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17:35  29 may  2020
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United States: first execution after 75 days of interruption

 United States: first execution after 75 days of interruption © Provided by Le Point Supreme Court, execution After more than two months of interruption, executions resumed Tuesday evening in United States while the pandemic of coronavirus continues. Walter Barton, 64, was sentenced to death for the murder of an octogenarian, stabbed with knives in 1991, which he denies having committed. The old lady, one of his acquaintances, managed a field of "mobile homes" and he was one of the three people who discovered his body.

Schauspieler Walter Sittler. © provided by Adorable actor Walter Sittler.

actor Walter Sittler thinks a lot of good behavior reveals what makes a true gentleman.

This attractive man is a gentleman who still knows what should be done! When we met Walter Sittler for an interview, we were delighted with his courteous manner: he opened the door for us, moved the chair, asked if we were ready for our conversation. In short: The 67-year-old actor is a really impressive interlocutor and what you would call an old school gentleman . How does he do it? "I just live it." At the end he also has a few practical tips ready.

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Walter Sittler's rules of behavior

Treat everyone equally

"A gentleman knows that everyone is worth the same. Regardless of their profession or their origin. He does not treat the weakest in our society any differently than the strongest. He shows respect for everyone, for example through courtesy.

Enjoy the simple things

It doesn't always have to be expensive champagne, exquisite caviar or Cuban cigars. On the contrary: A gentleman appreciates simple, well-made things and is convinced: "A good bratwurst is just as good as a 5-star restaurant. "

Use knowledge cleverly

" Accumulated knowledge only makes sense if it also has an impact and relates to the personal attitude. That means: Knowledge is only worth half as much if it is not used sensibly and wisely. "

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Talking is silver, silence gold

" A gentleman is one good listener and knows when to keep silent. I personally try to give myself and others the necessary space. Gentlemen also strive for clarity and openness in their language, preferably with a good pinch of humor. "

Always be honest and sincere

Decency and good behavior are not attitudes, but parts of the personality that belong to a gentleman and are not fake. This also includes: "Stand by your word and keep your promises."

Respect your partner

For Walter Sittler the A und O: "Appreciation and respect for his wife or partner." He speaks from experience. He has been married to his Sigrid for 34 years.

Dress properly

Torn jeans, dirty do Shoes or an unkempt exterior do not get into the bag. "Because a gentleman has a sense of aesthetics and a usable style of clothing. But let's say - normal vanity should never get out of hand."

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