Australia The ABC needs its leaders to defend it, not white-ant it

13:01  30 october  2020
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Chinese Fintech Ant drives the world's largest IPO

 Chinese Fintech Ant drives the world's largest IPO Beijing / Hong Kong (Reuters) - The Chinese Fintech Ant can initiate the world's largest IPO. © Reuters / Shu Zhang FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: Employees are seen at the reception desk of Ant Financial Services Group at its headquarters in Hangzhou The Chinese Securities Commission (CSRC) gave the go-ahead for the issue on Wednesday. Ant then announced that it would price the shares on October 26th. The operator of the payment service Alipay did not mention a price range for the 3.4 billion shares

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The Australian media has undergone unprecedented structural and ideological change over the past quarter-century. As it fractured and balkanised, so too did our political climate.

a man wearing a suit and tie: afp abc raids © Provided by Crikey afp abc raids

In an unvirtuous cycle, the more partisan, shrill and dishonest our media becomes, the more degraded and cretinous our political culture becomes.

Like a slowly boiling frog, Australians have come to accommodate the increasingly histrionic and truculent politicking news delivery style of News Corp publications and shows, just as Americans have accommodated Fox and Trump.

That News Corp should be spiralling down the alt-right media wormhole and repeating demented talking points of neo-Nazis is shocking but perhaps not particularly surprising.

SAS Australia's Ant Middleton on having 'saved and taken lives'

  SAS Australia's Ant Middleton on having 'saved and taken lives' The 39-year-old candidly addressed his comments in the opening credits of SAS Australia, during an appearance on Australian radio.Appearing on Monday's episode of Australian radio show, The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the 39-year-old candidly addressed his opening remarks.

And PCR, though its inventor died last year, and isn't here to address it , plays a central role in Corona terrorism. But it still didn't fulfill Mullis' ultimate fantasy. "What ABC needs to do," says Mullis, "is talk to [Chairman of the "I was trying to stress this point to the ABC people" he says, "that Peter has

The ABC refused a government request to disclose the salaries of its 150 highest-paid staff, but Mr Fifield threatened to introduce legislation that would force the ABC to reveal the information if it did Mr Fifield made the request at the behest of One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, who demanded the

What is disappointing is when a news director for the ABC — still the journalistic standard-bearer in this country — starts parroting News Corp’s criticisms and self-flagellating, as happened last week when Gaven Morris repeated the News Corp talking points that the ABC caters to “inner-city left-wing elites”.

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It all ads up — the ABC rates so highly because it plays to its strengths

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That the ABC has remained the exemplar of high journalistic standards despite unceasing attacks on its funding and content is to its credit. But the ABC is not alone on the receiving end of orchestrated attacks by News Corp and conservatives. It is part of a broader ideological attack begun by former prime minister John Howard on universities, the arts, the ABC — the madrasahs of cultural discontent.

For Chinese consumers, Ant Group app is part of the fabric of life

  For Chinese consumers, Ant Group app is part of the fabric of life The most essential item in aircraft engineer Tao Rui's possession during a recent outing in Shanghai was the Alipay smartphone app from Ant Group, a company little known outside China until it unfurled plans for the biggest IPO in history. Tao's day underscores why the planned $34 billion stock listing of Ant Group, the financial arm of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, is such a big deal. Like hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers, the 22-year-old admits he simply cannot survive without Alipay, the crown jewel of the Alibaba empire.

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But whatever the origins of the attacks, the intention is to silence or alter the presentation of facts. Of news. Of our understanding of the world around us. What can we know about the world beyond our immediate experience if not through the media? And that Morris should be taking on such criticisms at a time when getting the right information is so critical to our survival — rather than delivering some missives of his own to bad media players — is disturbing, Stockholmesque.

Leaving aside that the ABC is the only media outlet that provides life and death reports every summer to regional Australia during bushfire season, has multiple shows dedicated to rural Australia, covers suburban football, and has produced highly popular shows — its ratings have gone through the roof in 2020 as the public has sought a trusted outlet for something approximating objectivity and the truth around bushfires and COVID-19.

