Australia Angus Taylor demands apology from feminist Naomi Wolf over anti-Semitism comments after maiden speech dispute

11:35  05 december  2019
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Angus Taylor 'has a potential problem on his hands': Bolt

  Angus Taylor 'has a potential problem on his hands': Bolt Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Energy Minister Angus Taylor is a “goose” and has a potential “problem” on his hands as the Financial Crimes Squad begin investigations against his use of an allegedly doctored document. New South Wales Police have begun investigating an allegedly doctored document that was used by Mr Taylor in an attack on the spending of City of Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore. In October Mr Taylor's office gave the document to the media and claimed the council had spent over $15 million on travel, attacking Ms Moore for hypocrisy on climate change.

Naomi Wolf and Australian minister Angus Taylor feud over accounts of their time at Oxford And Ms Wolf is now demanding an apology from Taylor over what she has called an "imaginary war She also accused Mr Taylor of deploying an " anti - Semitic dogwhistle" with his use of the phrase

Angus Taylor cries foul over Naomi Wolf 's antisemitism claims – video. Angus Taylor has doubled down on his assertion he saw and met the American author Naomi Wolf during his time at Oxford University, while demanding she apologise for accusing him of antisemitism .

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has demanded an apology from a prominent American feminist after she accused him of anti-Semitism.

Dr Naomi Wolf has accused Mr Taylor of making inaccurate claims about her time at Oxford University in 1991 during his first speech to Parliament.

In the speech, Mr Taylor had claimed he was living down the hall from Dr Wolf at Oxford when students were campaigning against a Christmas tree in the common room.

Scott Morrison stands by Angus Taylor amid NSW Police investigation into Clover Moore travel documents

  Scott Morrison stands by Angus Taylor amid NSW Police investigation into Clover Moore travel documents The Prime Minister believes Angus Taylor should remain a Minister despite a NSW Police investigation into potential doctoring of documents he used to accuse Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore of excessive travel expenditure. Mr Morrison told Parliament this afternoon he had spoken to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and that based on that conversation the Energy Minister had not breached the ministerial standards. "I take matters of ministerial standards very seriously," he told Parliament.

JERUSALEM — President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority apologized on Friday for any possible offense caused by a speech he made this week laced with anti - Semitic tropes, including the claim that the Jews of Europe brought persecution and the Holocaust upon themselves by engaging in

Angus Taylor and Naomi Wolf . The Australian energy minister and US author have become In his maiden speech to parliament in 2013, Taylor told a story about “political correctness” and a dispute “Catch that anti - Semitic dogwhistle – elitist people ‘who know what’s best for people who are not Referring to Jews like me whom Angus Taylor imagined to be among the warriors against xmas in

However, Dr Wolf has disputed she was even there at the time, saying she was in New York.

What was said in the speech?

Angus Taylor MP wearing a suit and tie: Mr Taylor said he first encountered political correctness when he was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford. (ABC News: Toby Hunt) © Provided by ABC NEWS Mr Taylor said he first encountered political correctness when he was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford. (ABC News: Toby Hunt) In his maiden speech to Parliament in 2013, Mr Taylor said he first encountered political correctness when he was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford.

"It was 1991, and a young Naomi Wolf lived a couple of doors down the corridor," he told Parliament.

"Several graduate students, mostly from the north-east of the US, decided we should abandon the Christmas tree in the common room because some people might be offended."

What does Dr Wolf say happened?

After having the transcript brought to her attention on social media, Dr Wolf claimed Mr Taylor publicly misstated "where she was and what she was doing".

Albanese warns Taylor 'you can't make things up and survive as a minister'

  Albanese warns Taylor 'you can't make things up and survive as a minister' Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese says “you can’t just make things up and survive as a minister”, calling Energy Minister Angus Taylor’s accusations as “a cheap shot at the Lord Mayor of Sydney”.Mr Taylor is under investigation by NSW Police over allegedly doctored documents on Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore and her office’s travel expenses.

Naomi Wolf calls on Angus Taylor to correct 'inaccurate' speech . Skip to sections navigation Skip to content Skip to footer. He said that a group of more "mainstream" students pushed back successfully against the bid to remove the Christmas tree.

