Australia Voluntary euthanasia bill passes WA Upper House with laws set to take hold within days

12:01  05 december  2019
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Voluntary Assisted Dying laws no help to chronically ill man who wants die

  Voluntary Assisted Dying laws no help to chronically ill man who wants die George Chadwick has an illness that is slowly rendering his body useless and he wants to legally take his own life. But, under WA's proposed Voluntary Assisted Dying laws, he can't.At the age of 47, the now 83-year-old, was diagnosed with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy — a non-life-threatening disease that has slowly and cruelly rendered his body useless.

A bill to legalise voluntary euthanasia for terminally ill patients in WA is one step closer after it passed the state's lower house on Tuesday night.

Victoria’s assisted dying Bill passes key upper house vote. The law will make it legal for doctors to assist in the death of the terminally ill. In what is no doubt a controversial decision, the The voluntary euthanasia scheme would be open to the terminally ill who are expected to die with six months, or

Western Australia is set to become the second state to legalise voluntary euthanasia after proposed laws allowing terminally ill people to end their own lives passed the Upper House of Parliament.

a group of people standing next to a sign: WA's voluntary euthanasia laws were a hotly debated issue both in the Parliament and in the community. (ABC News)© Provided by ABC NEWS WA's voluntary euthanasia laws were a hotly debated issue both in the Parliament and in the community. (ABC News) The controversial voluntary assisted dying bill is now destined to become law within days after being passed 24 votes to 11.

Legislative Council MPs voted in favour of the Government's legislation after weeks of prolonged debate, amid accusations of filibustering and bullying.

Palaszczuk urged to act on euthanasia

  Palaszczuk urged to act on euthanasia Popular television presenter and author Andrew Denton is urging Queensland's premier to introduce a Bill to legalise euthanasia now.That's according to Andrew Denton, the most high profile advocate of voluntary assisted dying.

Lower house approves historic bill to legalise voluntary assisted dying by 47 votes to 37, after The upper house MP Fiona Patten said she expected the bill to be introduced to the Legislative Council The historic bill may become the first successful attempt to pass laws in Australia since the The laws would allow a patient to be prescribed drugs to take their own life if they are terminally ill and

Voluntary euthanasia is set to become legal in Victoria after historic laws passed the upper house on Wednesday, despite ferocious opposition from conservative MPs. The bill passed the upper house with 22 votes to 18, after a marathon 28-hour sitting that began on Tuesday afternoon and ended just

The bill will now return to the Legislative Assembly next week for a final vote on amendments introduced in the Upper House.

Premier Mark McGowan was unrepentant for the pressure he applied to the Opposition, and in particular Liberal MP and strident critic of the bill Nick Goiran, to push the bogged-down legislation along in the Upper House.

"Sometimes to make an omelette you have to break a few eggs," Mr McGowan said.

"I wanted to see this get to a vote, because if it just went on for endless debate, we'd never achieve it.

"And I think that was the aim of perhaps one member of the Upper House."

'It's democracy at work'

Legislative Council MPs spent almost 102 hours on speeches and the consideration-in-detail phase, where each of the 186 clauses was debated.

Coalition shock loss on union-busting bill

  Coalition shock loss on union-busting bill The Morrison government's union-busting legislation has been defeated in the Senate after One Nation spectacularly opposed it at the final vote.Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton believes Pauline Hanson's supporters will be 'startled' after the One Nation leader handed the government a humiliating loss over its bill to make deregistering unions and banning officials easier.

Western Australia 's lower house has passed proposed assisted dying laws . Western Australia has taken a step toward legalising voluntary euthanasia after the state parliament’s lower house If the upper house passes the proposed legislation it would see WA become the second state in the

§ Passive voluntary euthanasia —when medical treatment is withdrawn or withheld from a patient, at the Clause 9 of the Bill sets out the eligibility criteria for those wishing to access assisted dying. If the health practitioner does not object to taking part, then that person becomes the coordinating

Mr Goiran spoke on every one of the clauses, prompting extended sitting hours that triggered the ire of Mr McGowan and Upper House Leader Sue Ellery.

Leader of the Opposition in the Upper House Peter Collier defended Mr Goiran during his final speech on the bill.

"It's not the death of democracy," Mr Collier told MPs in the chamber.

"It's democracy at work and I'm very proud of the role of Nick Goiran," he said, adding his Liberal colleague had been unnecessarily pilloried.

"It's an issue of life and death and this piece of legislation deserves ruthless scrutiny, which it received."

By the end, after MPs had sat until almost 1:00am on Wednesday night, even Mr Goiran had enough.

