a good thing for the industry, for the country, by recycling all this material."

Rent falls behind

OzShred claims on its website to offer "innovative solutions" to process low-grade plastic, paper, glass and metals.

Mr Marinakis was told the company needed somewhere to temporarily store materials for research while a warehouse was set up in Sunshine North.

But after a few months, the rent started to arrive late, and then not at all.

Mr Marinakis said after a final warning that the gates would be locked on Monday, OzShred removed its machinery, but left behind huge bundles of rubbish.

The stockpiles appear professionally processed, but most of them are too contaminated and poor quality to be recycled and will be sent to landfill.

"It's sad," Mr Marinakis said.

"I think people do recycling in good faith."

Rubbish bin audit by Noosa council leaving sad-face emojis for recycling wrongdoers

  Rubbish bin audit by Noosa council leaving sad-face emojis for recycling wrongdoers A council on Queensland's Sunshine Coast is undertaking rubbish bin audits, with officers publicly outing recycling wrongdoers by leaving colourful notes.The council, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, introduced the trial to improve the sorting of rubbish, recycling and garden waste into the correct bins.

Two senators showed up for the signing of a bill that garnered unanimous support in the Congress to clean up plastic pollution in the oceans. The U.S. and other developed countries also outsource their plastic waste to countries like Vietnam for recycling . China—the biggest plastic recycler in the

A landlord was left outraged after a judge ruled that a ‘spiteful’ teenage tenant who smashed up his home causing £20,000 of damage did not have to pay a penny in compensation. First the landlord started to receive complaints about anti-social behaviour then Davis’s rent payments suddenly stopped.

"Whether it's the mums and dads at their houses, or the councils, or the retailers, they were not expecting to be dealing with people … who are just going to dump the stuff and then run."

Mr Marinakis estimates it will cost up to $30,000 to clean up his warehouse.

Call for 'paper trail' to track where waste ends up

Deakin University waste management expert Trevor Thornton said the lack of regulation meant it would be almost impossible to track where the waste dumped in Tullamarine had originated.

"If you put your recyclables in the bin, a truck comes along to collect it. In a sense it's good faith that it's going to a recycling facility," Dr Thornton said.

"You've got no idea if it's going to end up in a warehouse in Melbourne and stockpiled."

He said the recycling industry should adopt a similar system that's used to manage the movement of hazardous waste, where permits and licences are used to create a paper trail.

"So the authorities can say, 'you've generated this amount, it's been collected, and it's been taken to a site that's licensed'," Dr Thornton said.

'Union busting' bill will 'save the taxpayer a lot of money'

  'Union busting' bill will 'save the taxpayer a lot of money' Liberal Senator Eric Abetz says the government’s proposed Ensuring Integrity Bill, if passed, will “get rid of the rip offs, the rorts and the rackets that are costing the taxpayer a lot of money”. The Coalition is confident its 'union busting' bill - set to make it easier to de-register law-breaking unions and officials - will pass through upper house with the support of the Centre Alliance and One Nation. Senator Abetz said the bill would “put downward pressure on housing and on civil construction works”. “Everyone will be a winner and law and order will be restored,” he said.

Bales of recyclable waste in Seattle. Some waste managers say that China’s new contamination standards are impossible to meet, while others are trying to clean up their recycling streams by slowing down their processing facilities, limiting the types of materials they accept or trying to better

Warehouses have been filled to the rafters with toxic rubbish; properties the size of the MCG are piled with tens of thousands of tonnes of building debris A Middle Eastern crime gang has been dumping asbestos in warehouses and factories in Mill Park, Doreen and Campbellfield for more than two years.

"Or if it's gone to a site that's not licensed, then that would raise some flags and it could be investigated and solved."

"We've got to have some system where there's accountability."

Mr Marinakis said in addition to better licensing and regulation, recyclers should be forced to take out insurance that could be used to pay for any potential clean-ups.

Percy Leon, who signed the warehouse lease for OzShred, would not answer the ABC's questions about why he left the recycling behind, or failed to pay rent.

"That's something between him and us, mate," he said.

"You've only got 10 per cent of the story," he added, before hanging up the phone.

Waste stockpiles remain

Victoria was engulfed in a recycling crisis in July after major processor SKM Recycling refused to take on kerbside recycling from more than 30 councils.

Tens of thousands of tonnes of waste were left stranded at five Melbourne warehouses, even after its administrators resumed kerbside recycling at its Laverton North facility.

The landlord of one warehouse in Melbourne's west, Carly Whitington, has been urging the Victorian Government to help process the waste, but to no avail.

In a statement, State Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio said the Government was working to grow the domestic recycling sector.

"The challenges in the recycling sector didn't emerge overnight and won't be fixed overnight," she said.

"It will take time, planning and coordination across all levels of government."

The Opposition said the latest stockpile showed the Government had no long-term solution for recycling.

"The Government needs to be sitting down with industry and identifying where are the gaps in the system," frontbencher Nick Wakeling said.

Credit statements show Jorge Percy Leon Rios is the sole company shareholder for OzShred.


One Nation sided with 'CFMMEU thugs' by voting down union-busting bill: Porter .
By voting down the Ensuring Integrity Bill, One Nation has sided with CFMMEU "thugs" over hard-working Australians, according to Attorney-General Christian Porter. On Thursday, One Nation sided with the Greens and Labor against the bill, ensuring it would not pass parliament.Senator Hanson told Sky News on Friday she did not vote for the government’s bill to crack down on unions because it needed to shift its focus to white collar crime.“I want the government to address white collar crime. Don’t go after the unions if you’re not going to deal with the banks,” Senator Hanson said.

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