Naomi Wolf pursues Angus Taylor for 'formal' Hansard correction in Christmas tree row. Taylor says he never suggested she was warring against Christmas or that she was among those Taylor came out swinging in question time at Parliament House on Thursday and demanded she apologise .

She claims she was actually travelling the world on a book tour at the time in question and was living in New York.

She has also objected to an article in which it is suggested she proposed banning the traditional Christmas tree.

Dr Wolf says she has spent the last few days trying to get a correction from Mr Taylor, having called him out repeatedly on social media.

That brings us to the late-night phone call

Then, on, Thursday morning, she released a half-hour-long recording of a late-night phone call with an unnamed member of Mr Taylor's staff, in which she sought a correction to the Minister's assertions.

In the call she asks, "will you tell Parliament please that I was not campaigning against Christmas in any way".

A staff member responds saying that advice has been provided to relevant media outlets and attempts to clarify Mr Taylor's comments a number of times.

Despite Dr Wolf repeatedly stating her name in the call, the staff member does not appear to realise who he is talking to until several minutes into the conversation.

Labor wants transcript of PM's police call over minister investigation

  Labor wants transcript of PM's police call over minister investigation Labor is pressing Scott Morrison for more details about his phone call with NSW's top cop over an investigation involving Energy Minister Angus Taylor. The prime minister rang NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller on Tuesday to discuss the investigation into how Mr Taylor's office came to provide a journalist with fake documents purporting to show Sydney City Council travel expenses.Afterwards, Mr Morrison told parliament that based on what the commissioner told him, he saw no need to stand Mr Taylor down as Labor demanded. require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

US author says she recorded a call with Australian minister’s office in which she was told it was ‘a matter of dispute ’ whether she was at Oxford in 1991.

Naomi Wolf pursues Angus Taylor over erroneous first speech . My colleague Helen Davidson has just filed on further developments in the unlikely Taylor referred to Wolf in his maiden speech to parliament in 2013 while recounting an anecdote about “political correctness” and a dispute over a

At one point, Dr Wolf is also told it was an accident the phone was picked up, "it is after midnight in Australia, as in, it is approaching 1:00am".

Dr Wolf has since suggested on Twitter that Mr Taylor was only targeting her because she is Jewish. Mr Taylor has denied that is the case.

What *does* Mr Taylor say?

A spokesperson says Mr Taylor's own grandmother was Jewish, adding he didn't say Dr Wolf was one of the graduates, nor was he referring to her as one of the graduates in the speech.

But when asked about the matter during Question Time, Mr Taylor said he did see Dr Wolf at Oxford.

"Of course I recall seeing and meeting Ms Wolf at New College in Oxford during my time there," he said.

"She began her studies there in the mid-80s and she finished at Oxford only a couple of years ago. Now my speech to the parliament six years ago did not say she was involved in the war on Christmas.

"Her accusation of anti-Semitism is wrong and deeply offensive to me and my family.

"I call on her to apologise for these unsubstantiated and outrageous allegations."

Dr Wolf has since hit back:

So what does Dr Wolf want?

Dr Wolf has demanded Mr Taylor publicly correct the record and remove the mistake from the parliamentary transcript.

"Out of nowhere — I didn't pick this fight — [he] decided to say things about me that are categorically not true," she told Radio National Drive.

"It's up to him as an elected official to correct the record and tell the truth. I didn't initiate this conflict, he did."

She says she has objected to her "name and reputation being misused by an elected official to tell a false story".

"I have no memory of meeting Mr Taylor," she said.

What has the reaction been like?

Labor was quick to jump on Mr Taylor during Question Time.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese even signed off with:

"As Naomi Wolf would say, have a lovely Christmas," he said.

Labor calls on Prime Minister to act on embattled minister .
As embattled federal minister Angus Taylor prepares to escape attacks over his character while attending an international conference in Spain, politicians back home are still going toe-to-toe over his past. Mr Taylor, the minister for energy and emissions reduction, is heading to Madrid for next week's United Nations-led climate talks.He has faced months of interrogation by Labor over past companies he had been involved in, repeated accusations of misleading parliament and there has been a police investigation into documents he used to attack Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore over her travel expenditure.

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