Australia Coronavirus: an open letter to demand the reopening of resuscitation in Beaumont-sur-Oise

23:45  06 april  2020
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Coronavirus: Slightly fewer deaths and resuscitation patients in Italy

 Coronavirus: Slightly fewer deaths and resuscitation patients in Italy HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-ITALY: Coronavirus: Slightly fewer deaths and resuscitation patients in Italy © Reuters / MANUEL SILVESTRI A LITTLE LESS DEATH AND DEATH PATIENTS IN RESUSCITATION IN ITALY MILAN (Reuters) - With 681 additional deaths, Italy has recorded in the last 24 hours a toll less heavy than the previous days, announced on Saturday the Agency for Civil Protection, the Total victims of the Covid-19 epidemic now rising to 15,362.

An opening for stronger family care. Ai-Jen Poo is director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Caring Across Generations. The coronavirus pandemic has revealed gaping holes in our care infrastructure, as millions of American families have been forced to navigate this crisis without a safety

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L’hôpital de Beaumont, du groupe hospitalier Carnelles Portes de l’Oise, a perdu son service de réanimation à la fin de l’été dernier, dans le cadre de la réorganisation du groupement hospitalier de territoire. © LP / Olivier Boitet The Beaumont hospital, of the Carnelles Portes de l'Oise hospital group, has lost its resuscitation service at the end of last summer, as part of the reorganization of the regional hospital group.

What if the Beaumont-sur-Oise hospital reopened its intensive care unit? While the peak of the Coronavirus epidemic is still not reached in the region, caregivers, elected officials and residents make this very serious proposal via an open letter which has just been sent to the regional health agency (ARS) ) and at the prefecture. As a reminder, the local establishment, which is part of the Vexin Val-d'Oise North West Hospital Group (GHT Novo), saw one of its services closed recently as part of a reorganization. Last summer, the eight Beaumont-sur-Oise resuscitation beds were transferred to Pontoise as well as four intensive care beds. This decision, which was highly contested at the time, takes on a new dimension today in the midst of a health crisis.

At Argenteuil's SMUR, "we have to travel more and more kilometers to find beds for patients"

 At Argenteuil's SMUR, © Copyright 2020, L'Obs "Traffic jam on all networks". When we meet him this Monday morning, Dominique Gladin, doctor of the SMUR (mobile emergency and resuscitation service) comes out of a 24-hour call, during which he has still swallowed up the kilometers to transport sick patients from coronavirus .

We used Awario to analyze mentions of coronavirus on social media and uncover the biggest coronavirus conspiracy theories. Although it is widely believed that the source of the current coronavirus outbreak is a “wet” seafood market in Wuhan, hardly anybody is going vegan over it.

Baseball’s Opening Day, college basketball’s Final Four and concert tours were called off. When a cluster of coronavirus cases was first reported in the New York City suburb of New Rochelle, local and state officials raced to contain the outbreak.

On April 2, the department counted 174 dead

"We are facing an immediate endangerment of the lives of patients" write the representatives of the CGT (CGT Health 95 and CGT of the Beaumont hospital), a representative of the association of emergency physicians of France (AMUF) which practices in the emergency of Beaumont, as well as the members of the Defense Committee of the GHCPO.

The authors of this text then cite some alarming figures. “As of April 2, 2020 for the Oise: 126 dead, 354 hospitalizations and 73 patients in intensive care and in Val-d'Oise: 174 dead, 816 hospitalizations and 154 in intensive care. The resuscitation services and Covid 19 units at the Creil, Beauvais, Eaubonne, Gonesse and Pontoise hospitals are saturated […] At the Crouy-en-Thelle (Oise) nursing home, 10 km from Beaumont, 20 out of 80 residents have just died and in Chambly, at the Louise-Michel residence, 30 people have Covid 19, including 17 caregivers! Transport by helicopter or medical TGV is increasing and this strategy of transferring patients to the province is questioning. »

Christophe tested positive for coronavirus: the singer hospitalized in resuscitation

 Christophe tested positive for coronavirus: the singer hospitalized in resuscitation © SIPA Christophe tested positive for coronavirus: the singer hospitalized in resuscitation According to information from the Parisian, confirmed by the relatives of the singer, Christophe has been admitted to the resuscitation service of a Paris hospital this Sunday March 29. The news is like a shock wave. This Sunday, March 29, our colleagues from the Parisian announced that the singer Christophe has been in intensive care for a few hours in a hospital in the capital.

