Australia In Paris, against police violence: "We are the generation of tomorrow, it's up to us to give voice"

02:15  07 june  2020
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Agnès Buzyn, threatened: "I was not ready for such violence. It was unheard of"

 Agnès Buzyn, threatened: The former Minister of Health, currently under police protection, confided on Thursday morning on France Inter, on the threats she has been receiving for several weeks. © REUTERS / Benoit Tessier Silent for two months, Agnès Buzyn came out of her silence through an interview in "Figaro", published Wednesday , then an intervention in the morning of France Inter Thursday.

A huge crowd protested outside the US embassy in central Paris over George Floyd’ s death and the brutality of law enforcement in France, in violation of the ban on public gatherings introduced by the French capital. George Floyd protest, near the U . S . Embassy in Paris . © Reuters / Charles Platiau.

Other cities and states across the nation have moved to limit police action after the widespread State -controlled media had aired scenes of violence during protests in the U . S . and suggested American “ We are actively working on repairs and assessing the situation carefully to re-open these

Place de la Concorde, samedi. 5 500 personnes ont manifesté à Paris. Plus de 23 000 dans toute la France. Place de la Concorde, Saturday. 5,500 people demonstrated in Paris. More than 23,000 throughout France. Less than a week after the June 2 rally in Paris, new demonstrations in tribute to George Floyd and against abuses by the police took place this Saturday in major cities in France.

Pay homage to George Floyd, killed on May 25 by the Minneapolis police, ask for justice for the victims and denounce the police violence. At the call of victims' collectives and several organizations, two protests took place in peace in Paris this Saturday. The first rally organized by the African Black Defense League planned in front of the US Embassy was finally held at Place de la Concorde. A few kilometers away, a second demonstration brought together hundreds of demonstrators on the Champ-de-Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Calls to rally massively relayed by groups of yellow vests but not shared by the Adama Committee, on the initiative of Tuesday's rally, which mobilized more than 20,000 people at Porte de Clichy, before the Paris court.

Paris: The prefect of police denounces "the charges of violence and racism repeated endlessly"

 Paris: The prefect of police denounces In an email sent to 27,500 police officers in the Paris area, the prefect of police has shown their support for them © AFP Didier Lallement, the Paris prefect of police, in Paris, on March 18, 2020. SUPPORT - In an email sent to 27,500 police officers in the Paris agglomeration, the prefect of police showed them his support The prefect of police Paris Didier Lallement this Tuesday addressed its support to the police facing "accusations of violence and racism".

Like in the United States , celebrities in France have joined the fray in speaking out against police violence and racism. After having marched in the US , where he currently lives, under the banner of Black Lives Matter movement Keep up to date with international news by downloading the RFI app.

The violence that has gripped Minneapolis begs for the kind of effective deployment of riot police seen in Europe. But it ’ s not about batons or tear gas A society will allow itself to be subjected to policing to enforce the laws that its citizens have agreed are necessary to its functioning. When, as is the case

Another atmosphere this Saturday. Place de la Concorde, the very chic 8th arrondissement is checked by the police. The law enforcement system is substantial: wide harrows block the entrance to rue Saint-Honoré. Vans lined up, CRS curtain, some 2,000 law enforcement officers would be deployed in the capital, including 8 teams from the Brigades for the Suppression of Violent Action (Brav), helmets, their faces barred with a tinted visor and the uniform without RIO, the registration number supposed to be obligatorily displayed by the officials. The crowd is less impressive than Tuesday. The prefecture assured in the early evening that 5500 people demonstrated. They were more than 23,000 throughout France.

R catch

Many journalists are present. The gleaming double-barreled water truck blocks the rue de Rivoli, surrounded by gendarmes. Alexis, in his thirties, came from the suburbs to take part in the demonstration: "I was present at Tuesday's rally in court. It was amazing to see so many people. We knew how to take the wave George Floyd to talk about police violence in France. It’s good because normally we’re more individualistic. We are not used to mobilizing when there are deaths here. ”

Christophe Castaner promises "a penalty" for "every fault" or racist word in the police

 Christophe Castaner promises Christophe Castaner was questioned in the Senate this Wednesday after protests against police violence © Jacques Witt / SIPA Christophe Castaner, May 27, 2020 FORCES OF ORDER - Christophe Castaner was questioned in the Senate this Wednesday the day after demonstrations against police violence "Every fault, every excess, every word, including racist expressions " will be "the subject of an investigation, a decision, a sanction, "promised Wednesday Christophe Castaner before the senators.

