Australia When the water runs dry: Life on water restrictions as a small business owner

03:07  28 october  2020
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Business owners slam Dan Andrews over crippling COVID-19 lockdown

  Business owners slam Dan Andrews over crippling COVID-19 lockdown Victoria recorded just two new coronavirus cases on Sunday - and no deaths - prompting the embattled premier to ease several of Melbourne's most hated restrictions.Victoria recorded just two new coronavirus cases on Sunday, prompting the embattled premier to ease several of Melbourne's most hated restrictions.

Changes to water restrictions mean that businesses can now use potable water . Our new website Water for Life shares stories and information about the water that sustains our growing city of Tāmaki Makaurau. Residential FAQs. When were water restrictions introduced? Unfortunately, rainwater tanks often run dry during the hot summer months when people are using the most water .

Regular water quality reports should be made available to the public upon request in most municipalities, and you can also ask for more information Use a home water filter to keep water safe for your family. If all else fails and you can’t make a difference in your community or don ’ t seem to be

For Frank Mohun, saving water is just part and parcel of his "quietly green" approach to living. Having grown up on tank water, he has always recognised the value of water conservation.

Moving to Orange in 2013, Frank and his wife Kathryn bought the Nile Street Café, which is situated close to the town centre. But Frank doesn't have to travel far on his morning commute – he and his family live above the café, which means water-saving strategies between work and home are inextricably linked.

With an average of 500 customers coming through the doors at Nile Street Café each week, there's no doubt just how important water is to Frank's business. As we see in the video above, Tanya Hennessy sat down with Frank to learn more about what life on water restrictions was like and how all of us at home can #FinishWaterWaste.

100 days of takeaway: Melbourne restaurant operators decide whether to open in November

  100 days of takeaway: Melbourne restaurant operators decide whether to open in November After enduring the longest and strictest lockdown in the country, the city's hospitality industry is ready to be hospitable again. Like many Victorians, Alfredo La Spina watched Sunday's press conference live on television when Premier Daniel Andrews announced the industry's reopening date. "I was jumping all over the living room with my kids," he says. © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Bar Idda owner Alfredo La Spina. He's preparing to reopen his Brunswick East restaurant Bar Idda in November. The space can seat 13 diners indoors at a time, and staff will squeeze in three sittings a night.

Water restrictions outside Sydney and the Hunter are controlled by local councils, which run Sometimes the restrictions are just all over the place. Dubbo council introduced new water The water expert said it was clearly a problem during the last major big dry , the Millenium Drought.

The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Don ' t think that what you do does not matter. We can all make changes in our lifestyles to reduce our water usage. The trick is making water conservation a way of life —not just something we think about once in a while.

a man and a woman sitting at a table using a laptop: Frank and Tanya at Nile Street Cafe © Nine Frank and Tanya at Nile Street Cafe

Life on water restrictions

Orange has recently received rain and as such have dropped their water restrictions to level two, however just some months ago they were living on level five water restrictions for quite some time (level five was imposed in October 2019 and wasn't reduced to level four until August 2020). That is why locals like Frank recognise that an easing in water restrictions is not an opportunity to relax their own efforts.

Having seen what level five water restrictions mean for homes and businesses, Frank states that you have to use water resourcefully 100 per cent of the time.

"You're basically using buckets for everything [on level five]. You stand with a bucket in the shower and then use it in the garden afterwards," he says. "It's the little stuff that makes the difference. To even see the taps dripping is [stressful]."

When the water runs dry: Tanya Hennessy visits one Orange family

  When the water runs dry: Tanya Hennessy visits one Orange family Tanya Hennessy visits Orange to learn more about ending water waste.In September, as part Finish's water-saving initiative #FinishWaterWaste, comedian and TV presenter Tanya Hennessy visited Orange, in central-western NSW, a region of around 40,000 people, to learn what life living on water restrictions can be like for many Australians. Hoping to leave armed with some water-saving strategies that she could apply herself, Tanya chatted to Kate Hook, a mum of four, about the reality of living in drought.

Replacing municipal water use at a home and property with rainwater reduces the amount of water If used as a potable water source, the zero hardness of rainwater provides many advantages. This will extend the life of the appliances. In addition, it reduces the amount of detergent or soaps needed in

to find water as far as metres away. which can receive up to mm of rain annually. to better distribute their body heat and stay cool. Another reason the show has been running for so long is that there is no main storyline, it is very much episodic, each episode telling a story of a separate adventure.

Drought-stricken and dry

Australia is the driest inhabited country in the world1 and water scarcity, exacerbated by low rainfall, remains a serious issue.