Dormitories will remain open for students "who cannot return home for hardship reasons."[24]. Broadway theatres are scheduled to reopen on April 13. As part of the announcement, Cuomo waived the requirement that schools be open for 180 days that year in order to be eligible for state aid.

Schools will only open if certain conditions are met. 22 March: NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation) sent a letter to the IOC. It states the advice that the 2020 Summer Olympics only can take place when the coronavirus crisis is under control worldwide.[37]

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A more humane and safer solution

While the Pontoise hospital has already evacuated some of its patients to Rennes via the state-owned health TGV, the authors of the letter raise the question of the meaning and cost of these transfers. "Wouldn't it be more judicious, reasonable, less time-consuming in mobilized personnel, less expensive and above all more human, more reassuring, for all these displaced patients than to reopen the 8 resuscitation beds and 4 continuing care beds in the hospital from Beaumont-sur-Oise? »

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For the CGT, reopening resuscitation in this nearby hospital as quickly as possible is feasible. “Everything is still there, the premises, the oxygen intakes. "If some of the respirators in Beaumont have already left for Pontoise," the ARS is perfectly capable of replacing a team and equipment if it so wishes. The union then recalls that the Eaubonne hospital has just seen, for example, its services reinforced by nine nurses and nursing assistants from the Paca region for the past few days. "It is still much simpler and less expensive to bring in staff and equipment rather than moving patients," said the CGT.

Coronavirus in Brittany: "We don't know" when the epidemic will strike, recognizes an expert

 Coronavirus in Brittany: Brittany has been relatively spared by the Covid-19 but expects to see the number of cases increase © C. Allain / 20 Minutes The Rennes CHU is on the front line to receive patients with Brittany's coronavirus. EPIDEMIC - Brittany has been relatively spared by the Covid-19 but expects to see the number of cases increase It very soon saw the emergence of an “active circulation zone” of the virus in Morbihan , while only the department of Oise saw the Covid-19 circulating in France.

Coronavirus has hit Italy hardest in Europe, where at the time of this writing more than 12,400 people have tested positive for the disease, which has caused Mathematical modeling shows that Moscow's citywide lockdown is needed to prevent coronavirus from killing more than 100 thousand people.

Europe is now the "epicentre" of the global coronavirus pandemic, the head of the World Health Organization says. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged countries to use aggressive measures, community mobilisation and social distancing to save lives. "Do not just let this fire burn," he said.

An opinion shared by Nathalie Ravier, mayor (SE) of Méru (Oise). “Currently, many field hospitals are being built in France. We, we have a nearby hospital, it would suffice to give it back the means. Today we live in a population of over 180,000 people, yet the local hospital has been emptied of its substance. »

An unthinkable solution

For the management of GHT NOVO, however, the reopening of resuscitation in Beaumont-sur-Oise is unimaginable. “The critical resuscitation beds at GHT NOVO are located on the Pontoise site: medical and nursing resources being scarce, and the environment highly specialized, it is impossible to envisage the opening of a second center while guaranteeing conditions for taking charge of equivalent quality and safety ”, declares the hierarchy of the group.

Management points out that the "resuscitation service on the Pontoise site has gone from 18 to 42 beds" and that "care is provided in conjunction with other resuscitation in the territory (Eaubonne, Argenteuil, Gonesse, etc.). In the event of resuscitation of 95 resuscitation, patients are transferred to Paris or even outside Ile-de-France. To do this, a regional management and coordination unit has been set up by the Samu de Paris and the ARS Ile-de-France. »

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A Covid unit open within the establishment

However,« a Covid sorting unit has been opened within the establishment's emergencies (from Beaumont-sur-Oise) ”, specifies the GHT. “The patients are taken care of by the emergency doctors. Depending on the medical diagnosis, they can be sent home or sent to the Pontoise site for the most acute cases. Samples can also be taken on site if necessary. From the weekend, a COVID + hospital unit will be opened within the establishment. Firstly with 7 beds, it is intended to accommodate patients who are found to be positive and require hospitalization. »

Ile-de-France: jogging during the day again authorized almost everywhere .
© LP / Guillaume Georges. Illustration. The practice of sport remains prohibited in Paris from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The measure had displeased many athletes, here it is greatly reduced. Maintained in Paris, the ban on outdoor sports between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. was lifted, however, this Wednesday, in practically everything else in Ile-de-France.

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