Australia AFL grand final weather has been everything from scorching to swamp like. How will Brisbane compare?

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The early weather forecast is in ahead of the AFL grand final in Brisbane and, to the surprise of nobody who's lived in Brisbane as spring slowly The AFL 's Extreme Weather Policy states that if there is lightning predicted within 10km of the stadium, the game can be delayed by up to 60 minutes

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a scaffolding at night: The Gabba lights will be shining on a balmy 2020 AFL grand final on Saturday night. (ABC News: Christopher Gillette) © Provided by ABC NEWS The Gabba lights will be shining on a balmy 2020 AFL grand final on Saturday night. (ABC News: Christopher Gillette)

As the pre-bounce hush falls under the Gabba lights on Saturday night, the lucky 30,000 there to witness the culmination of the most bizarre season in living memory will feel the tension in the air. Literally. The humidity is forecast to be 70 per cent.

There has been plenty of speculation around potential storms over the past few days.

But the latest forecast suggests while storms are expected around south east Queensland on Saturday, they are looking more likely to stay inland than to rumble through the city. Although the BOM is still not completely ruling it out.

Tickets for AFL Grand Final at the Gabba sell out in 20 MINUTES

  Tickets for AFL Grand Final at the Gabba sell out in 20 MINUTES The historic clash between Richmond Tigers and Geelong Cats at the Gabba in Brisbane is set for Saturday night and has a crowd cap of 30,000 people.The historic clash between Richmond Tigers and Geelong Cats at the Gabba in Brisbane is set for Saturday night with the crowd capped at 30,000.

How to live stream AFL 2020 finals for free. Channel Seven has broadcast rights to all the games For the qualifiers, Watch AFL has a new option called the Finals Pass, which temporarily replaces It gives customers the ability to watch all the matches during Finals Week as well as the grand final live.

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Even without a storm, potential showers are on the forecast, notwithstanding the unprecedented late start, the temperature is still forecast to be 24 degrees Celsius at 7pm in Brisbane on Saturday night after earlier reaching a maximum of 29C.

That is a stark change from last year's grand final day maximum of 14.9C as measured at Melbourne's Olympic Park.

But 24C is well short of the hottest ALF grand final on record.

Going back over all the previous AFL and VFL grand final weather records back to 1898, yes the BOM keeps this, tells us that the hottest grand final on record was in 2015 when it got up to 31.3C.

[AFL GF temps]

Despite the heat, Hawthorn downed West Coast 107 to 61.

The coolest at grand final day on record was in 1958 when the maximum got up to just 11.3C and Collingwood beat Melbourne 82 to 64.

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It got close in 2002, with a maximum of 11.9C but that didn't derail Brisbane from topping Collingwood 75 to 66 and securing the second win of their own treble.

The wettest grand final day was in 1927 when 16.3mm hit the gauge.

Not only was it the wettest, but the lowest scoring with Collingwood beating Richmond 25 to 13.

A "disappointing finish to season," as reported on the Monday, in The Argus newspaper.

[AFL GF rain]

"Worse weather conditions could not have been imagined, for rain early in the morning was followed by heavier rain soon after lunch, and it did not cease throughout the match," it reported.

The news report described the centre square as a "quagmire", even before the first bounce and there were reportedly deep pools on the outer wing where it was almost impossible to keep a footing.

"Some of the falls were amusing from the spectators' point of view, but they were exceedingly uncomfortable for the players, who were quickly wet through."

AFL top 100: Geelong grand final preview

  AFL top 100: Geelong grand final preview Eighty-nine years after Round 1, and 45 years after Round 2, comes the third round of Richmond-Geelong grand finals, this time in the unfamiliar setting of Brisbane’s Gabba. With the score one-all in the previous two battles and Richmond a warm favourite with the punters but not with the Footy Record’s experts (four out of five go for the Cats), it has the makings of another great game between the felines.

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Temperatures have been been scorching for residents in Mildura, who contended with a sticky night before the mercury reached a top of 46C on Friday. Relief isn't in sight yet, with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting the border town will reach a top of 43C on Saturday.

The 2016 match between the Suns and Swans, shows perhaps that not so very much has changed. There were only 97 marks in the match.

Wet finals

Wet finals may not make for the most impressive technical play but they certainly are a spectacle.

The AFL/VFL is not the only league to have had wet grand finals.

The SANFL 1979 grand final, where Port topped South 63 to 32 at West Lakes, was wet, cold and windy. Very windy.

So strong was the southerly wind that no goals were scored against it during the match.

Not to be left out, the WAFL also had a spectacular seventies decider in the rain.

In the 1978 WAFL grand final East Perth defeated Perth in an epic played in drenching conditions at Subiaco Oval.

This year

Laura Boekel, forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology said that even though there would be storms around in Queensland on Saturday, they would be unlikely to affect the match.

"We're not forecasting storms even though there will be some in other parts of Queensland.

"It's very unlikely that we'll see any of those storms make their way from inland to the coast and affect the Gabba during game time," she said.

Dusty v Danger - two AFL giants who couldn't be more different

  Dusty v Danger - two AFL giants who couldn't be more different Richmond bad boy Dustin Martin and Geelong's Patrick Dangerfield might be likened to chalk and cheese off the footy ground. As far as the general public knows about it anyway. 'Dusty' Martin doesn't care much about revealing to the wider world what it is that actually makes him tick. In the wild, he's often described as aloof, arrogant and perhaps a little bit caught up in his own opinion of himself. He has good reason to think that way of course. 'Danger' is the polar opposite. The Cat superstar has participated in endless interviews for television, radio and newspapers this season.

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But there is a chance of showers. There is a bit of moisture around. If you are lucky enough to be going, bring a jacket — umbrellas are banned at the Gabba.

What is going to set this final apart is the humidity. The relative humidity is set to be 67 per cent or, for those who prefer the more meteorologically correct dew point, that is set to be 18C.

A dew point of 20 is considered to be muggy for Queenslanders who are used to it. So best of luck to the Melbourne teams on the field.

Who is set to benefit?

According to ABC sports analysist Cody Atkinson, in the wet, the number of tackles go up and getting clean ball becomes nearly impossible.

Instead of composed disposal, soccer forwards and knock-ons become the order of the day.

"Richmond, with their chaotic style focusing on keeping the ball moving at all costs, are more suited to the wet than the deliberate, more finessed game of Geelong.

"Geelong may get an upper hand in the clearances against Richmond, but the Cats strong marking game may be curtailed," he said.

We will have to wait and see how much rain does eventuate on Saturday night in Brisbane.

Why AFL's night Grand Final is here to stay .
SHANE MCINNES: The curveball of COVID-19 forced the AFL's hand this season and some changes must remain.The curveball of the coronavirus pandemic forced the AFL's hand in many ways this season, with the league required to make changes to the game nobody could have foreseen back in February.

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