"I think everybody is happy if it's done," Mr Goiran said.

"But I've always said I'll never shirk the responsibility of serious scrutiny and lawmaking."

Of the 55 amendments which were passed, 25 were Mr Goiran's.

Dying mum urges Queensland premier to commit to euthanasia bill

  Dying mum urges Queensland premier to commit to euthanasia bill Tanya Battel has had a lot of time to think about death. Three years ago, the breast cancer she had been fighting for almost 20 years spread to her right lung. require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying debate has begun in the upper house and support is believed to be on a The proposed laws passed the lower house last month following a marathon debate and despite opposition from many Assisted dying: Victoria votes to approve voluntary euthanasia bill .

Western Australia 's bid to become the second Australian state to legalise voluntary euthanasia There are plans for another all-night sitting on Friday, with a week of marathon sessions set to add Voluntary assisted - dying laws have easily passed Western Australia ’s lower house , with the bill

The Government had insisted the legislation was sound and did not need amending when it came to the Upper House.

It has dismissed most of the changes as inconsequential and not impacting the operation or the integrity of the bill.

The Premier did not hide the fact the Government agreed to the amendments, including some of its own, for political expediency to ensure the passage of the bill.

Ms Ellery said about 400 amendments were also rejected.

"The amendments that we passed, we made a judgment on every single one of them as to whether they'd make the bill better, did they do any harm to the bill, and we applied that judgment to every single amendment that came before us," she said.

How will euthanasia work in WA?

Under the proposed laws, to be eligible a person would have to be terminally ill with a condition that is causing intolerable suffering and is likely to cause death within six months, or 12 months for a neurodegenerative condition.

To access the regime, a person would have to make two verbal requests and one written request.

Those requests would have to be signed off by two doctors who are independent of each other.

Final WA euthanasia push as voluntary assisted dying bill sparks two all-night parliament sessions

  Final WA euthanasia push as voluntary assisted dying bill sparks two all-night parliament sessions WA's bid to legalise voluntary euthanasia hits its most crucial juncture, with MPs facing two all-night sittings this week in a bid to get to a final vote on the contentious legislation. Upper House MPs have been warned to expect to sit from lunchtime today until well into Thursday as the McGowan Government makes a last-ditch bid to reach a vote on the voluntary assisted dying (VAD) bill before the Christmas recess. require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

Supporters of voluntary euthanasia , including Nationals MP Trevor Khan, who introduced the private members bill , have vowed to fight on. Feedback would “inform a new palliative and end-of-life care policy in NSW”. A debate by Victorian upper house MPs on that state’s assisted dying bill has been

Voluntary Euthanasia Party - NSW, Mosman, New South Wales, Australia . 6.7K likes. The WA Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill is likely to be debated right up until Parliament rises in December. This report indicates that although it will be a tight vote the Government appears to have the numbers.

The choice of lethal medication would be a clinical decision from an approved list of drugs.

Self-administration would be the preferred method, but in a departure from the Victorian regime, a patient could choose for a medical practitioner to administer the drug.

In Victoria, a doctor can only administer the drug if a patient is physically incapable.

Laws attacked as 'dangerous, reckless'

For Mr Goiran, it remained the "most dangerous piece of euthanasia legislation in Australian history."

He said unlike the Victorian legislation, there was no requirement for a specialist doctor to be involved and patients could self-administer the lethal medication with no supervision.

They also did not have to keep the medication in a locked box.

"It is reckless stuff," he said.

Mr McGowan insisted the bill was sound and contained strong safeguards, which ultimately gave people the choice on how to end their lives and end suffering.

"I think it's an act of fundamental compassion," he said.

"It's the right thing to do and anyone whose had parents who have died in pain, I think they'll know what I'm talking about."

The legislation should easily clear its last hurdle, when MPs return to the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday for a special sitting to vote on the 55 amendments.

The bill sailed through the Lower House when it was initially introduced there, although it is understood one Labor MP planned to speak on every amendment, and Mr McGowan has warned there may not be a vote until Thursday.

Voluntary euthanasia becomes law in WA in emotional scenes at Parliament .
Historic legislation allowing terminally ill people to end their own lives has passed the West Australian Parliament, making it the second state after Victoria to allow voluntary euthanasia. Supporters of the bill cheered and gave a standing ovation from the public gallery as the Legislative Assembly voted it into law.There were also emotional scenes on the floor of Parliament as MPs hugged each other in celebration after months of drawn-out debate.Health Minister Roger Cook held back tears as he delivered his final address to the house.

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