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01:40  18 february  2020
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Qantas flight lands in Wuhan to rescue stranded Australians

  Qantas flight lands in Wuhan to rescue stranded Australians A Qantas plane sent to rescue more than 200 Australians stranded in coronavirus-affected Wuhan has landed in Wuhan after being cleared to take off from Hong Kong airport by Chinese authorities. The plane left Hong Kong at 11:00pm AEST after being held up in Hong Kong for 24 hours, and landed in Wuhan at 12:30am AESTMore than 200 Australians have boarded the plane in Wuhan which will fly to Darwin where they will be housed at the former Inpex workers’ village for quarantine.

I don ’ t understand the thinking behind not washing your hands after using the bathroom. Everything you touch in there has been touched by someone else, and if you are in public, that means those things have been touched by a lot of someone elses. Just start counting in your head the number of germs

The vein of wash - dirt suddenly expanded into a cube of aboutsixty buckets of auriferous earth. After working for about an hour, Denny, who was shovelling the dirt ,picked up a lump of rock, saying at The pals dropped their buckets and crowded round the leader as he heldthe lump with both hands .

Wash your hands. It works.© Wayne Venables Wash your hands. It works. It’s among the best ways of keeping colds, the flu, and other nasty bugs at bay. It may even help protect against the coronavirus responsible for the current outbreak.

And not doing it, as one leading infectious diseases specialist puts it, is "gross".

Yet a new survey reveals that almost a third of Australians under 25 aren’t always washing their hands after using the toilet.

“There are a lot of studies on this: males are worse than females for washing their hands, even after passing faeces – which is gross,” said Professor Lindsay Grayson, director of infectious diseases at Austin Health.

Coronavirus evacuation flight from Wuhan lands in Darwin

  Coronavirus evacuation flight from Wuhan lands in Darwin Australians who were stranded in the coronavirus epicentre of Wuhan in China have arrived in Darwin. Australians who were stranded in the coronavirus epicentre of Wuhan in Their flight touched down at Darwin's RAAF base shortly before midday local time.The landing came just hours after the coronavirus death toll in mainland China rose to 811, surpassing the number of fatalities in the 2002-2003 SARS outbreak.The evacuees were subject to a rigorous screening for the virus throughout their journey, with tests conducted before take-off and twice during the flight.

Most people are taught to wash their hands from an early age. When there is a major health scare, the Department of Health runs education campaigns "People in the UK are worried about infections, we know that," says Dr Cutler. "But often they don ' t associate dirty hands with infections until they

The two men grip their spears, hand -carved from stringybark trees The forest provides for Bronwyn Munyarryun, who strips off the soft sheathing of a paperbark tree Many who aren’ t working are given money as well, government payments that low-income Australians are entitled to, Aboriginal or not.

The new survey of 1229 people by the Food Safety Information Council also found less than half of Australians aged between 18 and 25 always washed their hands before they handle food.

Man killed on M1 after allegedly being tied to a chair and hit by a semi

  Man killed on M1 after allegedly being tied to a chair and hit by a semi Police found the 43-year-old man dead after receiving reports of a person hit by a truck near Cudgera Creek, south of Tweed Heads, about 7am Monday. Investigations led NSW detectives to a home on nearby Kanes Road where they arrested a 38-year-old woman and 46-year-old man. Both were charged with take/detain a person in company with the intent to obtain advantage. Police will allege they detained the 43-year-old and tied him to a chair at the property. The pair faced Tweed Heads Local Court on Tuesday where they were refused bail, to appear again on February 17.

Washing your hands is easy, and it’s one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs. Clean hands can stop germs from spreading from one person to another and throughout an entire community—from your home and workplace to childcare facilities and hospitals.

And most of them don ' t wash their hands as often or as well as they should. Yet hand washing is the first line of defense against the cold, flu, and other National Foundation for Infectious Diseases: "Power of 10: Get the Dirt on Tetanus." Clark County Soil and Water Conservation District: "Kids and

The survey matches other estimates – a large US study suggested only 58 per cent of men and 75 per cent of women wash their hands after using a public bathroom.

“Young people were the worst performers,” says Lydia Buchtmann, the council’s spokeswoman. “They tend to think they are impervious.”

Many nasty bugs, including many serious respiratory infections, are shed in the stool of infected people. The germs get onto the toilet seat, and then onto the hands of anyone else who touches the seat.

If that person touches their mouth before washing their hands, the bugs can enter their body and cause disease.

SARS may have spread through this route. COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that has infected more than 70,000 people around the world, is closely related to SARS and probably spreads in a similar manner, experts say.

That makes washing your hands after using the toilet essential. Nurses and doctors who treated SARS patients were less likely to catch the disease if they washed their hands regularly, studies suggest.

Moment 89-year-old Sydney man followed from ATM and robbed by 'homeless' man

  Moment 89-year-old Sydney man followed from ATM and robbed by 'homeless' man An 89-year-old man had his wallet brazenly snatched from his back pocket after being followed home from an ATM in Sydney. Joe Zahra had no idea he was being followed, until the thief made his move. It was all filmed on CCTV.© Nine Ajay Kuman today pleaded guilty, admitting he followed Mr Zahra from the ATM for a kilometre, before stealing his wallet with $550 inside. Mr Zahra was injured while chasing down the 25-year-old at a Girraween park in Toongabbie on Monday. Ajay Kuman today pleaded guilty, admitting he followed Mr Zahra from the ATM for a kilometre, before stealing his wallet with $550 inside.

"I refuse to believe that anyone washes their hands when they're alone at home. The skin on your genitals is a lot less exposed than that on the rest I sometimes do it in front of people who I saw just washed their hands – I suppose it's out of respect for others. I guess I don ' t do it for myself, but for

Hand - wash scofflaws are hard to reform. By Gail Rosenblum Star Tribune. The problem: I am shocked and dismayed at the number of men who do not wash their hands after using a public bathroom. The urinal is bad enough, but I have often seen men leave the stall and walk right out the

Unfortunately, many healthcare workers are not great at washing their hands either. Hand-washing compliance dropped from 94 per cent at one major Sydney hospital to just 30 per cent when human auditors stopped monitoring people’s behaviour.

Keep your hands microbiome healthy

Australians spend millions on herbs and supplements to protect them against colds and the flu. They don’t work.

But washing your hands does.

A large meta-analysis of 30 randomised controlled trials found hand-hygiene education plus using normal soap cut the risk of catching a stomach bug by 39 per cent, and the risk of catching a respiratory illness like a cold or the flu by 51 per cent.

But don't overdo handwashing. Experts recommend soap and water instead of harsh antibacterials.

Your hands are home to a community of healthy bacteria, which depend on the skin's natural oils to survive.

When you wash your hands with soap and water, viruses and bacteria that do not belong on the skin get washed away. But healthy bacteria are capable of hanging on and surviving.

Overusing harsh antibacterial soaps may kill those healthy bugs, creating more room for unhealthy bugs to take hold.

Secret Defence probe into alleged unlawful killings by Australian special forces in Afghanistan enters final stages .
The inquiry, focusing on accusations of unlawful killings and the cruel treatment of civilians and former enemy fighters, is now expected to be wrapped up in the next few months.Investigators are looking into 55 separate incidents of alleged breaches of the rules of war in Afghanistan between 2005 and 2016.

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