For those of you just joining us after a news break, it ’ s worth taking a look this photo of camouflaged and masked US My colleague Oliver Holmes is picking up the live coverage – as we ’re hearing more reports of police dispersing protestors Clashes at Paris protest against racism and police violence .

A police officer detained him, and despite Shaver complying with all of his demands (there is a The amount of hate mail I get for supporting protests against the cops about black shooting deaths Sign up for Inside TIME. Be the first to see the new cover of TIME and get our most compelling stories

Rue Royale, a young man, wearing sunglasses and coming from Montreuil, discovers the demonstration: "The police are not aware of the situation in the country." As the police block access to the American embassy, ​​the procession rushes towards the Champ-de-Mars. Bambi and Audrey, residents of Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis), around twenty came with friends. Today's march is like a catch-up demonstration for them; they missed Tuesday's spectacular rally initiated by the Adama committee. "We're going to blame ourselves all our lives for missing this, so we had to come today," said Bambi. Like many young crusaders on Tuesday and this Saturday, this is their first demonstration. "At first, I was afraid to come," says Audrey, mask on her nose. We wondered how the police would react. But it's important to be there. " The crowd trying to join the second rally on the Champ-de-Mars is finally blocked by a cordon of security forces.

Harry Roselmack, son of CRS, explains why he demonstrated against police violence

 Harry Roselmack, son of CRS, explains why he demonstrated against police violence The presenter of "Seven to eight" spoke on social networks. © Christophe Cehvalin / TF1 The presenter of "Sept à quatre" expressed himself on social networks. The death of the African-American George Floyd, asphyxiated during a police check, revived the subject of police violence. Tuesday, June 2, took place in Paris a demonstration against this violence but also in support of the family of Adama Traoré, who died in 2016 following a muscular arrest.

Police officers gather during an unauthorised protest against anti - police violence at the old Sixty others gathered in front of the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris , where the injured police officer is being If we become victims ourselves, who will protect the public?” “ We are in huge demand, but younger

Police officers were injured by gunfire in St. Louis on Monday night as the city was gripped by violent protests. Their lives are reportedly not in danger. St. Louis is among dozens of cities across the US facing nighttime violence as the country is consumed by public rage over police brutality.

"Zyed, Bouna, Theo and Adama, we do not forget"

A few kilometers away, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, a few hundred demonstrators chant "Zyed, Bouna, Theo and Adama, we do not forget, we don't forgive ”. Paul, leather jacket on his back despite the sun and curly wind, wanted to participate in this rally, after going to protest Tuesday in court. “When you are in a society in which people who are suffering claim a cause, you should not be cautious, but listen. It does not matter all the movements represented today and which are not necessarily in agreement, it is necessary to be present. And we don’t end the story with flashballs. ”

Sur le Champ-de-Mars, samedi. On the Champ-de-Mars, Saturday.

At Champ-de-Mars. (Photo Stéphane Lagoutte)

In the crowd, many people wear t-shirts bearing the names of victims such as Sabri, who died on May 16 on a motorbike in Argenteuil after having crossed the path of a BAC car or Gueye Camara, who died in January 2018 after being shot in the head, shot by a police officer in Épinay-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis). At the foot of the statue of Marshal Joffre, speeches are linked. Diané, the brother of Ibrahima Bah, who died on a motorbike during a police intervention in Villiers-le-Bel (Val-d'Oise) in October 2019, takes the microphone: "There is no justice. The police made the choice to do this job. But when you love your job, you have to denounce racist abuses. You are all there for George Floyd, but when the same thing happens in France, there is nobody! "

Shortly before 7 p.m., the crowd kneels in tribute to the symbol of the American black man killed by the Minneapolis police and to the French victims of police violence. "No justice no peace" resonates. For Marie, in her twenties, it is the "system" as a whole that must be reviewed: "Let’s stop telling ourselves that the victims always come across a cop who is the black sheep of the team. Most of the IGPN investigations (the police force, note) end in non-places, recalls the young woman, echoing the podcast of Arte Radio revealing the racist and fascist projections of the Rouen police officers on a WhatsApp group. We can no longer continue with this logic. We are the generation of tomorrow. It's up to us to give voice. ”

Black gendarme insulted in a demonstration: justice seized .
In a video filmed during a rally on the Champ de Mars in Paris, a demonstrator calls out to a black gendarme, shouting: "Sold, dirty sold". © AFP The badge of a gendarme (illsutration) The director general of the national gendarmerie (DGGN), Christian Rodriguez, decided to take legal action after a black gendarme was treated as "dirty sold" during of a demonstration against police violence.

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