Australia Country Women's Association thriving in Tasmania, with technology helping to spread the word

03:07  20 september  2020
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COVID-19 pandemic leads to escape from the city to the suburbs

  COVID-19 pandemic leads to escape from the city to the suburbs The pandemic has emptied Australia's CBDs, leading to a suburban resurgence with many local small businesses reporting record trade.The long commute to work, once considered a major drawback, may no longer be a key issue when deciding where to live.

When the Country Women ' s Association get together and find an issue that they believe is important, "everybody listens to us", says Giselle Burningham — and The CWA is setting up a virtual branch in Tasmania for people who cannot attend meetings in person. In Cygnet, an hour's drive south-west of

The Country Women ' s Association of Australia (CWA or CWAA) is the largest women ' s organisation in Australia. It has 44,000 members across 1855 branches. Its aims are to improve the conditions for country women and children and to try to make life better for women and their families

a person smiling for the camera: CWA Cygnet branch president Liz Smith. (ABC News: Selina Ross) © Provided by ABC Health CWA Cygnet branch president Liz Smith. (ABC News: Selina Ross)

The Country Women's Association has seen Australia go through a lot war, drought and bushfires and now the coronavirus pandemic.

In Cygnet, an hour's drive south-west of Hobart, the local CWA branch has grown as the COVID-19 outbreak has gone on, with about half a dozen new members joining the ranks.

Branch president Liz Smith said the CWA provided a sense of connection.

'Circuit break': PM considering national restrictions on social lives to curb infections

  'Circuit break': PM considering national restrictions on social lives to curb infections Boris Johnson is considering the introduction of new national restrictions - possibly as soon as next week - as the prime minister races to try and get a handle on the spread of coronavirus. With COVID-19 cases now doubling every seven to eight days, the government is looking at introducing nationwide restrictions for a short period to try to "short-circuit" the virus and slow the spread of the disease. Government figures stressed the plans being drawn up stopped short of a full national lockdown, as seen in the spring, when the country was told to "stay at home".

See more of Country Women ' s Association of Australia on Facebook. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is asking energy consumers in the ACT, Tasmania , and regional areas of South Australia, NSW and Queensland to complete a short survey on their energy use.

Virtually any woman who wants to connect and interact with her peers can become a member of the following It promotes networking, mentoring, and special programs to spread awareness about the field of Women In Technology (WIT) – Cyber and Technology Special Interest Group (Cyber

"I think that people realised that there were a lot of people in the community who were very isolated and who needed to make connections and the CWA was one avenue to do that," she said.

"They're often people who are lonely, need company, looking for some way in which they can contribute to the community."

On a Thursday morning, the Cygnet CWA shop bustles as tradies, families and locals drop in to pick up a freshly baked cake or pastry.

"The regulars come every week and they know what they want so sometimes there's a bit of a race for them to get what they want before someone else has got it," Ms Smith said.

"Some of our members are incredible cooks and they do beautiful sewing and knitting and so on.

"I think they really enjoy that having an outlet for their cooking and it's certainly a benefit to the community and to the CWA."

Belarus police detain hundreds of women at protest

  Belarus police detain hundreds of women at protest Riot police on Saturday detained hundreds of women, dragging many into vans, as opposition protesters marched through the Belarusian capital Minsk demanding an end to President Alexander Lukashenko's rule. Police blocked the women and began pulling them into police vans as they stood with linked hands, swiftly detaining hundreds, an AFP journalist saw. Police lifted some women off their feet in order to remove them.Around two thousand women took part in the "Sparkly March", wearing shiny accessories and carrying red-and-white flags of the protest movement.

The official word on face masks. One is that a mask is not seen as reliable protection as other methods, given that current research shows the virus is spread by droplets and contact with contaminated surfaces. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology . Image copyright AFP.

If grassroots women had been adequately consulted in designing the MDGs, decision-makers would have been able to anticipate that girls would still be The dialogue on girls’ access to Stem [science, technology , engineering and maths] education and women ’ s role in technology has not even

State treasurer Lesley Young said the Lindisfarne branch had also grown.

"The people at Lindisfarne have really got the CWA shop over there going strong and are now starting to look at the other aspects of CWA," she said.

"CWA has got a name out there and people are interested in knowing what was going on and they saw it as an opportunity."

Tasmania to have a virtual branch

Giselle Burningham has lived all over the country, moving where her husband's airforce job took them.

"I found CWA was a constant wherever I lived in Australia," she said.

She moved from Canberra to Greens Beach on Tasmania's north coast in March, just before the pandemic hit the state.

"So I reached out to the CWA in Tasmania to see what was happening and how I could meet other fellow members," she said.

As a wheelchair user, Ms Burningham was unable to access local CWA branches.

She had the idea to set up a virtual branch to connect people who could not meet in person.

Pheromones used to attract bees in new almond nut pollination trial in Victoria's north-west

  Pheromones used to attract bees in new almond nut pollination trial in Victoria's north-west Almond farmer Tony Filippi has found a novel approach to attract more bees to his orchard, using dollops of pink, dough-like goo to splatter trees with pheromones that compel bees to bring back more of their friends to help with the pollination.Dollops of pheromones have been sprayed into flowering almond orchards near Robinvale, in north-west Victoria, with the aim of creating excitement among bees, thus creating more nuts.

As English continues to spread , the linguists say, it is fragmenting, as Latin did, into a family of dialects - and English and globalization have spread hand in hand through the world, Warschauer said. But when Estonians speak on the Internet with people outside their small country , they will continue to

However, unlike in countries like Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, and the Netherlands, doctor-assisted euthanasia is still illegal according to US federal laws. Many blame anti-vaxxers, or parents who believe vaccines cause autism and other illnesses, for the spread of this disease.

"Tasmania's a beautiful place but it's also a very old place with a lot of old buildings that are not designed for wheelchairs, so that was an issue," she said.

"But I also found after talking to people around Tasmania, it's not just an access issue about physically getting in.

"There's a lot of people who are really remote, the west coast, the north coast, etcetera, who are just too far away from a CWA branch."

"With the help of the Tasmanian CWA we have got things rolling."

Monthly meetings will run over an online video conference platform and there will also be a more casual fortnightly catch up.

"Since COVID-19 people are a lot more open about using online chats and forums, I've definitely noticed the improvement since I've been here," she said.

"Just on the feedback I've already had online I think it's going to be extremely successful."

Ms Burningham said the CWA remained very active in the community.

"CWA is not just a sit and chat group," she said.

"When CWA women get together and find an issue that they believe is important, everybody listens to us.

"So we have some clout and it's good to be in that position."

Thousands fined for breaking 'unclear' lockdown rules, MPs warn .
Britons are being fined for breaches of coronavirus lockdown regulations that are "unclear and ambiguous", a parliamentary committee has warned. The Joint Committee on Human Rights said it was "unacceptable" that "many thousands" were receiving fixed penalty notices (FPNs) despite evidence the police did not fully understand their powers.It added that the way regulations were being enforced by the police was having a "disproportionate impact" on young men from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

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