The city of Orange currently draws its water from a number of sources, including the natural catchments of Suma Park, Spring Creek and Gosling Creek dams. But the council and local community remain vigilant around water supply, despite the area currently "looking green."

As of October 8th this year, Orange had a daily residential water consumption level of 131 litres per day, per person.2 By comparison, Sydney residents use about 200 litres of water per day!3

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a bird that is standing in the water: The Eurasian common carp is one of the most widely introduced game fish in the world, weighing up to 60 kg (130 lbs), but its versatility, quick growth and destructive impacts on freshwater ecosystems have earned it a spot in the top 100 most invasive species on the Global Invasive Species Database. Honourable mention goes to Asian carps, which have worked their way up the Mississippi and now threaten the Great Lakes.

So, while the impact of drought may not be front of mind every day for those of us who live in metro areas, it is just as much our responsibility to conserve water where we can. Just last year the government announced that Sydney was running down its water supply at the fastest rate on record.4

A new paper finds stimulus checks, small business aid, and “reopening” can’t rescue the economy

  A new paper finds stimulus checks, small business aid, and “reopening” can’t rescue the economy Real-time data on how the economy responded to Covid-19 suggests the problem is the disease itself.The coronavirus pandemic ripped through the American economy at an incredibly rapid pace — so rapidly that it’s been difficult for economists and others to understand what exactly is going on.

Water restrictions have been enacted in many cities and regions in Australia, which is the Earth's driest inhabited continent, in response to chronic water shortages resulting from the widespread

Next to air, water is the most important element for the preservation of life . Water is a finite 19. Don ' t water the gutter. Position your sprinklers so that water lands on your lawn or garden, not Also, avoid watering on windy days when much of your water may be carried off to the streets and sidewalks.

Frank's advice to those of us who might see water scarcity as an issue that is "out of sight, out of mind", is simple. "Once you start doing this kind of thing [saving water] you learn a few little habits that make no difference to your lifestyle, but make a big difference to saving water."

Turn off the taps

Turning off the taps seems simple enough, but it's crucial during a time when many parts of Australia are still experiencing the ongoing effects of severe drought. Many of us are unknowingly wasting water by doing things such as pre-rinsing dishes before loading them into the dishwasher – which can waste up to 40 litres of water per load.5

To help combat this, Finish, in partnership with Rural Aid, are challenging Aussies to get behind those who are living in drought-affected areas and take part in the 40 Litre Challenge. To take up the Challenge, you need to try and live on 40 litres of water per day and help #FinishWaterWaste by stopping pre-rinsing dishes and running the taps unnecessarily. 6

Share your experience on social media with the hashtag #FinishWaterWaste, showing what you and your family are doing to save water. For every hashtag, Finish will donate 40 litres of much-needed water to individuals in a drought-affected area within Australia.7

The things you may not know about as Melbourne's lockdown ends

  The things you may not know about as Melbourne's lockdown ends Melbourne's gruelling four-month lockdown will finally come to an end at 11.59pm tonight as restrictions ease across the city. The retail and hospitality industries are set to reopen, with visitors also to be permitted at households under strict new guidelines.Here are some of the things you might not know about as lockdown ends:FOLLOW LIVE: Melbourne reacts to easing restrictions © Getty Coronavirus restrictions have eased across Melbourne.

Tanya, who has already taken part in the Challenge, told 9Honey just how important it is that we all get behind a cause like this. "Drought is still affecting them severely and heavily…. I've seen first-hand how the drought can affect people... it's awful."

Each hashtag shared helps Finish get closer to the ultimate goal of donating 10 million litres of water to farmers in need – so let's help #FinishWaterWaste!7

To learn more, visit https://www.finishwaterwaste.com.au/

1 https://www.ga.gov.au/scientific-topics/national-location-information/landforms/deserts

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5 Based on global Finish research on dishwasher usage.

6 While Finish is encouraging Australians to make a conscious reduction in the amount of water, they use each day, this should not be at the expense of recommended hygiene practices, including washing hands often with soap and water, as outlined by the Australian Department of Health. Sourced from https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/how-to-protect-yourself-and-others-from-coronavirus-covid-19

7 From 05/07/20 to 01/08/21 up to 2M L. Terms and conditions apply. Visit www.finishwaterwaste.com.au for details.

England's month-long lockdown could be extended, says Michael Gove .
England's month-long lockdown could be extended beyond 2 December if necessary, cabinet minister Michael Gove has told Sky News. Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sunday, the Tory frontbencher also defended the delay in reintroducing the nationwide restrictions, which had been called by the government's own scientific advisers back in September.Tougher action was needed now because the "situation has been worse than any of us expected" and threatened to overwhelm the NHS, said Mr Gove.

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