Former cricketer Mitchell Johnson breaks down and QUITS SAS Australia

  Former cricketer Mitchell Johnson breaks down and QUITS SAS Australia An exhausted Mitchell Johnson broke down in tears and quit during a gruelling challenge on SAS Australia on Tuesday. The 38-year-old former cricketer was carrying a log with his teammates, when he let go and folded over in half. Chief instructor Ant Middleton approached the recruit and asked him whether he wanted to continue with the show.

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Why would Morris suggest in 2020 of all years that the ABC is out of touch when clearly it is being tuned into like never before, and when it’s needed like never before?

Video: Morrison needs to 'have a go a bit more' and stop being 'too cautious': Clennell (Sky News Australia)

News Corp used to complain the ABC wasn’t relevant enough, characterising it as a sink that the public pours money into with no return in the relevancy stakes. But as the figures picked up, the line of attack changed. Now the charge is the ABC is doing too well through platforms like iview and is being given an artificial leg up by the taxpayer against private operators.

A special place in the media landscape

We expect that from News Corp which doesn’t seem satisfied with its elephantine share of the media, but from the ABC itself?

Now no one is suggesting there isn’t room for improvement but the concern is that when the news director suggests its news focus is wrong, what exactly is he referring to?

If only a handful of qualified researchers said global warming, for instance, was important, that doesn’t make that wrong because they happen to inhabit or work in the inner city.

China's Ant Group postpones IPO under regulatory pressure

  China's Ant Group postpones IPO under regulatory pressure China's Ant Group on Tuesday suspended its record-breaking IPO in both Hong Kong and Shanghai as the fintech giant faces growing pressure from Chinese regulators over potential risks. The firm's Alipay platform has helped revolutionise commerce and personal finance in China, with consumers using the smartphone app to pay for everything from meals to groceries and travel tickets. But Ant Group, which has more than 700 million monthly active users, has also caused concern in China's state-controlled finance sector by venturing into personal and consumer lending, wealth management and insurance.

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It’s not whether this happens to be the concern of people in the inner city (and beyond as political polling has shown again and again) it’s the facts that matter in news — verifiable facts delivered by experts, not the opinions of columnists with inches to fill and axes to grind.

In fact, while News Corp outlets are assiduously avoiding running stories on the science of global warming and the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, it’s doubly important that the national broadcaster leads this discussion, not vacate the field and its responsibilities.

Is race an inner-city concern? I’m sure in the outer south-eastern or north-western suburbs of Melbourne, or the western suburbs of Sydney, or in regional towns in northern Australia the question of race matters. It’s certainly being talked about non-stop by News Corp. It’s the stock-in-trade of One Nation.

It’s hard to imagine what these special and distinct news values of “inner-city elites” consist of and how they might be different from everyone else’s.

If Morris has difficulty defining what “inner-city elites” means, perhaps that’s because it’s a useless phrase. It’s a media McGuffin, a glib rhetorical device, a distraction, an epitaph hurled by enemies of the ABC to throw it off its mission and responsibility as a national broadcaster to tell the truth even if it makes some quarters uncomfortable.

record IPO of Alibaba's Ant Group burst

 record IPO of Alibaba's Ant Group burst Only two days before the planned record IPO of the financial offshoot of the world's largest online trading platform Alibaba, the debut in Shanghai and Hong Kong was off. © Kin Cheung / AP / dpa The Ant Group wanted to start the world's largest IPO with a share sale worth 34.5 billion dollars. Just two days before the planned IPO, the Shanghai stock market made its debut. The anticipated double listing of the Ant Group was expected to be the largest IPO of all time at 34.5 billion US dollars (2

Morris should be articulating the special place for a national broadcaster in the media landscape: a vehicle to hold power to account. The ABC should be the touchstone of Australian journalism and continue its tradition as an incubator and training ground for quality journalism.

How many other news organisations have benefited from the ABC’s cadetship program? How many exemplary journalists and unrivalled current affairs shows?

What the ABC needs now more than ever are leaders that defend the ABC, not do the bidding of its enemies.

David Latham is a registered political lobbyist and director of PR at Good Talent Media who dabbles in the world of culture from time to time.

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