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02:26  31 march  2020
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Malaria and arthritis drugs touted as potential coronavirus 'cure', triggering pharmacy rush

  Malaria and arthritis drugs touted as potential coronavirus 'cure', triggering pharmacy rush Australian pharmacies see unprecedented demand for two antimalarial medications touted as a potential treatment for COVID-19, in turn creating a shortage for patients that actually needed them.The directive came after Australian pharmacies saw a rush of people presenting scripts for the drugs hydroxychloroquine — sold as Plaquenil — and chloroquine from their GPs, or asking to buy it over the counter.

World-renowned coronavirus expert Ralph Baric, professor at UNC’s Department of Microbiology and Immunology, joins Ari Melber on the search for a covid - 19 cure . Anne Rimoin, epidemiologist at UCLA, also discusses the groundbreaking clinical developments in the race to fight the global pandemic.

Scientists are working on finding a vaccine for COVID - 19 , and a group of researchers reckon they’re close to finding a potential cure - they’ve found 2

Australian scientists are using a massive X-ray machine to map the molecular structure of COVID-19 to help find a vaccine for the virus.

Experts at the Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne - which is about the size of a football field - capture atomic-scale 3D pictures of coronavirus.

The images are being shared with researchers across the world, who hope to use the information to develop drugs that bind to the virus and stop it growing.

Pictures: 9 coronavirus myths you should stop believing (Reader's Digest)

The coronavirus and the infection it causes, COVID-19, has rapidly spread to countries and territories all over the world. This family of viruses is not new. Other types, or strains, of coronavirus are common in animals and have been known to cause common cold-like symptoms in people. However, this particular strain of coronavirus, is new. When the first cases were reported in 2019 in Wuhan, China, it had not been seen previously, making it a novel virus. So far, the coronavirus has infected approximately 110,000 people, killing more than 3,800, according to Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering map. These numbers are likely to rise, according to Dr Alexea Gaffney-Adams, a specialist in infectious diseases. “There is no population immunity, which means everyone is susceptible,” she says. “Also, little is known about how long patients without symptoms are contagious, which makes the infection difficult to contain.” As a result, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern. But how worried should you actually be—and what are your chances of getting the coronavirus? There’s a lot of mixed messages and plenty of fallacies surrounding the hows, whys, and whats of the coronavirus. We asked medical experts to set the record straight by helping debunk these popular coronavirus myths.

"You need to know what the protein looks like so you can design a drug to attach to it," Australian Synchrotron director Andrew Peele said in a statement on Tuesday.

Why Ingles would rather quit NBA than deal with COVID-19

  Why Ingles would rather quit NBA than deal with COVID-19 Joe Ingles admits he would rather walk away from his NBA career than risk his son's health during the coronavirus pandemic.Ingles like many athletes around the world, had a shockingly close call with coronavirus.

COVID - 19 Cure . Nkwa tv. Загрузка Опубликовано: 13 мар. 2020 г. I Have cure for coronavirus ( COVID - 19 ) man reveal.

The 2019 novel coronavirus or COVID - 19 is a new type of coronavirus. Learn all about this type of coronavirus and how to prevent it. The disease caused by an infection with SARS-CoV-2 is called COVID - 19 , which stands for coronavirus disease 19. In spite of the global panic in the news about this

"It's like designing a key for a lock, you need to know the dimensions of the keyhole."

The synchrotron is the largest particle accelerator in the Southern Hemisphere and produces light a million times brighter than the sun to capture clear 3D images of atoms and molecules.

"Using our technology, within five minutes you can understand why a drug does or doesn't work in attaching to a COVID-19 protein," Professor Peele said.

Dozens of samples have arrived at the synchrotron from across the country and Asia.

Federal Industry, Science and Technology Minister Karen Andrews said the work would support research to find a solution to COVID-19.

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More than 600 COVID-19 deaths in New York overnight .
The New Republic’s Alex Shephard says living in New York “you notice the number of sirens that are almost nonstop” as the state records 635 COVID-19 deaths overnight. “We may not have hit the peak yet,” Mr Shephard told Sky News.“This is still a crisis situation, sort of a 9/11 in slow motion”.New York, the worst affected city in the United States, has COVID-19 deaths total 3,556.

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